Sorry Everybody, But There’s A Chance Miley Cyrus’ ‘Crazy’ New Lip Tattoo Is Fake

Miley Cyrus, the poster child for holding onto relevance for dear life, found a new way to grab our attention this weekend, and it involved a tattoo. I fear she’s been influenced by Justin Bieber and will just pop into a tattoo parlor whenever she feels the world’s eyes start to leave her. Luckily she hasn’t reached the tattoo sleeve phase, but it would appear she has reached the “sad cat emoji on the inside of her lower lip” phase. As you can see above, Miley put a crying yellow kitty right on the inside of her lip, because AHH CRAZY. But alas, there’s a chance it’s not even real. OR IS IT?

Miley posted a Twitter photo on Friday of herself in a bathtub with a washcloth over her face. She added “#OUCHYBOOBOO.” That would suggest there was some pain involved, right? Which would mean it’s real and permanent. Her friend Katy Weaver also posted an Instagram of her and Miley showing off their lip ink and calling them “tattoos.” But then early this morning Miley posted a new Twitter photo showing off the status of the tat, and the color has already started to fade.

The fan responses to the post aren’t exactly very helpful in figuring out the permanent or non-permanent status of the tat. They range from bragging about knowing it wasn’t real to being surprised it faded so fast. I myself know next to nothing about inner lip tattoos, besides that they look extremely painful and showing them off seems very inconvenient. I was just glad she spared her poor tongue the pain of getting inked. That tongue’s been through so much already, I don’t know if it would survive something that traumatic. It might just give up forever and detach from her mouth. RUN, TONGUE, RUN! BE FREE! And then maybe help us decide if this tattoo is the real deal, because I’m so not sure.

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    • The Great Seymour(Butz)

      why hasnt she gotten a tongue piercing? would it interfere with the Thrush?

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      First of all, it’s as fake as she and her “sexuality” is. She’s in the middle of her porn tour and while I know nothing at all about lip tattoos – thank goodness – I’m going to just go out on a limb here and say that getting one probably involves needles and bleeding and healing for a few weeks, so it would make it impossible for her to do what she calls singing. So yeah, fake. She probably got the kit at a dollar store.

    • Guest

      Since the inside of the lip is not the best place to be getting a tattoo because of the constant dampness and the texture of the skin, it’s pretty likely that her tattoo is losing ink and not healing correctly. That is probably what the last photo shows. What I really want someone to explain to me is why I, you, or any other adult woman on the planet should CARE?

      I’m really thankful every day that I got all my 20 year old stupid and crazy decisions out of the way before there was an internet.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Thanks for adding your two cents. But since you don’t care, do you want a refund?

      • Misenhammer

        Lol that sure was one cranky, knowledgeable commenter. Godspeed, Guest

    • Guest

      I know lots of people who’ve had inner lip tattoos – Miley’s appears very authentic and in line with what they generally look like. They’re notorious for fading VERY quickly (within weeks for the people I know of) and the color yellow is also known for being a fast fader. Her black outline will undoubtedly last the longest but will also be gone soon.

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