Watch Idina Menzel Sing ‘Let It Go’ At The Oscars, Then Rejoice That It Won Best Song

Elsa Oscar


We all love “Let it Go,” right? It’s the one thing that unites us all at this point in history, other than thinking Lupita Nyong’o and Pharrell dancing to “Happy” is the most adorable thing to happen in recent memory. Even if you haven’t seen Frozen, you’ve probably sung “The cold never bothered me anyway” to give yourself strength before braving the blistery winter weather. So obviously we were all waiting with bated breath for Idina Menzel to perform the song at the 2014 Oscars. Those covers and mashups and parodies are great, but nothing compares to Elsa herself belting it out.

Obviously Idina was great. There’s this little thing called Broadway that she’s quite familiar with, so she can really hit a live performance out of the park. Sure John Travolta thought her name was “Adele Dazeem,” or something similarly incorrect, but she overcame it. And boy oh boy, nothing makes me want to prove everyone wrong more than listening to Idina Menzel sing “Let it Go.” What exactly I’m proving everyone wrong about I’m not so sure. Maybe people have been underestimating my ability to put cheese on crackers. Well look at me now! Putting cheese on crackers like it’s going out of style. Let it goooo!

But enough about my food mashup abilities. It’s time to watch Idina’s performance. And then rejoice in the fact that after Idina sang it, the song won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Take that, Bono! Elsa just tore off her glove and it floated on the wind right into your face! Plus, the songwriter Robert Lopez EGOTed! Woohoo!

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    • elle

      Man is there a vine of how badly John Travolta butchered her name? Kind of embarrassing, you had one name to pronounce! I hate her so much for how talented she is. And she gets to be gorge and formerly married to Taye Diggs ugh. My hatred is just jealousy because I can’t sing a note on key.

    • whiteroses

      Not only did Robert Lopez EGOT, but he and his wife sang/rhymed their acceptance speech. That’s some talent right there.
      And Frozen won the Oscar for Best Animated Movie!!!! (As it should).

      • Stacey Judith

        I thought Jared Leto’s acceptance speech was the best but then these two adorable people stole it!

    • Stacey Judith

      Sadly as much as i love her and the song, she did not kill it :( She did not keep up with the music, her timing was off in most places and she was visibly (and understandably) nervous towards the end. She did a good job but I wouldn’t trade places with her in this situation! But I’m so glad the song and the movie won and yeah take that Bono!

      • Kate

        I thought her “nerves” were just annoyance with the WAAAAY too fast accompaniment. And rightfully so!

    • mse63

      I wonder if she intentionally sped through the whole thing, and it was how they rehearsed it. Because I don’t think it was a good idea.

      Of course it could have been just nerves, but come on, this is a Broadway performer. It’s hard to imagine that such an inferior stage like the Oscars could challenge her. :P

      • Kate

        You do realize she had to keep up with the accompaniment, right? Probably not her fault the music was too fast.

      • mse63

        That depends, the accompaniment also adjusts to the singer if necessarily, especially when the song has such a strong vocal number (as long as the background music was live of course…)

      • Jeanne Croteau

        To me, she was always ahead of the music and it annoyed me, even in the film version. She’s one of those singers that is just always slightly ahead. She has a great voice but I’m not sure she was the right voice for this. Her voice sounded too mature for such a young character in the movie. Love her, just not this.

    • Vicki p

      I felt the orchestra being located somewhere else wasn’t a good idea. All the music for the performers seemed rushed or the singers wasn’t sure about hearing it properly.