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The 11 Most Racist Comments We’ve Gotten For Our Coverage Of The Annie Remake

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As awesome as our commenters are most of the time, there’s nothing that makes racists come out of the woodwork like non-traditional casting. You put a black person like Quvenzhané Wallis in one traditionally white role like the lead in the Annie remake, and suddenly people who have never commented on the site before are scampering all over it, endlessly raising the bar on ignorance.

You see, even though Quvenzhané is so extremely talented as to have actually garnered an Oscar-nomination before her ninth birthday and filmed roles in two Best Picture nominees before her tenth, she simply can’t play the role. Why? Because she’s black, OF COURSE. Can’t believe you guys didn’t realize that race is a much bigger arbiter of talent than talent. Racism forever.

Of course, we don’t actually think that, but you’d be surprised how many people do, particularly by how many were willing — nay eager — to tell us so on our last post making fun of all the Twitter racists out there who were mad that the new Annie is black. So without further ado…the eleven most racist reactions that we’ve gotten over this remake so far.

And if you think your liver can handle it, try drinking every time someone includes the phrase, “I’m not racist, but…” in their answer. (Spoiler alert: you’ll end up in the hospital.)

Annie 3

Starting with one of the milder ones — less racist than just thoughtless — this person has a problem with the fact that in the original, Annie was persecuted because her hair color made her less-than. Is it just me, or could we substitute the word ‘skin’ for ‘hair’ in that theory and come up with a really compelling reason for Annie’s race to be changed up the way it was for the remake?

Annie 4

Ah yes. The reverse racism argument. If it’s okay for a black person to play a character that originated as a Caucasian cartoon character, why isn’t it okay for a white person to play our real life black president? Facepalm.

Annie 5

But not to be deterred, Andie presented another example, which commenter Sri countered much more thoughtfully and intelligently than I ever could, so I’ll include her response instead of fumbling around trying to come up with something half as coherent:

“The Cosby family was one of the first tv families that showed that a black family could be well educated and full of positive role models. Their existence was, in part, created to show a sharp contrast to the gang images and dysfunction presented in other popular media. That’s why recasting them as white would be racist. If they’re white, it’s just like pretty much every other sitcom. You lose all of the commentary. Basically, you’d be taking away roles for black actors (which are proportionally rare already), taking away the message and positive role models, and making what basically amounts to a Growing Pains remake.”

See what I mean? So well said.

Annie 8

I can actually fully imagine that happening, as roles for people of color are constantly appropriated and given to white actors. Including in many of the classics that this commenter seems to hold so dear! Think of all the occasions where white actors were in blackface or had their eyes taped to mimic an Asian character.

Annie 7

Nothing more to say here, Sam already killed it.

Annie 10

You feel free to start making your own movies, Carlos, and you can put whomever you like in them. That’s everybody’s right.

Annie 11

In a related conversation talking about how ‘every’ traditionally white role went to black people, Sam asked Carlos to give some examples. He named…a franchise that never actually starred a black man, the franchise that just got racist backlash of its own for casting Michael B. Jordan, THE SAME MOVIE WE WERE ALREADY TALKING ABOUT, a really ridiculously terrible television show that was immediately canceled, and then he couldn’t think of any more. Well played, sir.

Annie 9

“Quvenzhane Wallis is a talented little girl and will be great in a lot of things but she’s not Annie and Jamie Foxx is not Daddy Warbucks.”

And yet they are.

Annie 6

Hooooo boy. Way to troll with your first and last name, idiot. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Annie 1

And finally, my favorites. In the worst way. Me-Me doesn’t like seeing black kids in a role she grew up seeing as a white girl. BUT DON’T WORRY SHE CAN EXPLAIN…

Annie 2…she just doesn’t like black people, okay?

Can’t. Just can’t. Dead.

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  • Jenni

    UGHHH. It’s soooooooo annoying when you say you don’t like an entire race and everyone jumps down your throat so fast!! Me-Me, totes feel you on this one. It’s like, wait, hear me out, I have a really good reason…and it’s that I’m racist.

    • Samantha Escobar

      You’re so ignorant about my ignorance :( IT’S NOT FAIR.

    • CMJ


    • Guest

      You ever met an “anti-racist” that WASNT just an anti-white genocidal sociopath?


      Asia for the Asians – Africa for the Africans – WHITE COUNTRIES 4 EVERYBODY!!!?

