Lea Michele Drops Another Cory Monteith Tribute, In Case You Weren’t Planning On Buying Her Album

Lea Michele attending Elle gala October 2013

Man. I would really like to go back to my normally-scheduled blogging and leave Lea Michele alone, but she just keeps cropping up and making that impossible, like today when I saw she’d released a second Cory Monteith tribute song on her album ‘Louder’.

I understand that people have issues with me suggesting that Lea has used the tragedy of Cory Monteith‘s death to further her own career, and that’s fine. It’s a personal feeling of mine based on my observations, and I don’t expect everyone to leap on board. But after hearing her new song ‘If You Say So’, I have to imagine that it might encourage at least a few people to come around to my way of thinking.

Lea had already made it clear in multiple statements that there was a song called ‘You’re Mine’ on the album for Cory. Apparently it was his favorite song, and she thinks of him every time she hears it. Sure, great. You do you, girl. But once there’s a second song on the same album serving the same purpose but just driving the point home further, I start to get even more uncomfortable.

You can say you want privacy or you can produce an entire album with explicit details about your relationship a man who’s now dead, but you can’t have it both ways, like Lea tries to in this interview:

“It’s the only song that no one’s heard. I can’t talk about it until people hear it. I just feel like people should hear it and I don’t know if I’m ever going to talk about it. It’s just one of those things where I understand what it means and you can take it or leave it. That song is for me.”

Yeah, for you to sell copies. This song is literally set seven days after Cory’s death, a lyric that’s repeated multiple times throughout, in case you miss it the first time. Every element is designed to exploit the nostalgia you probably feel at the death of an actor before his time, even down to the title, which Lea says comes from the last words he ever said to her — ‘if you say so’, after she told him she loved him more.

I know that people mourn in different ways, but this way is just so public and…exploitative, to me. I even like the song and it makes me emotional while listening to it because I selfishly relate it to my own life, but it feels unfair of her to play on that without even a waver in her voice. She’s singing about how she can’t get away from ‘the burning pain’, but you don’t hear even a hint of it.

Bottom line, it’s seven days after his death, and she’s already back to work, finding the best angle for her own career. That’s the real message of the song for me, unintentional though it may be.

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    • elle

      You know I really do feel line she was devastated when Cory died. She was skeletal and just seemed wrecked. But honestly? All this stuff now feels so exploitive and uncomfortable. I hate myself a little for judging her because it’s not really my place but this all just seems so attention grabbing/buy me album,please buy me album/Cory would want you to buy my album desperate to me.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah I don’t feel great about myself either, but every time I read another interview I feel obligated to comment on it. This is my sickness.

    • Rachel Monroe

      Except the song You’re mind was never dedicated to Cory. Lea never once said it was dedicated to Cory . The press said that. Lea only said it reminded her of Cory.

    • Rachel Monroe

      I don’t get that. If you really read the stuff she actually said it
      is pretty much repeating the same thing basically. She said she
      Cannonball heeled her and moving on. The only song she really said was
      decided to Cory was if you say so. She has said You’re mind is her
      favotie and it reminder her of Cory. That is it and it has been
      repeated is all. Not sure why she shouldn’t be able to promote her
      album it was already pushed back 6 months. She has also said that some
      songs were aobut past relationship and it reflect something she has
      felt herself. It isn’t desperate it is promotion. It is just a lot
      cause that is what you do, you go to different soruces to get your
      album out there. Some go there with the Cory stuff and some don’t.
      Some even use old quotes in there story so Lea might not have even said
      anyhtng new about it they just added it.

      • susan dickermab

        Why Do You Continue To Bash Lea Michele.? In Fact Why Don’t You Just Come Out And ApOlogize ? Because You Are Wrong
        !! Wrong About A FAkE Relationship For Starters. Cannot Sit Here And ReadThis Crap.

    • Rachel Monroe

      And one more thing no you do not have to post anything. Don’t like her fine so just leave it at that. You seem to have an agenda which is really petty and odd.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        My agenda is posting my opinion via this blog. Your seems to be commenting on it. We both have our priorities.

