Justin Bieber’s Dad Just Abandoned His Second Family To Be Justin’s Enabler

Justin Bieber posing with his dad Jeremy in Instagram picture 2014Congratulations to Jeremy Bieber, who just won my official nomination for ‘Worst Dad Of The Year’, even though it’s only February.

He previously walked out on Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Malette when Justin was only a baby, and now he’s made his record two for two by allegedly abandoning his second family as well. Jeremy has two kids with Erin Wagner — Justin’s half-brother Jaxon, 4, and half-sister Jazmyn, 5 — and the two of them have been together for seven years. Which is apparently just long enough to make parenting a drag, because Jeremy is peacing out. He made it a whole five years this time instead of the ten months he put in before bouncing on Justin, though, so GOLD STAR.

Apparently things have been a little rough between Jeremy and Erin for a while, on account of the fact that Jeremy is never around. He’s been leaving her to deal with stuff at home while he’s busy bro-ing around with Justin, neglecting his young kids for a second chance with the one he bailed on nineteen years ago. Y’know, catching up on normal dad stuff like blocking off the road so his son could drag race, blowing $75,000 at a strip club with him, and sitting beside him on a private flight as he verbally abused the flight attendant and smoked so much weed that the pilots had to wear gas masks in order to avoid becoming impaired and potentially losing their jobs. Father of the year.

“Justin hitting the big time in the way he has is an absolute dream come true for Jeremy and the temptation of being able to travel the globe, living like a superstar was too much to turn down. Erin was always going to take second place to that. They are still on good terms for the sake of the children and she still has a great friendship with Justin, but their relationship has broken down. Jeremy has the opportunity to party with beautiful girls in every city in the world. He was never going to let anything get in the way of that.”

So disgusting, I can’t even handle it.

(Photo: Instagram)

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    • elle

      Come on Alexis you know Jaxon and Jazmyn are super lame, and ugh actually raising kids is hard. Justin is way better-he has pot, he drinks syzzurp and he has $$$. Who wouldn’t leave their small children for that? Ugh Jeremy sounds like a real charmer. Great father.

      • Kathy

        Not to mention all the cute young girls – all the time. What’s a dad supposed to do?

    • Lackadaisical

      Don’t worry, if Jaxon or Jazmyn become rich and famous when they are older then their father will want to spend time with them too. In the meantime perhaps they should work harder at being the child prodigy superstars that their father deserves.

    • FemelleChevalier

      YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS OF HIM! You will never be a father who has a famous, pot-smoking and law-breaking son! You will never have the privilege of leeching off of your son’s millions to perv on gold-digging women!

      You will never be Jeremy Bieber, the dreamer/lazy bastard who abandons his children to follow his own path of debauchery and material needs! You hear that?! NEVER!

    • Kate

      Honestly though…no wonder this kid is a walking douche…both of his parents are absolutely the worst.