Seth Meyers Coaxes A Likable Interview Out Of Lena Dunham, Should Get All The Emmys

Lena Dunham Seth Meyers crying

Ellen DeGeneres better watch her back, because Seth Meyers is giving her a run for her money in the “getting celebrities to be likable and candid” department. He hasn’t even been hosting Late Night for a week yet and he’s already gotten Kanye West to smile and coaxed a likable interview out of Lena Dunham, which we’re about to talk about. Seriously, just throw all the Emmys at him. He’s killing it.

You’ve probably ascertained from my shock at Lena Dunham seeming likable that I don’t usually like her. I stopped watching Girls early enough that I saved myself from the dreaded obligation-watch stage, which too many people seem to be stuck in. Why’d I stop watching? Because I stopped getting HBO. But also because I found Hannah Horvath beyond annoying. But it’s not just Hannah who rubs me the wrong way. I also don’t exactly clap my hands when I hear or see or read about Lena Dunham.

So imagine my delight upon watching her interview with Seth that she was actually pretty delightful. She tells an enjoyable story about getting taken aside by airport security because of a self-defense keychain shaped like a cat, of all things. And what do you know, I actually laughed. More than once. Then she talks about how excited she is to host SNL next weekend, because she’s been a fan for so long, and I found myself kind of looking forward to the gig. She just seemed a lot more down-to-earth than usual. And by that I mean actually down-to-earth. Her usual shtick seems to be trying to seem down-to-earth but not succeeding. But here she did, and because I’m not ready to totally like her again, I’m giving credit to Seth Meyers. Keep it up, old chap!

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    • Kathy

      OK some of us have to work for a living, and we can’t stay up that late every night. So I have to start Tivo-ing this show because I’m missing too much!

      • Jenni

        Kathy, let us be your TIVO. If anything important happens, we’ll let you know!

    • Kate

      Totally agree with you on the Lena front…being 22 in NYC I’ve encountered far too many girls like her for my liking.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Yeah she usually really rubs me the wrong way.

    • PaintingChef

      I actually thought that her appearance on the BS Report was surprisingly likeable too. Could have just been that I was won over by her unashamed love for Clueless and celebrity gossip…

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Loving Clueless never hurts.

    • guest

      Why did Seth’s set designers choose such tiny chairs…?

      • Jenni

        To make everyone look extra fat!?