Katy Perry’s Definition of Feminism Is Offensively Stupid

Katy Perry Yikes

Okay, who’s going to take one for the team and explain to Katy Perry that feminism doesn’t mean anything that she thinks it does? I have to do it, you say? Ugh, alright. Katy recently sat down with The Today Show in Australia to promote her forthcoming world tour and, when asked about her stance on feminism, proudly declared that she is indeed a feminist. Or just has a lot of confidence while also being a woman. Tomato tomato, really.

“I used to not really understand what that word meant but now that I do, it just means that I love myself as a female and I also love men. I am woman… Hear me roar!”

Hi, hello! It’s so funny that she would mention the fact that she used to not understand the word. Because it would seem that she still doesn’t know what feminism is. Maybe she isn’t going around saying that she isn’t a feminist at all anymore, but this ridiculous definition isn’t a whole lot better. And it’s sort of weird that at this point, she still can’t grasp the concept. Doesn’t she read her doctor-recommended daily dose of Crushable? Tons of other celebrities manage to speak intelligently about the subject, there shouldn’t be anything stopping her from doing the same.

I just don’t know how many ways we can slice it so that the Katys of the world get it. It’s just the belief that women and men are equal and should be treated as such. Why is she making this so difficult? Why is anyone making this so difficult?? And, most importantly, does she or does she not have access that whatzywhoozit Google, because that wizard will sort out all kinds of definitions for you! Really, I strongly suggest that Katy give it a shot, money back guaranteed.

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    • gayle

      Frankly every interview Katy Perry gives makes me question her intelligence at this point. Seriously how hard it is for celebrities to google feminism? none of them seem to know anything about it and they have know they are going to be asked if they are a feminist at this point.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Oh yeah, it’s a hot buzzword in interviews these days, especially for female celebs. And yet, Katy still hasn’t quite gotten around to figuring it all out.

    • Lena A. Santos

      You can’t really expect much from someone who repeatedly appropriates cultures and uses minorities as props,aside of thinking that dating John Mayer would be a good idea.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Olivia Wilson


    • boywithbluehanger

      Maybe her definition of feminist makes her MORE respectable since she loves all men and women. That can possibly be far beyond the whole “equality thing”.

      • Olivia Wilson

        I disagree. The actual definition of feminism has to do with equality, whereas loving people is a characteristic of… a caring person? You can be both, but they definitely aren’t the same thing.

        In my opinion, the way that she defines it undermines the entire idea. It makes it seem that feminists are fighting for some amount of love when what we are interested in is equality.

      • boywithbluehanger

        I’d venture to guess because:

        A. She’s a woman
        B. She claims to love both women and men

        …that she’s likely a feminist. I highly doubt most women who’d say that, DON’T believe in equal rights for women. So while she might not have known the definition, she probably still is one anyway.

      • Olivia Wilson

        That may be true but she still may want to consider knowing the definition of the belief that she’s aligning herself with.

      • boywithbluehanger

        If that were the case, she have taken the 5 seconds to google the definition. She’s a part of the microwave generation. Our motto is, “We’re too lazy to care”.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Because she didn’t doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t.

        Also, now you’re just making random excuses for her. Plenty of young people know what they’re talking about when asked about feminism, myself included.

      • boywithbluehanger

        I’m not making excuses for her. Saying she’s lazy, clearly isn’t a defense in her favor.

        I just think that’s it’s far more important to BE a feminist than to know the definition.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Fair enough, although I think both things are equally as important, as you can’t exactly have the first without the second.

      • boywithbluehanger

        I’d value what I consider a commendable perspective over being educated in terminology that describes a position. But I certainly don’t think either of us is wrong. (:

    • Jon

      She has great breasts. That’s all that matters.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Thank you for this fantastically sexist insight on an article about feminism.

      • Jon

        No trolling going on here, but when did it become sexist to compliment a lady’s assets? :

      • Olivia Wilson

        Simply complimenting her looks isn’t sexist, but to say “that’s all that matters” is dismissive to what she had to say (misguided or not) because you’d rather talk about her boobs.

      • Jon

        Her breasts are “all that matters” in the grand scheme of things, I think we can all agree on that. However; if you want to defend her definition of feminism, that’s your right and I respect that.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Wait, this post is doing the exact opposite of defending her definition. What I’m saying is that if you think what she has to say is wrong, her physicality doesn’t become all that matters. Her ideas are still what’s being discussed, and to bring her breasts into a discussion not about them is what’s sexist.

      • Jon

        Olivia clarified that she believes Katy’s definition is incorrect. Ergo, it doesn’t matter what she thinks because her boobs are amazing anyway. Perhaps you perceived my assessment of her breasts as crass in some way and I apologize if that offends you. What if I were to say, “Hmm….it looks like Katy has no idea what feminism means. Well, she is very pretty so that’s all that matters” Would that have still be considered “sexist” as you call it? :

      • Olivia Wilson

        Thanks! But this post is doing the exact opposite of defending her definition. I think she’s wrong and should do her research. But I think that her ideas should be criticized because they’re wrong, not because her breasts are more important.

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    • Smegtasticus

      Katy Perry should be happy that she’s pretty, because being ugly AND stupid can’t be very much fun.

    • scionave

      So….isn’t it sort of silly that a feminist by definition is that they believe they are equal to men? I mean…I’ve always felt that men and women were equal, but by giving it a feminine defining word, isn’t that sort of contradictory? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just advocate human equality by calling yourself an “equalist?” I mean..think how much you could progress your own cause by joining groups and advocating that All people be treated equally including men. Gay people could join you, men, people of all colors, straight people, really anyone that really wanted to progress equality rather than their own agenda.

      I’ve observed the NAACP, several LGBT groups, and read the views of and met many feminists. Do you know what they all have in common? They all want to advance their own cause. They don’t care about equality.

      On topic:
      Katy Perry is an entertainer. It isn’t in her job description to be intelligent. Plus, she doesn’t care enough to google it, and she never has anyone tell her “no” when she’s wrong.

    • Doesn’t matter

      Her breasteses make up for for the air inside her skull

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