      The TRUE GOAL of “Anti-Racism” is global white genocide via MASSIVE 3rd world immigration & FORCED assimilation on to EVERY & ONLY white countries

      They SAY they are “Anti-Racist”. What they ARE is Anti-White

      Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White

    • whiteroses

      “White countries” don’t exist. Never have. And the US certainly wouldn’t be one of them if they did.
      It seems to me that the only people who are worried about their race disappearing are those who are hopelessly out of touch with the real world. I am anti-racist because having to explain to my then three year old godson what a “wetback” is? Not something I ever want to do again. I am anti-racist because my son is 1/8th Maori. I am anti-racist because everyone, everywhere, irrespective of skin color, deserves to live in this world without being persecuted for their skin color.
      Realistically, if you’re so determined to hate people, I’m sure you can find a better reason than how they look.

    • Corpus_Innominata

      The Guest you responded to posted an anti-racist message
      and you responded with an accusation of hate?

      And those white countries, France, England, Germany, Poland,
      Norway, etc. need to be returned to the indigenous Native

    • whiteroses

      “Anti-Racist is code for Anti-White” seems pretty racist to me, but that’s jmho. I’m white. esWS
      You are aware that there are black French, German, Polish and Norwegians, right? Swedish, too. “White countries” do not exist.

    • Daffyd Landegge

      Well it’s okay for the “black” culture to be forced and shoved in our face (imposed intrusively) upon us yet its automatically labelled as being racist if you do not like, tolerate or accept it. Thereby nominating such a person as being a Rasist.

  • J_Doe5686

    I think that people are taking this way too seriously. It’s a movie!

    • Jenni

      It’s more than a movie, it’s a musical about an orphan who gets rented to a rich man for PR reasons. We left the realm of seriousness a long time ago.

  • Nib

    You know what’s crazy, Sister Act is a remake of a British film which starred two white men as the Nuns on the Run, and the world didn’t end so I think we’ll all survive having a black Annie just fine.

    • Guest

      Asia for the Asians – Africa for the Africans – White countries for EVERYBODY!?

      “Anti-Racists” demand that EVERY & ONLY white countries have their race & cultures utterly destroyed via massive 3rd world immigration and FORCED assimilation.

      The TRUE GOAL of “Anti-Racism” is Global White Genocide.

      Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide
      Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White

    • http://SommelierinSneakers.blogspot.com/ SomminSneakers

      go away. you suck at existence.

  • gayle

    I am sad that this does not surprise me at all.

  • guest

    As much as I love Miss Quvenhanze, I agree that this movie is a terrible idea. I think everything missed the worst mistake of this entire remake…. Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan! ;) I’d love to go out and support this movie, but Cameron Diaz’s acting makes my soul disintegrate.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Seriously, it makes me feel like a witch getting hit with a bucket of water.

  • Kelly

    I agree with the first one and don’t see how it’s racist unless everyone is actually saying that discrimination against black people doesn’t exist. Is that what you’re saying? There’s no racism anymore and we’re all equal therefore a black child suffers no more hardships than a white child?

    Yeah, no. It’s true. Red hair was considered undesirable years ago which made Annie’s plight as an orphan worse. Potential parents generally didn’t want a frizzy red haired child. Now, you only have to look at the American adoption system to know that black children face that same plight. They don’t get adopted as often. Sadly, in the eyes of many potential adoptive parents, they are “less than.” Just like handicapped children. It’s not “right” but it’s true, unfortunately.

    I know people don’t like facing reality but goddamn, we should be able to talk about things like this without people shutting off their brain and screaming “RACIST!” How are we ever going to fix any of these problems if we can’t face and talk about them.

    • Alexis Rhiannon


      Did you read my response to that particular comment at all? Because I think I explain it pretty well. I literally say that it’s less racist than just thoughtless. Did you happen to catch that?

    • Kelly

      Yeah, I did catch it. I caught how you put it on a list of racist comments and I caught how you seemed to miss that the poster said, “It looks like an interesting modernization.” not “Grr, how dare they make this movie!”

      I don’t see how talking openly and honestly about racial issues is thoughtless or even “less racist” but still racist.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I actually agree with you, believe it or not. I included that one to ease into the discussion. Sorry if you don’t feel it belongs there!

    • MellyG

      How is it thoughtless? I’m genuinely confused why the first one is in there. I get some of the others, but the first one seems to be a reasonable discussion.

    • Me-Me

      Thank you

    • CMJ

      No honey – you are racist.

