Harry Styles Might Be Leaving One Direction To Focus On Fakelationships Full Time

One Direction at BRIT Awards February 2014You know the funny thing about a rumor that won’t die? There’s usually more truth to it than people want to admit. Which is why the fact that this story about Harry Styles leaving One Direction is becoming more and more believable every time it surfaces.

You guys can tell me as many times as you want that all the guys love each other and that no one would ever leave, but according to new reports, the rest of the band is barely even getting along with Harry. Supposedly he got really used to being the center of attention during 1D‘s off period, and coming back to being a member of a group has been kind of a shock to his system.

Like remember when he came in late during the BRIT Awards? He came running up to the stage while the rest of the band was already accepting an award, charmingly excusing his delay by saying he’d been in the bathroom. Well according to The Daily Star, that was no accident.

“There were a couple of the lads who thought Harry did it on purpose just to get all the attention.”

And it worked, didn’t it? I mean, we wrote it up, and we’re pretty much the final word on celebrity reporting. (Just admit it.)

“It’s as if Harry isn’t part of the group. It’s going to come to a head now because for the first time in months they are going to be spending every day together as they rehearse for this summer’s tour.”

Allegedly the rest of the guys are so nervous about his behavior that they want him to pinkie-promise that he’s not just using them as a stepping stone to get more famous before he bails out and goes solo. (If he hasn’t already.)

“The boys want reassurances from Harry that he’s in the group for the long haul. They won’t let him just use them for his own career ambitions. They want to know what’s really going on”

I mean, it makes sense that he’d be feeling conflicted, you guys. Maybe for a while he thought singing and being in a band was his favorite thing, but then after he tried out fakelationships with people like Taylor SwiftCara Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner, it turns out he likes that way better! He should do the thing that makes his heart glad, even if that thing is PR relationships!

“It’s like he has two separate lives now. One in America and his work with the band. Now he’s going to come back in and act like they are all best mates again? It’s unlikely!”

If you ask me, the only thing unlikely here is that the band will make it through 2014 intact. JUST SAYING.

(Photo: Lia Toby / WENN.com)

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    • Lara

      They’ve been on a break after three years of living in each others’ pockets and none of them actually spent any (publicised) free time together (some Louis and Liam songwriting aside). People are acting as if the rest of the band went out together to get milkshakes every day but that wasn’t the case at all.

      • lololee24

        The band spend months together when touring, so it isn’t a shock that they would go their separate ways when they are no touring are recording. Its actually perfectly healthy of them to do their own thing. King of Leon who are all family came to that realization, and it made them a tighter band. They don’t have to be up in each others faces just to appease a bunch of delusional girls, and gay boys who cant stop lusting over the boys.

    • Callie

      What Lara said.

    • Christine

      I have been on ths for a long time, & I can feel it too. I know this will happen. I dont know what time he will have now with the tour, but guarenteed its Happening!!! I promise! **Mark my word, & I dont believe tabloids, but just like this once says, if the rumor keeps popping up & wont die, there is some truth to it. **He wants too be here. (america) I know he likes what has been happening. I Cant see him in this band anymore either, I see him solo now. He needs much more, he wants to be a Man, (Rocker) not a boy. Sucks, cuz I love 1D.

      • lololee24

        Yeah hes really going to break his contractual agreement to and 6 month tour date, and 4th album recording sessions to piece together some fictional album. That makes sooooo much sense Christine. Mark My Word That boy doesn’t have the time to start something he cant finish. People like you Christine are so desperate to see him leave the band for what ever reason that its starting to look bullish. It really feels like people like yourself are running a psychological game with the boy, like you want to see how far you can push him, before he breaks down with all of the Larry rumors, and solo career rumors, its a bit much is it not? I think its time to leave the boy alone and let him enjoy his time within the band.

    • lololee24

      This is so silly, 1D renewed their original contract for three additional years and four more albums, and another tour after where we are. So how in the hell does he have time to start his own gig? you idiots are sick not to mention uncreative (Pinky Swear) who wrote that bit…a 12 year old? Really how old is the fool who wrote this damn article?