The 11 Douchiest Juan Pablo Moments Proving He’s The Worst Bachelor Ever

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis together on The Bachelor finale March 2014Update: In case all of this isn’t enough for you, he apparently also slept with three women this season. So much for setting a good example for his daughter. Facepalm.

It takes a lot for me to admit this, guys, but I was wrong. Oh so wrong about Juan Pablo Galavis, the subject of this season of The BachelorWhen it started, I was super psyched, on account of his pro-soccer player body, chiseled good looks, devotion to his daughter, and adorable Venezuelan accent.

I was blinded by my desire to trail my fingers over his abs, basically, and I have no problem admitting that, now that he’s been revealed for the douchebag he truly is. The curtain had been coming down progressively all season long, but the illusion was completely shattered into a thousand douchey pieces on the finale and After The Final Rose last night. For once, I wasn’t even upset that it was three hours of television, because I was flabbergasted every single second by how big of an asshole he is. As was most of the internet.

But we can’t all be expected to throw a full-length feature film’s amount of hours away on a Monday evening, so please come along with me as I list out JP’s most impressively dickish moments throughout the whole season. Although spoiler alert — most of them are from last night, because WOW GIRL. Just wow.

1. When he made those homophobic comments. In response to a question about whether the show would ever welcome a gay couple, Juan took the liberty of explaining how that would be ‘confusing’ to kids because same-sex couples are ‘more pervert, in a sense.’ In retrospect, we all should have stopped watching the show the moment this happened, because things could only get worse.

2. When he slut-shamed Clare. After Juan Pablo happily joined her in the ocean for a late-night romp, he later backpedaled big time, telling Clare that what they did was a mistake, that he regretted it, and that he’d be ashamed for his daughter to see him like that. But you don’t mind her seeing your homophobia in all its blazing colors? Charming.

3. When he casually threw out the word ‘retard’ in a tweet. But don’t worry, guys — there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

4. Whatever he said to Clare in the helicopter. During their ride together in the helicopter, Juan Pablo leaned over and whispered something in her ear that wasn’t picked up by microphones, something that really upset Clare. She refused to reveal what it was at ATFR, but online reports state that when she asked him if he loved her, he responded, “I really loved fucking you.” Yikes, dude.

Juan Pablo trying to give Clare a hug on The Bachelor finale March 2014(via)

5. His reaction after he rejected Clare. Clare was understandably upset when he sent her home at the final opportunity after giving her absolutely no reason to doubt that he’d be proposing, so she reacted accordingly. She refused to give him the hug that he stepped forward for, and then told him off in a way that earned my respect after a long season of not taking her seriously:

“I lost respect for you. What you just made me go through? I would never want my children having a father like you.”

YES GIRL. But his reaction? Not tears, not any kind of introspection or regret. Just the sentence, “Wooo! I’m glad I didn’t pick her!” The live studio audience literally booed.

Juan Pablo kissing Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor finale March 2014

(Photo: ABC)

6. When he didn’t propose to Nikki. I have no problem with this show ending sans a proposal, but if you already have a ring in your pocket and the winner of the show comes into it saying:

“I want to hear all the things that he hasn’t been able to say to me. I want Juan Pablo to tell me that he loves me, I want that so bad. I can’t wait to tell my mom that I’m engaged.”

…you better follow it up with something a little stronger than, “I like you a lot,” and a wink. The phrases “you’re so pretty” and “don’t get cranky” are also not good substitutes for “I love you.”

Sean Lowe shaking his head at Juan Pablo Galavis on the Bachelor GIF(via)

7. When he was so relieved that the show is finally over. Now he can finally have some privacy! Not. In the words of Catherine Giudici, don’t slap the hand that feeds you. I mean don’t bite it either, but you get the point, you ungrateful scallywag.

8. He still hasn’t said I love you. Juan Pablo and Nikki have supposedly been dating for four months now, not counting the time they spent together on the show, and even though she says she loves him, HE REFUSES TO SAY IT BACK. I’m in shock, you guys. How is Nikki still with him?

9. When he called out Chris Harrison. JP was so incredibly out-of-touch with the audience that he expected them to be on his side when he called out Chris for interrupting him. Chris Harrison. The host of the show that you just burned all those bridges with.

10. When there was no big surprise. Apparently Juan had teased a ‘big surprise’ to producers at ATFR, but he feigned ignorance when Chris brought it up. According to Reality Steve, Juan Pablo had allegedly been offered a monetary incentive to propose on live TV, and he was considering whether he wanted to accept it. Obviously he ultimately decided against it, and if you believe the rumors, covered his tracks so it looked like Chris was ill-informed about his own show.

11. They still have no plans on where they’re going to live. Juan again teased the studio audience with a cryptic revelation that they had things pretty much figured out, until they ‘changed dramatically’ two weeks ago. He didn’t give any more context than that, but  according to rumors, that change happened when Juan was dropped from the roster of Dancing With The Stars following his homophobic comments. If he’d been placed on the show like Sean was before him — something he’d been building up to all season with constant commentary on how much he loved to dance — he (and presumably Nikki) would have moved to Los Angeles for filming.

I hope this solved some mysteries for you — the only one I can’t help you with is how we possibly ever liked this dude in the first place. Ees not okay.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      Nikki looks miserable haha

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        She really does. I wish she’d just admitted it — would’ve loved to see THAT conversation.

      • Ginny

        She looks very uncomfortable. He’s hugging her so close she’s practically on his lap and she just looks like she’d rather be anywhere else.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah she’s like perched on his lap so awkwardly. I couldn’t decide if she reminded me more of a hooker or a child. What a weird juxtaposition.