    • Me-Me

      Yes..and? If you paid any attention to other than this one over hear was saying that I wanted to discuss with a black person this issue in a non offensive way as 2 adults learning things. Ugh never mind. You only see racist and not how I wanted to learn about another person and how they feel about it. I honeslty wanted to know these things and you fucking hens just don’t get it. I am opening a way to new ideas for myself and others by going straight to the sourse and asking what I need to know. HOW IS THAT BAD? Tell me? How is it bad that with how I am that I want to sitdown so to speak and talk about sensitive stuff with the knowledge that in this case, there is no offense intended, but a genuine desire for talking to someone whos black and I can ask questions, they can ask question, respectfully. Jesus Christ!

    • CMJ

      I did pay attention to everything you wrote – both here and on the other post. I just don’t understand why any person of any race or ethnicity should have make a case for why you shouldn’t hate them.

      And I don’t think you should bring Jesus into this.

    • Me-Me

      GRRRR that’s NOT fucking IT!! I want an opportunity to talk on these things with another person, listen to them, and open my mind a bit more. I wanted to be able to ask those hard questions or insensitive questions without offense being taken because there was NONE intended. I truly want to know. Its not have black make a case for me. Not even close. Why cant we talk about stuff without MOD’s making an entire post about how racist I am? I never said anything offensive other than I don’t like them, I explained why and also stated I would like to learn and ask things and hear from the other side of the line. A black persons view on hating whites. I want to understand that too. But how does wanting to understand turn me into a little black baby eating heathen??

    • Sri

      It’s no one’s responsibility to educate you when you have this thing called Google that has an input box in the middle of the screen in which you can type things like “historic abuse of Black people in America”. Seriously, especially when you already say that you hate “blacks” (seriously, you shouldn’t say that. It is dehumanizing. Say Black people or People of Color.) nobody is going to want to educate you. This is especially true of the people you hate. They already have enough to worry about without having to prove themselves to you.

    • Me-Me

      Maybe person to person is better than google. I already talked to my cousin. Sent her over here in fact to read it all. Explained a few things, didn’t see me as offensive and then said ask away honnie and I did so fuck you all and good night!

    • whiteroses

      Which is, perhaps, what you should have done in the first place?

    • JLH1986

      If you are truly willing to learn, then that starts with shutting up and listening. It does NOT start with saying “I hate black people”. To make this make more sense if this were a “typical” subject; say math, because everyone “hates” math. If you walked into a math class and said “I hate math! I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me hating math! but I want to learn math”. A-makes ZERO sense; B. What incentive does the “teacher” have to teach you, you’ve expressed that you hate it! C. It’s offensive to the person you just asked to teach you. That’s quite an oversimplification but the long and short of it is, if you approach someone in a pissy way, you’re going to get pissy back. I’ve seen other posts on other threads that became racist, there were commenters who made less than stellar comments however, they weren’t blatantly EFF YOU to everyone and a stilted dialogue was started. Your posts and responses to most have basically been “But you YELLED AT ME!” And thus any attempt at discourse was shut off. Get off the computer, have a conversation with a human being and accept that you are going to offend them if you tell them you don’t like them because of a genetic condition that makes their skin darker than yours.

    • Daffyd Landegge

      Is it more insulting that a person uses some revered character’s name “inappropirately” or for a person who revers such a person to demand others to follow and observe their personal beliefs?
      On that note, I’m also guessing that you personally would raise an army agasint me if I were to decide to name a child “Lucifer” right? Can’t deny such a thing…it’s already been done several times over…

    • Sri

      I read and responded to that comment. To me, at least, the comment seemed dangerously close to ignoring that POC are seen as less than (because the author insinuated but didn’t explicitly state their position) which is why I responded. It seemed like, even if the comment’s author didn’t mean to insinuate that the casting was wrong because her red hair was crucial to make her seem less than, that it might be misconstrued by the kinds of people who wrote the tweets as a way to justify keeping Annie white and ginger. I wish that they had clarified their position, because then they (hopefully) wouldn’t have been classified as thoughtless.

  • CorBrown


    • Alexis Rhiannon

      That would be amazing.

    • Samantha Escobar

      Okay the only reason I’m not cool with that is that people who play Spiderman get seriously injured and Donald Glover is basically a national treasure so we need to protect him forever and always. <3

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    Oh I am just loving this new “STOP BULLYING ME FOR BEING RACIST” [or homophobic, or whatever] thing that keeps happening everywhere.

    • Alexis Rhiannon


    • CMJ

      It’s Racist-Shaming. And it’s just not right.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      It stops today.

