Jay-Z Refuses To Be Kanye’s Best Man, So Beyonce And Blue Ivy Are Probs Not Bridesmaids

jay z kanye westIn what is probably earth-shattering news for Kim Kardashian and the entire E! network, Jay-Z has reportedly refused to be Kanye’s best man in his upcoming nuptials to Kim Kardashian this spring.  Weirdly enough, the idea of being a best man in a monstrosity of epic proportions wedding that will most likely be televised for millions of people doesn’t thrill him.  Crazy!

A “pal” of the Kardashians says not only is Jay-Z not feeling it, but you can count out his whole family too:

“Jay agreed initially but had one condition – under no circumstances can there be any reality TV shows filming him, his wife Beyoncé or daughter Blue Ivy during the ceremony.  The thought of popping up in KUWTK mortifies Beyoncé.”

The thought of Kim and Kris hearing that their show “mortifies” Queen B and their subsequent reactions is enough of a mental image to make me ROTFMAO.  In fairness to the Carter/Knowles clan, they really have crafted a certain unattainable public image, which is nothing short of A+++ list (my official, personal celebrity list-ranking skills are way above par, I know).  Reality television/sex tapes/multiple marriages/Kris Jenner are all things Beyoncé, Jay, and baby Blue are just a tad too good for, if you ask me.  I don’t care how many of Tina Knowles’ birthday parties Kris gets invited to, either.

So all of this begs the question: Which famewhore will be the best man?  Scott Disick?  Justin Bieber?  Adele Dazeem?  Only time will tell.

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    • Sha Har

      I agree with you. We all know the Kardashians put this story out there.

    • Gotcha

      What! Beyoncé needs to check herself! She is simulating sex on National TV with a chair and spreads her legs to the world; she thinks she is better than the K – ah, NO! I commend Jay Z for trying to protect his family (especially Blue) but it holds little water in sincerity.

      • whiteroses

        Simulating sex versus actually having it and marketing the tape for all it’s worth… ok. At least Beyoncé is famous for actually doing something other than having sex with a pop star’s brother.

      • Trish Smith


      • her7

        Oh, WHATEVER. Beyonce is a creative and opinionated woman who puts out quality work while Kim is famous for just being famous. It doesn’t matter who has sex or who simulates sex. Their sex lives are not important and even if either one of them was actually a legitimate prostitute, it still wouldn’t matter.

        I think you need to check yourself because a woman’s worth is not defined by whether she keeps her super special secret treasure for her husband only.

    • J_Doe5686

      I think Riccardo Tisci is the best man. Him and Kanye are really good friends!

    • The Great Seymour(Butz)

      well i am not available either

    • Trish Smith

      Thank U Queen B for keeping trash in their place. Can’t be caught socializing with porn stars and @ holes.