Michael B. Jordan Is Not Impressed By Your Racist Reactions To Fantastic Four Casting

Michael B. Jordan attending the Santa Barbara International Film Festival February 2014I don’t know if you noticed this, but the internet threw itself into kind of a tizzy last week when the casting choices for The Fantastic Four remake were announced. Miles Teller is Mr. Fantastic, Jamie Bell is The Thing, Kate Mara is The Invisible Woman, and Michael B. Jordan is The Human Torch.

Fine, right? NOPE. Because as it turns out, those are all the characters’ superhero names. They have real-person names too, which matters in this instance because Kate and Michael happen to share a last name, Storm, on account of being brother and sister. But guys that cannot be because I don’t know if you know this, but Michael B. Jordan is black and Kate Mara is white. And they could never be siblings in a world where ACTUAL SUPERPOWERS EXIST.

Really friends? We’re willing to suspend disbelief to the extent that we don’t bat an eye when a human being has the ability to TURN INTO FIRE or when Jessica Alba pretends to be an actor in the last movie, but we really can’t imagine a scenario where two siblings could have different skin colors? My goodness. You think this universe has gotten as far as spontaneous human combustion but they still haven’t puzzled out adoption? Sigh.

But as annoyed as I am by the reaction on social media to the casting news, you know who’s handling it a helluva lot better? Michael B. Jordan. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the response

“People are going to be critics. Haters are going to find something to hate about. I’m a young black man. I’ve been criticized. My name is Michael Jordan. He gave me a chip on my shoulder that I needed to push me though.”

You’re not the first, you guys. You’re not the first to assume that Michael – an actor – can’t pull something off based on the color of his skin. (I mean, did you see Fruitvale??) And the great thing about this situation is that you don’t get to decide. Michael was cast on the basis of his talent, alongside other actors who were as well. If that isn’t a rounding endorsement of the high potential for this movie, then I don’t know what is.

And as he points out: “They’re still going to go see it anyway”. Yup. You know it.

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    • elle

      I am going to have to inform my sister’s (half) that it is impossible we are related since they are white and I’m not.. The racist masses have spoken! I think I dislocated an optic nerve. Kate Mara is great, Michael B Jordan is fantastic and I can’t believe we still live in a world where siblings of different races are a big deal. I seem to recall Idris Elba getting backlash after being cast in Thor. Why do we want all our superheroes to be white? I’m most def ready for some POC superheroes

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Sorry to make you redraw your family tree and all, but it’s for the good of the movie. You understand.

      • John Smith

        You are a devout member of the church of political correctness.

      • John Smith

        Why would I want them NOT to be white?

    • Kaitlin Reilly

      People should focus on how fantastic it is that Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are in a movie together again. Adore them both.

    • ana arias

      as long as he can act good for him. and good for marvel. they need a few black superheroes. jessica alba was an abomination to the series.

    • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com Clever Girl Reviews

      Couldn’t they also be step siblings, half siblings, or children of an inter-racial couple?

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • http://www.whatburnsmybacon.com/ What Burns My Bacon

      OK, I wrote a column about this a few days ago. Not all the people who are against having Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch are racists.

      Most comic book fans are traditionalists. We don’t want to see any change. For example, we were not happy that in “Iron Man 3″ the Mandarin was played by a white actor instead of a Chinese one, since the character is a classic villain who is Chinese and has 10 powerful rings. Now doesn’t that sound better than what you saw in the movie?

      In the next Captain America movie, the character of Falcon is wearing a gray outfit instead of his classic red-and-white one. Guess what? Many fans are upset over that.

      And the Falcon is a black character. We would be having Hulk-out fits if a white or Asian actor played him.

      Hopefully now you guys understand that not all of us comic fans are racists.


      • John Smith

        Racist is only used to describe white people get with the times.

    • CMc

      Does no one remember that in the last round of fantastic four movies Torch was Chris Evans and the Invisible Woman was Jessica Alba? Jessica Alba who is half Mexican? And has golden brown skin? So really, this casting is just the next logical step.

      • John Smith

        Next logical step to what? Less white people?

      • CMc

        It’s the next logical step to apparently push the envelope in regards to the choices made when converting a comic (or a book) into a movie. I found it odd when they tried to make Chris Evans and Jessica Alba believable as brother and sister by simply dying her hair blonde. Now this kind of thing just makes me laugh because this is nothing new. There are always changes when a comic or a book becomes a movie. It’s been happening for decades and decades. At this point, I just roll with it. I get that it’s frustrating, but it is what it is.

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    • zaaaa

      crusable way to ruin a meme you commercial piss tank.

    • John Smith

      No one said he isnt a good actor. People are saying hes not white. And the church of political correctness responds with the typical anti white hateword: Racist.

      You see the problem is im white and I dont like the racial change in character, simply because im white. This IS a racial issue.

      I would not want a white actor to play the black panther, that would be stupid.

      But the church of POC shouts hatewords at white ppl in a attmept to Silence them when they look out for white interests. And yes this is looking out for white interests. My son is white and would prefer to see someone in his own likeness.

      Yet there is a uproar over a white shredder in the new tmnt…but that outrage is condoned.

      Anti White double standards.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The Black Panther?

      • John Smith

        Yes another prominent comic book character.