  • kirstie

    it’s not like they deliberately went out with the idea in their head that annie had to be black. There were obviously a lot of girls at that audition, of all races, and Quvenzhane played the role the best, not to mention her amazing voice. Why does her race even have to come into it?

    • Alexis Rhiannon


  • ola

    “You say you don’t like blacks, then all of a sudden instead of having a healthy respectful debate, you just get jumped on” OH GOSH

    • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Me-Me

      No just the basic idea of if I respect you and what you say and I want to know in an attempt to move away from this should be respected. You women are totally taking this the wrong way. Was what anything I said offensive other than I don’t like blacks??? Did I name call, insult, disrespect another on this wall? No. I wanted an adult conversation where views and opinions can be talked on, rationally to get some answers. Would u all rather I just put on the damn white robe? Or make an attempt to learn.

    • Sri

      Wait wait wait. So we’re supposed to ignore the really really offensive thing you said when we’re assessing whether you said anything offensive? Did you even say anything other than how much you hate Black people and your justification? Are we supposed to judge you based on the fact that you generally hate Mexican people, but you have a Mexican friend, but she’s totez not like other Mexican people, so she’s ok with you disliking every other Mexican? Because, honestly, that’s not that much less offensive.

    • Me-Me

      Nope cuz this entire discussion is over. DO what you want but I am going to go enjoy my night. I don’t care what any of you think of what I said. I know what I did and didn’t mean. If you are offended at the things I said, that is all of YOUR problems not mine. I was trying to open a discussion that everyone refused to see what I was doing. So because you all wrongly assumed things, took it out of context and voided my purpose of a convo cuz I am so evil ya’ll. Ok..I will try again, somewhere else where people are a bit quicker and wanting to talk. This isn’t what I intended so I am leaving this thread. Respectfully. My cousin said she jump at the chance to enlighten someone and open their eyes. You guys don’t. SO thanks for nothing and thanks for being assholes. See ya later. Enjoy the butthurt. G’Night

    • her7

      I don’t see why we need to have a discussion about how racist you are… Unless it’s to convince you not to be so racist…? Is that the discussion you want to have?

    • whiteroses

      It’s not our responsibility to teach someone (in 2014) why being a racist is bad. It just isn’t.

    • guest

      I know what you are saying when you describe what you want is an intelligent discussion about differing opinions. I think most of us assume that because it is 2014, people should just know why racism is wrong and harmful.

      You asked above if you said anything offensive besides that you don’t like black people. Maybe not, but that is a very offensive thing to say. What you are telling us is that you choose to dislike people based on one aspect of their appearance that they have no control over.

      And what you are saying to anyone who is black is that it doesn’t matter how intelligent, creative, caring, sympathetic, clever, artistic, loving, funny, beautiful, or anything they are. You dislike them because of their skin color.

      You are saying that none of those other qualities matter because they are black. Being black or white or any skin color is not a negative thing, and it definitely isn’t something that solely defines who you are as a person.

      I am wondering if you grew up in a family that held similar ideas. When you grow up being taught one thing, it can be hard to see past this idea and why it is wrong. (And yes, racism is very wrong). I grew up in a very homophobic family and a very homophobic, small town. It wasn’t until the end of high school/college that I began to encounter people who thought differently and my thoughts on homosexuality changed. I began to think from all different sides of the issue, not just one. And encountered people who are very passionate supporters of gay marriage/equality and was able to see just how wrong I had been.

      Maybe that’s your case; maybe it is not. I’m hoping you can see that basing your feelings/opinion (especially that of dislike) on someone being black isn’t fair to anyone.

    • Daffyd Landegge

      She didn’t go into full detail about her reasons why. But some of what I got was that she is agaisnt the whole “black cultural” thing (i.e., thuggish, hip-hop lifestyle). There is more to being black than talking a certain way, dressing a certain way, walking a certain and living a certain way people…its called REAL individuality. NOt some mopped up clone of the “ideal” blackness pushed by hip-hop culture. Hell, The president of the US (from 2008 – 2016) by such blackness standards pushed by the hip-hop thuggish community isn’t even considered black. What’s the term…oh yeah an Oreo. Tell me that $hit isn’t racist in its own right…yet its very widely observed and expressed by the black community on a daily basis.

