If You Like Shailene Woodley In Divergent, Turns Out You Can Thank Jennifer Lawrence

Shailene Woodley Divergent Tris Can I ask you something

Divergent is out today, and last night while a bunch of fans were staying up past their bedtimes for the midnight premiere, Shailene Woodley was on Late Night With Seth Meyers discussing that thing everyone always asks her about these daysJennifer Lawrence. It’s just hard not to compare these two, since they have so much in common. And it’s not like the similarities have escaped Shailene herself. She told Seth that even though they haven’t even met yet, J.Law actually helped her in her decision to star in such a big franchise.

Shailene emailed Jennifer to ask her advice about going from smaller independent projects to a huge blockbuster. You might have heard that J.Law is in a little movie franchise called The Hunger Games that bears a lot of striking similarities to Shailene’s series. And if you’re happy Shailene accepted the role of Tris, turns out you can send that appreciative fruit basket to Jennifer Lawrence, because she gave Shailene some sage advice to put her worries to rest about taking on the role. Basically she said if you love the project don’t let those huge sparkly dollar signs everywhere affect your decision. Also don’t do drugs. And oh yeah, don’t make a sex tape either.

As Seth points out, that last part really is great advice for anyone, whether or not you’re starring in the movie adaptation of a dystopian teen novel or not. Shailene should probably go ahead and forward that email to everyone in young Hollywood. I’m just assuming every young star has every other young star’s email address. Don’t they hand out some kind of handy young Hollywood directory as soon as you officially make it onto your first “Under 25″ list, along with an instruction manual for how to be the best “it girl” you can be?

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I like to think of it as an advice phone tree. And I imagine that Emma Thompson is at the top.

      • Lackadaisical

        I think Emma Thompson would gladly give out advice, probably while laughing in a friendly and open manner, to any starlet who wandered near her while looking vaguely lost. I still can’t help thinking of her as “the lovely Emma Thompson” in a fake Kenneth Branagh voice from a running spitting image sketch from way back when she was half of Ken & Emm.

        Actually this would put Sir Alec Guinness at the top as that is who Emma Thompson asked to explain the birds and the bees when she was 8.

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