    • Ruby

      One would have been inclined to believe you didn’t have an agenda with this lea posting you have been doing lately but when you said you can’t even hear the pain while she’s singing it became clear…I only had to hear the song once and you can tell the difference in her voice and actually hear it breaking through most of the song. Also you posting about lea michele is exploiting Cory’s death to get hits to your blog….most of us wouldn’t know she dedicated the song to him if you didn’t insist on using her to gain hits. And since when are artists not allowed to channel pain, love, hurt, life experiences into their music..considering he was also an artist it wouldn’t be a leap to imagine she finds confort in music and this was her therapy…never thought I’d see someone judge other peoples grief.

      • FemelleChevalier

        Artists are allowed to channel emotions into their craft. It’s the core of being an artist. But there’s a difference when an artist say that “this person/event/etcetera inspired me to blah blah blah…” and when an artist deliberately inform everyone that “this famous artist who just died and is close to me inspired this art blah blah blah…”

        No matter how you see it, it is exploitative in a sense that the fans of the other artist who died will sympathize and gather to buy your art. It will also appeal to the non-fans who experienced lost in their lives; they will sympathize with the artist.

        Seeing that Lea has a good voice, they could potentially be roped into buying her next album. See? Sales strategy!

        In the end, if she continued to mention Cory in every interview in which she promotes her album, Cory’s memory will turn into a means for a promotional campaign for her album. Again, exploitative.

      • Ruby

        so just because her personal experience involved a famous person makes it less acceptable to use her pain as inspiration?? that is a double standard and you are implying that people that lose famous loved ones are not allowed to write songs about the pain and getting through the loss than people that lose non-famous loved ones. she was inspired by their love and the pain of his loss…how is that different from “this person/event/etcetera inspired me to blah blah blah…”…the double standard here just to paint her as a bad person is sickening.

      • FemelleChevalier

        Oh no, that is not a double standard. That is common sense. She has an album to promote, Cory died and has fans from Glee, she got a lot of sympathy from being a “widow”, and it will result into larger sales if she will play/is playing that angle. Not that hard to figure out. It was a good sales move actually, albeit exploitative.

        You see, she has a choice to not include Cory’s name in any interview that promotes her album. Just say, “I know people want to talk about him, but I’m choosing not to because I want to respect his memory by not treating him as a promotional tool.”

        But she does. Why? Because it helps, that’s why. Anyone can be inspired to create something meaningful out of tragedy, but is it tasteful to continuously flaunt said tragedy just so your art would be noticed?

        I like her as a singer and as an actress, but I have the right to question her when someone’s death, her fiancé’s death, is being used to promotional campaign. This is similar to if my boyfriend died and I used his death to get a promotion: unnecessary, disrespectful, and exploitative.

        If she continues to do this, then it will be apparent what her angle is. And you can’t fault others for seeing her this way. Because no matter how amazing she is, the fact of the matter is that she is continuously using someone’s death and tragedy to further herself, and that is enough to raise some eyebrows.

    • Pamela

      look i’m not a lea michelle fan, but give the girl a break, i find your posts funny from time to time, but to be honest sometimes i also find you more annoying than this girl, every singer writes about things that happened in their life, justin timberlake wrote cry me ariver about britney spears & nobody said that he was trying to sell more albums, i know you want to see the girl dress like a widow so you can convince yourself that she cares about her boyfriend, she’s trying to move on, so should you, do it before someone does a leave britney alone kind of youtube video but with lea michelle as the victim

    • FemelleChevalier

      As much as it seems like she is being exploitative, she is actually being a smart promoter. She knows what will boost sells and that is sympathy. Hence, she let people interview her about Cory even though she has a choice of saying no; it has promotional value, so why not?

      If this really is intentional, I don’t know what to think. I mean, she is a good singer, a decent actress, and has a solid fan base from Glee. So why resort to this kind of strategy? To appeal to non-fans who felt loss in their lives?

      She’s smart to pursue that angle, I guess. But when it comes down to it, it’s still exploitative. *shakes head*

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