    • Daffyd Landegge

      She gave a whole list of explanations as to her reasoning behind such a controversial statement…that does not automatically make it/her racist. Another thing that gets a bad rap is the term “stereotypes.” There are many factual things that fall into the category as being a stereotype or racist that aren’t even close to being such (racist).
      And then we come to the points that make certain types of racists remarks okay or stereotypes accepted and even desired. A very good example is the racial stereotype involving blacks and their sexual organ size (as a whole). It just seems that there are some who want their slice of pie, then complain and get a whole pie…only to then ask and demand for a whole cake as well.
      Just because it offends some does not make it “offensive” or “racist” and a display of intolerance. Good example, remember the whole stink about “Black Face?”

    • whiteroses

      You are aware that saying you don’t like an entire race of people just because they are a different skin color than you is the very definition of racism…. right?

    • Misenhammer

      Well, common definitions can be confusing, for some. It might be hard to understand how “not liking blacks” could possibly be “super racist and offensive, as a statement”… for some. For some, their grasp on their own (presumed) native language/general understanding of the world is tenuous at best, sometimes verging on nonexistent.

      I may not like some people much, myself.

    • Corpus_Innominata

      Really? You don’t like blacks?
      When that gang of blacks beat me for the $15 Casio
      wristwatch I bought with my $4.25 per hour white privilege
      I was delighted because I knew that was their way of
      expressing their love for my race.

      Have you seen the game called “polar bear hunting”
      where white kids commit racist attacks against blacks
      by using their faces as a weapon against their knuckles.
      As a result the blacks are unable to perform well in school
      because their ability to write is impaired.

  • CMJ

    Crap! That post escalated to levels I would not even expect.

    • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Me-Me

      You can go to Hell. Only see one thing and ignore all the rest. Awesome.

    • Janelle

      Um, she saw that you “don’t like black people” and they “have be[en] forced upon” you. I would ask you to explain those comments, but you don’t seem to be great at explanations. Bottom line? Your initial and following comment WAS and IS racist.

    • Me-Me

      No her previous statements about me was for that. I did explain in length on the annie thread. About why I am scared..

    • Janelle

      Oh, no. I read the entire thread and, as a black woman, I have no desire to explain anything to you at all. If you were assaulted and attacked, then I’m sorry, and I truly feel like you should seek help for dealing with that; HOWEVER, to get on here and declare your hatred for an entire race of people? NO. No one is spinning anything. You’re racist, plain and simple.

    • Me-Me

      Fine, I wouldn’t want to with a close minded person like you. I went to my cousin. Shes engaged to a black man and she will be more than happy to help as will Onyx because I can ask questions and they know I don’t mean any offense so we can have a REAL talk about a situation that is important. I am sorry you feel that trying to help someone change is a waste of your time. Wow humans..cool

    • Guest

      and in response to “a racist trying to find a new way is a bad thing”? Maybe you should do that OFF the internet? “A racist” is a bad thing, and no one on here has time to help you figure out why you’re wrong.

    • Me-Me

      Why? The internet is full of educated people, new ideas, views, opinions. I like learning. Sad that so many think its a bad thin to try to change.

    • guest

      You didn’t originally post your comment to seek help for your racism, you posted it to COMPLAIN about the casting of a black actress in what was once a white role. That does not seem like the actions of someone trying to become a more open, accepting person but rather the actions of someone who is comfortable spreading their racist intolerance and hate

    • Me-Me

      Maybe, I don’t know but I continued all my posts on trying to get someone to talk with me, not insult and scream at me. Why wouldn’t someone jump on the chance of possibly changing someones view on this? A little kindness and open convo would have been great. Its all I wanted. We’re all adults. I may not have started on the right foot, but I jumped to the right foot and stayed there. You wouldn’t even give me a chance or ask hey what are you curious about? Nope. Not you people.

    • guest

      If you really want to change then seek professional help. And stopping posting racist diatribe on the internet would be a good place to start.

    • Me-Me

      I should in theory be able to ask mature adults controversial things when the intent is to learn. This is real life, strangers of all races. Its a perfect place to get varied opinions. But that ship has sailed and there isn’t one damn thing I would EVER want to know from you people.

    • Guest

      The intent was not to learn. The intent was to complain that one of the MILLIONS of roles played by white people has been given to a black actress. You said you don’t like black people and that you don’t care if that is an acceptable thing to state. You want to learn? Then go read about white privilege and intersectionality. No one wants to converse with someone who seems intent on spreading a message of hate

    • Me-Me

      Instead of seeing me as a person looking for a way to get rid of some of these feelings, I thought the masses would be happy someone with my views wanted to see if I can stop being as xenophobic as I am. Coming to an adult place to ask adults what they think so maybe just maybe I could stop a little. Nope. You all had to jump on me, disrespect me, scream me and insult me. So screw you. I wouldn’t want to learn anything from people like you.

