Selena Gomez Put A Naked Photo On Instagram, Officially Needs To Get It Together

Selena Gomez shrugging and making weird face in radio interview GIF

Okay guys, c’mon. What’s up with Selena Gomez and what can we do to help? Because the way it looks now, she’s going down the very same path that Justin Bieber did, and her most recent stop on the Hot Mess Expressway was at Naked Photo Junction.

It’s one thing to get nude or compromising photos of yourself leaked, and I don’t wish that on anyone, celebrity or otherwise. But it’s another one altogether to be the one posting the scandalous picture yourself, which is what Selena did last night on her personal Instagram.

She put up what seems to be a picture of herself naked, jumping in front of a window, screened only by the verrrrry thin curtain covering it, and her. It’s possible that she’s wearing something under there, like maybe Spanx or something, but I’m honestly seeing zero clothing lines, and like I said it’s a really sheer curtain. Check it out for yourself.

See what I mean? Whether Selena is naked in the picture or not, she definitely wants to give the illusion that she is, and that’s some tricky territory, because it suggests she’s craving attention. It’s the beginning of acting out, in a way, and it’s particularly worrisome in a year when she’s already canceled a few tour dates to go to and check out early from rehab, gotten back together and broken up several times with a toxic ex-boyfriend, and reportedly alienated her former best friend, Taylor Swift.

On it’s own it probably wouldn’t worry me as much, but watching celebrities like Amanda Bynes and Lady Gaga go off the rails lately has made me really sensitive to the beginnings of a downward spiral. So yeah. Let’s all just be aware…and try to keep the naked pics limited to sites where you don’t have seven million followers. Just a thought.

(Image: Tumblr)

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Looking super close at it, I see bikini strings. Still, not classy.

      • steph

        a bikini isnt classy?

    • Paul

      sorry, but it proves .. your IQ is equivalent to that of water

    • john

      You’re so stupid and hateful, that I wish you’d start flying Air Malaysia, for a never to see again

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        You’re so sweet!

    • Poppins jr.

      So being naked means your going down hill? She looks great and for a site that claims women should be allowed freedom of expression and not being judged the above statements are pretty close minded and ignorant.

      • Jon

        anyone associated with Justin Bieber is fair game to them AFAIK

      • gdhh

        Actually if you read closely, they protest against attention seeking behaviour and they are correct to think what she’s doing is wrong because her fan base is honestly 9-13 year olds and her doing this sends a message to this girl’s that is damaging.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you!

    • E

      I think she’s wearing a swimsuit. That comes from staring at it for too long, and now I’m questioning my life choices.

      Thanks, Alexis!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Hahaha no problem!

    • elle

      I…..actually really like that pic. Hey at least it’s not a topless selfie, right? Is it part of a photo shoot?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, true. No I have no idea where it’s from, she just uploaded it.

    • FemelleChevalier

      It’s artsy, but her arms are positioned kinda awkwardly; like she’s drowning. If only she slightly lowered her right arm or bent it a little, maybe show her profile a bit.

    • L.M.S.

      It looks like she might have lace panties on at least. But c’mon it’s a beautiful shot.

    • To be just

      C’mon she’s wearing a bikini, it’s pretty noticeable. Stop making a big deal out of an innocent picture. Celebs do waaaaaay less classy things than that.

    • joblo

      Get some new glasses, Alexis. Unless Selena’s bottom has turned pink, she’s NOT nude. Even if she were, so what? Nude is not lewd (unless you believe it is).

    • Bia

      She clearly has on bikini bottoms or something, and her chest area isn’t even visible. The pic is cool and almost ghostly, not sexy.

    • disqus_4CqrEanX8m

      Since when was nude photography bad? This picture is gorgeous and I wouldn’t bash this art at all. Everyone grows up. Kids see the half naked Victoria Secrets models on TV, but that isn’t getting bashed. Heck, kids play mature rated video games now with violence and sexual themes. Should she be disliked because she is proud of her body? No! Us girls need to be more confident in how we look. She isn’t in the news for drugs or for getting pregnant to a random guy or sleeping around. Nudity can be a marvelous thing, except when you just want the D.

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