Zoe Kravitz Once Found Ashton Kutcher Making Eggs In Her Kitchen, In Case You Thought You Were Cooler Than Her

Zoe Kravitz Jimmy Kimmel interview March 2014

You know that thing that always happened when you were a teenager and you had a friend sleeping over and she woke you up early in the morning to let you know that a famous, very attractive celebrity was currently in your kitchen? What’s that? You don’t? Oh that’s right, you’re not Zoe Kravitz, are you? Figures. Zoe Kravitz would totally know what I’m talking about, because to her that’s just typical day as a daughter of celebrities. How do I know this? She told me last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she went on to promote her new movie Divergent. I guess she also told other people watching as well, but I’m gonna pretend she told me and me alone, because then maybe some of her coolness will rub off on me.

Zoe told Jimmy all about that time she walked into her kitchen one morning to find Ashton Kutcher making eggs. Before you search through your celebrity couple files to try to remember when Ashton and Zoe dated, don’t even bother doing that. Ashton was a guest of her parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet (you may have heard of them). But apparently Zoe wasn’t even aware that her parents knew Ashton. I like to imagine that even if celebrities don’t know each other, they still “know” each other, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashton was in the neighborhood and just said, “Hey I know I don’t know you but we’re both celebrities and I really want to make an omelette. Can I use your kitchen?”

Zoe is also quick to point out that this wasn’t the Ashton Kutcher we know today, what with the serious movie roles and the divorcing Demi Moore and the lack of trucker cap. This was prime trucker cap time. So the next time you’re feeling really cool about yourself because somebody complimented your flip-flops or something, just ask yourself if you ever found Ashton Kutcher in your kitchen during prime trucker hat time. Still feel cool? Didn’t think so.

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    • Olivia Wilson

      Trucker hat Ashton :( :( :( :(

    • ak

      She’s definitely gorgeous, though not surprising. I kind of expected her to be, I mean, her parents are both such good looking people.

      • trubolt

        your taste is obviously in your mouth.

    • David Harrison

      I cant think of anything in life I would hate more than having Ashton Kutcher in my house. I still have standards.

    • trubolt

      well one thing is for sure. she’s the acorn that fell far from the tree in the looks department. sorry to say, if not for her famous parents, she wouldn’t get a 2nd glance and we all know it. hooooomely!

      • Misty

        What? She’s a cutie.

      • mastema

        troll harder jelly bear.

      • Guest

        So are you a gay man, or catty woman? I think she’s attractive. Then again I’m not into women who are almost 6ft tall, no hips, flat chest and working on a six pack A.K.A. an white American model.

      • mastema

        don’t bring race into it, you callow little child.

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    • http://albatross.org/ Albatross

      Just so y’all’s know, it has long been my plan to come back as Lenny Kravitz in my next life, so watch what you’re sayin’ about my kid, okay?