    • her7

      Why are you looking to the comment section online to help you not be such a racist? How about you go out and interact with human beings who are not the same race as you?

    • FemelleChevalier

      That’s… Wow, you think that highly of the internet? Most people I’ve encountered think otherwise. That’s something new…

      The problem here is that we don’t know you personally. We couldn’t assess your personality and can only answer to what you have commented, which is frankly poorly worded.

      There are other sites out there who can help you with your questions, but not here. Although I doubt they could, because you’re an American. And as an American, you should already be aware of the history.

      My advice, try to separate your personal

      All in all, the bloggers and commenters aren’t your personal tutors. And never start your comments as: “I hate blacks because…”

    • FemelleChevalier

      *personal dilemma from your societal perspective.

    • JLH1986

      It is when you enter into your attempt at “learning” but patently disregarding an entire race of people. Also it is not anyone’s responsibility to educate you. You can educate yourself, but to that you don’t respond to a thread on the internet with “I don’t like black people.” That’s offensive. I would be offended if someone had posted “I don’t like white people, there I said it, I’m not PC.” That’s offensive. The tone of your posts make it appear that you are in fact, simply trying to be disrespectful and rude and by writing “I don’t care if it’s not PC” suggests you don’t care that it’s offensive to others, which starts any “educating” that you are trying to achieve (via the internet, really?) down the tubes. Besides learning to accept a person for who they are doesn’t happen online, it happens in real life.

  • seannea

    Me_Me tried to explain but failed. Let me translate: “I am racist! I want to build racist bridges with discrimination and ignorance, but unfortunately I can’t discuss it outside of my racist inner circle, because it’s not politically correct. So instead I hide behind my computer making incredibly offensive statements about black people ruining my perfectly white childhood. Please just understand that I’m being oppressed when I should be allowed to freely spread my hate!” My question to Me_Me, why are you reading a blog about freedom, acceptance and equality?

  • MercedesKnudson

    The Racist comment by the selfish people to give a comment about other person its totally Human right violence.

  • Ryan Seaforth

    No matter what you do or what you say…or what you create, someone somewhere will always have something to say. It’s sad that people are so adamant about keeping traditional races and looks that they completely disregard talent and focus on appearances. We might as well be a world of people with paper bags over our heads if it will get people to stop focusing on looks and focus on talent. Last time I checked, everyone…African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Muslim, and every other ethnicity, nationality, religion, race and gender…young and old were all HUMAN. We all bleed the same red blood, right?

    If you don’t like seeing a black girl playing in a traditionally white role, sucks for you. The time will keep ticking, the earth will continue spinning and life will always go on.

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  • Penelope

    Alexis, I love you. End of story.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Thank you Penelope! I don’t even know you, but I already feel as if I love you too!

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  • Daffyd Landegge

    No matter what, your projected rasicm is seeing rasism in EVERY response that opposes this version of Annie. Your are ONLY focusing on the (for the most part) non-existent racial points as to why people are upset by the character changes. Rather than actually listening to their points.

    Many of them and others on other forums have a problem with changing the iconic Red Head to that of a black haired (and by black I mean color of the hair not “type”…just in case you see ‘Rasism’ in that too) girl. Only then do we move onto the whole race change. I myself am not a fan of Annie but grew up knowing Annie’s character as being a white red headed little girl (and that is not rasist btw).

    I honestly will not watch this movie for one main reason only…and you mentioned it yourself in your rebuddle arguments: Reverse Racism. There are many who feel a certain degree of forced pushes of “black” culture down the people’s throats…and that Face Palm attack you mentioned. These types of things seem to be done in a sort of “in your faces” type fashion or a “it’s black or nothing” type attitude.

    It is for the reason I just listed that people seem to have “racial” issues with certain things (that just happen to involve black people). You and the like-minded can call that Rasism all you want, but it is just merely abusive use of such a word and thing.

    I guess it’s okay for a black character in a movie to say something like, “Hey, Hey…your white, your white…you don’t fight!” And other openly rasist remarks,yet somehow not be rasist. That is a very good example of Reverse Rasism. If you are such a crusader against Rasism why not fight to abolish its use in any shape or form? But like all Reverse Rasists, you are only focusing on what you want to believe are racial attacks against blacks. Hypocrit much?