Jon Gosselin Call Kate A ‘Piece Of F—ing S–t,’ Seems To Keep Forgetting He Has 8 Children With Her

Jon Gosselin piece of fucking shit kate gosselin couples therapy

As part of Jon Gosselin’s neverending campaign to be crowned the World’s Worst Father Ever, he recently trash talked Kate Gosselin during an episode of Couples TherapyTo be more specific, he says she can “go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants . . .She can go and f—ing die…There’s your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin. So f— it. Piece of f—ing s–t. What a sh—y human being.” While I completely understand his frustrations with Kate in regards to her being a publicity whore, I do not understand why he can’t keep his mouth shut when the camera’s on him.

He has eight children with her. EIGHT! That’s approximately 16 ears that will hear their father call their mother a piece of fucking shit. Which, let me tell you as a child of divorce, isn’t good for children to hear. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s harmful for children to hear a person they love call another person they love a fucking piece of shit. Because even if we view both Jon and Kate as decrepit human beings unworthy of being loved by eight human beings, that’s what we’re dealing with here. They’re the parents to eight young children and they both need to start acting like it.

So if Jon wants to take a time-out from being the worst and remember to keep his thoughts to himself, it would do wonders for his children. After all, therapy’s pretty expensive and these kids are already going to be stuck in it for years due to the fact that their father got caught jerking off on TV. I know, I know, I’m sorry for putting that visual in your head again. Wash it out of there by watching all of Jon’s Kate Hatin’ go down in the video below.

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    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Good lord, you need to do some serious proofreading before you post these articles. Tons of spelling and grammar errors.

      • Jenni

        The lord left the building ages ago. But I’ll be sure to pass along the message if he ever returns.

    • gayle

      What always confused me about them is why they rushed having kids. They were young when they got married then quickly had the twins then the 6. They are excellent example of not rushing marriage and kids. Also he really needs to understand his teenagers or their friends are probably googling this mess and there will be uncomfortable conversations when they are older.

      • Jenni

        It’s crazy when you realize how young they were when they had 8 kids…

    • J_Doe5686

      No wonder his kids don’t like them (from what I’ve read.) But I can say that when my parents got divorced it hurt like hell to hear my dad call my mom names. He’s dumb enough not to think that his kids or kids’ friends are going to see this one day and hurt them.

      • Jenni

        Even if his kids aren’t online (which I doubt), they attend school with kids who are online all the time. There’s no way this doesn’t get back to them.

    • Valerie

      He whines about Kate Tweeting and talking about the kids in the press….yet, he’s on a trashy reality show airing all of their dirty laundry. They are both the absolute pits but I hate hypocrisy. They both need to stfu and retreat from the weak bit of spotlight they currently have.

      • Jenni

        It’s amazing to me that they’re both so horrible, yet so against being together. Don’t they realize they have that in common!

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