Oprah Curses At Lindsay Lohan In The Trailer For Her Reality Show, So This Will Be Intense

Lindsay Lohan Oprah documentary trailer 2014

It was pretty much inevitable that Oprah Winfrey would grab hold of Lindsay Lohan after she got out of rehab and use her to remind the world that OWN is an actual network that exists. And it worked. After her tell-all interview with Lindsay last year, I remembered that OWN exists. Don’t make me tell you what channel number it is on my cable, because I have no idea. But I know it exists. Apparently Oprah really wants me to know the number, though, because she didn’t stop with just the interview. She also had cameras follow Lindsay around and record her post-rehab life for a new docu-series (a fancy name for a reality show) called Lindsay. The trailer is here, and saying this show looks intense would be the understatement of the year.

The trailer features sound bytes from Lindsay talking candidly about her struggles with alcohol. We get a glimpse at her experience with the paparazzi, and there’s even a few seconds of Lindsay confronting her dad Michael for being a total dick. It also looks like Lindsay hasn’t given up her favorite pastime of being irresponsible, as she makes the crew wait around for her and causes Oprah to go, “This is exactly what everybody said was gonna happen. And I believed differently.” Well Oprah, if we’re being honest, that was pretty dumb of you.

One of the most disheartening parts of the trailer comes when Lindsay’s sober coach is asked point blank whether she’s sober, and he just says, “You know…” and then hesitates. And to make things even more intense, there’s a moment where Oprah actually curses at Lindsay, telling her “You need to cut the bullshit.” I can’t say I’m confident this will knock any sense into Lindsay, since she’s sort of turned into the little celebrity who cried wolf. But there’s no doubt that Oprah’s selling event television here. This looks super-dramatic and pretty compelling, and as a celeb-obsessed public we won’t be able to look away when it premieres on OWN this Sunday at 10/9c.

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      I’ve tried to be on Lindsay’s side – she has horrific parents who view her as a cash cow and took away her childhood and gave her addictions. But she really is a loser. She doesn’t get it, and it’s a shame. I remember her once saying that her goal is to win an Oscar by the time she’s 30. That ship has sailed. Just like Miley Cyrus, the public will only remember her as a joke and not a serious artist. I really have to wonder what Lindsay is going to do to earn a living when finally everyone gives up on her completely. Sex tape, maybe? It’s already a wonder how she constantly manages to fund this elaborate lifestyle of hers when her last paying job – The Canyons – got her a whopping $100 a day.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I can see where you’d think that, but I actually really do have hopes for her. We didn’t take Matthew McConaughey seriously as an actor either (Viva la Gold Rush), and he just won an Oscar!

        I’m not saying that’s definitely (or even probably) Lindsay’s path, but it can’t hurt to have some faith in her. We aren’t close with her, so we have nothing to lose by willing her to succeed.

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        I get your frustration but is she really a “loser” or is she a struggling addict? I’d say the latter, and I think you’re right about her parents being enablers. I’m disappointed that she didn’t take her recovery more seriously but I can imagine how hard it is to do so when everyone in your is enabling you in someway to live the Hollywood starlet lifestyle.

        She needs to take responsibility now, and hopefully she can do so. If she doesn’t, she isn’t going to just end up as a “failed actress,” she’s going to end up completely debilitated by her addiction or she’s going to die. Plain and simple.

      • JLH1986

        I would say “loser” is over the top. Many people who suffer from addiction struggle and make poor choices. They neither have Lindsay’s money nor access to assistance. Their families enable them just as hers do. It can take years and MANY MANY (think like 14) attempts at sobriety. Lindsay just has the task of doing it publicly (as we all wait for her to fail). Sometimes the accountability can be helpful, sometimes the added pressure can hurt. Everyone in her life seems to be enabling her and then betraying her (a la her father releasing phone conversations). Like most addicts she has a lot at her door and she has a long road ahead of her, but I wouldn’t say she’s a loser. She, like every addict, has a chance at recovery, up until the moment they die.

    • Jessieface

      Here is the thing, Oprah. You are not a therapist, you are not a doctor, hell you are not even a guidance counselor. Telling someone to cut the bullshit is all well and good, but would probably be more effective (if anything could be effective at this point) coming from someone who isn’t writing her a fat check and giving her a tv show. I know everyone thinks Oprah is the Messiah, but this kind of thing really grinds my gears about her – and the end of the day she is still ‘just’ a Media Mogul, not licensed or trained to help anyone battle anything, addiction or otherwise. If she really wanted to help Lindsay, if she was as concerned as she says she is – she would not be profiting in anyway off of her recovery.

      • JLH1986

        Some clients need that accountability with a camera following her everywhere, theoretically, how could she be anything but sober? Also, “even a guidance counselor”, in most states a “guidance counselor” is required to go through a master’s program and receives the same training as a therapist, it’s simply geared toward minors in a school setting. Most people don’t know that.

      • Jessieface

        Apologies, I didn’t mean guidance counselor as a derogatory claim or joke, I just meant that Oprah is not the be-all-end-all-fix-all-life-and-living-expert she or anyone else makes her out to be. She is a smart business woman who has made herself a name in the ‘lifestyle’ scene. END. Not a counselor of ANY sort, hasn’t gone through training or schooling or licensing or anything that makes her a qualified or safe candidate to know what is best for someone. I agree with you that some people might take the cameras as accountability – but cameras and attention have not acted as anything but enablers in the past, so I don’t see how this will be any different just because Oprah is at the helm. I don’t know what she DOES need, as I am not an expert in this either, but I feel pretty comfortable in asserting this isn’t it.

    • Mich Nicole

      The truth is, we as Americans continue to glamorize this behavior, as is Oprah. We are setting the stage for our youth and others around us, and how they see it in this situation is that it’s okay to want to become some mega rich “actress” then become an alcoholic and drug addict because in the end Oprah will give them a show to try and “help” them. This is not reality. Oh, poor poor lindsay lohan….

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