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Juan Pablo’s season is what a great Bachelor parody show would look like.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        That thing exists and it’s called Burning Love! You must watch, it’s amazing.

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        Ahhhhhhh that’s amazing!

      • Ginny

        It is so amazing. They did a Bachelorette one too. So great.

      • Katie

        Burning Love is everything. You must watch it. Season 1 is on Hulu and spoofs The Bachelor. Season 2 spoofs The Bachelorette, and Season 3 spoofs Bachelor Pad. Seriously some of the best satire of all time.

      • Jenni

        Ahh so happy you told me this! I’m always recommending it to people, but can never find it.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m obsessed.

    • elle

      I bet Jake Pavelka is thanking Juan Pablo because now JP has taken Jake’s spot as most hated Bachelor (at least that’s consensus amongst the people I know who watch it). JP just seemed like a pretty terrible person, and not just on reality edit either. But hey hes probably successfully burned all his reality bridges and he hopefully wont show up on any other reality show in the future. Ugh I hated the condescending way he played up his accent/grasp of English to the women but had NO problems with Chris ever.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        He’s such an effing idiot.

      • whiteroses

        I think Chris Harrison spoke for all of America- nearly universally- when he said, “Well, it’s time to move on. And I’m ok with that.” I would be quite happy if we never heard from either Juan Pablo or Nikki again, really. He’s totally fine with calling people “retarded” or “perverts” and is completely unapologetic about it. The world doesn’t need that kind of hatred floating around. She’s a pediatric nurse, for God’s sake. I’m pretty sure in her career she’s dealt with kids who are atypical. Why is she ok with this? You’re known by the company you keep.
        If they hate the show so much, the answer is simple. Give the money they paid you to a charity, deactivate your Twitter accounts, let America forget you (because they will in a few months) and move on with your lives. Easy. Of course, they won’t do that, but a girl can dream.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Dare to dream. I’m right there with you.

    • Kelly17

      I think for the most part it’s a bit petty. He is from a different culture and that explains a bit of the things that came out of his mouth. He’s also being honest and sharing his regrets. I think that in reality he is more well rounded than anything which I don’t expect to be an accepted stance to take. But especially comparing himself to the other people that go on this show. It’s fake, the producers procure all the “romantic” stuff. They aren’t really in love and most don’t get married. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be taken any more literally than that.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        What do you mean by well-rounded in this case?

      • whiteroses

        I’ll be honest. I have issues with Juan Pablo not because of his culture (see my previous comment upthread where I addressed that), nor his “honesty” (as Andi said, there’s a difference between being honest and being an asshole) but the fact that he just didn’t seem to give two craps about any of these women at any point during the process. He wanted what he wanted, never mind that some of them might actually have wanted a real relationship.

        We can all agree that the Bachelor is more artificial than a Big Mac, but that’s no excuse to treat them all like they were there solely as sex partners. JP talked so much about his daughter- it seemed like there was a massive disconnect between that and the way he treated all of them, even Nikki. I doubt he’d want any man, anywhere, treating Camila the way he treated those women, even if he was just faking it. And every single woman on that show is someone’s daughter. In some cases, someone’s mother.

    • Caitlin

      I think the different culture line is a HUGE cop out. It is one thing to acknowledge that you grew up in a community that is far from politically correct. (I sure did!) But to use that as an excuse for bad behavior? Absolutely unacceptable.
      People often forget, he has been in the United States off and on for many years. He has been exposed to plenty of media and knowledge, but uses his culture as an excuse to bury his head in the sand.
      This is obviously an extreme situation but consider this: An individual from tribal Africa, is raised in a community where genital mutilation is acceptable. As an adult, they live in the United States, receive a college education, travel the country playing soccer, and work towards a music and media career. After ten years of exposure to this new world, they still believe that it is okay to mutilate women, because it is their culture.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I agree, I think it’s an excuse he used because it’s easier than being honest about something and taking responsibility.

      • whiteroses

        I have an issue with that whole “he’s from a different culture” thing, and I’ll explain why.

        My husband is Australian. He’s the first person to admit that his culture involves a tremendous amount of male-on-female domestic violence. One in three Australian women (including my own sister in law) experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetime. Aussie men have made tremendous strides in the last few years in a lot of ways (and understand, I love Australia and its culture, I’m saying this from an American’s perspective) but I can’t tell you how many Australian women I know personally who have stories of getting beaten by their partners.

        My husband has never treated me badly once in the two years we’ve been married and the nearly ten years we’ve been together. He doesn’t have a violent bone in his body. And if he did, I wouldn’t stand for it for a second. A different culture is not an excuse. It’s not acceptable to mistreat someone because you’re Venezuelan, Australian or Martian. You can’t slough off calling someone “retarded” because it’s ok in your culture.

    • Quinny

      The saddest thing about this is that I think that Nikki is totally in love with him-I don’t understand why, but I really think she is-I personally thought she looked very in love last night…but she is not the first girl to be in those shoes of being way more into it than your significant other is.
      I was never crazy about Juan Pablo, I would have preferred to see Zak as the Bachelor (even if he is orange)-he seemed so genuine and sweet and like a lot of fun. I really don’t understand how people thought JP seemed so great when he barely got any airtime on the Bachelorette and we barely got to know him in the first place.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I hope for her sake that she doesn’t love him and she’s just playing a role, but I have no idea.

      • whiteroses

        Ditto. Because if she does actually love him? I mean, holy crap.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Brandon Roberts

      look i think calling him a douche is understatement of the decade

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