Louis Tomlinson Says Harry Styles Is A Good Boyfriend, And He Should Know

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Louis Tomlinson is quoted as saying that Harry Styles is a good boyfriend. And it’s like, he should know from personal experience, right? Badum bum, cymbal noise. Oh no I di-in’t! Before you link to your slash fic in the comments, let’s look at the quote in question, which to be fair is about all the One Direction boys. Suuure, a likely story. This is what Louis told The Sun about him and his bandmates:

“I think we are actually all pretty good boyfriends. We’re definitely romantic.”

What’s that sound you hear in the distance? That’s the sound of Larry Stylinson shippers everywhere screaming, passing out, coming to, and then screaming again. In case you’re just a casual Directioner, the kind that merely rocks out to “What Makes You Beautiful” while you’re in traffic and heard through the grapevine that Harry and Kendall Jenner were dating or something (RIP Hendall), let me explain. Larry Stylinson is the couples name for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, a pairing that a lot of Directioners are convinced is real. In short, they think Harry and Louis are totes gay for each other.

I mean, sure Louis has said it’s a delicious combo of baloney and malarkey and poppycock. And sure Louis has been dating his girlfriend Eleanor Calder for two years. And sure Harry has been fake dating lady after lady over the years. But there’s nothing more fun than a conspiracy theory, am I right? Plus, Larry Stylinson is probably the greatest couples name in the history of couples names. TomKat was pretty clever, I won’t lie, but this one actually creates an entirely new person, to the point where I’m pretty sure a lot of people see the name and wonder which member of 1D is Larry. Is he the one with the hair or the one with the other hair?

As long as you’re adding the above quote to your dream board next to that Photoshopped image of Harry and Louis kissing, you might as well add this one too. Just ignore the part where he says “girlfriends”:

“When we actually get to be with our girlfriends, we just want to do the normal stuff we never get to do, like watching crap TV together and staying in.”

Aw, Louis, forget Larry Stylinson. Get with me and be Lill O’Tomlinson. We could double as a rap act and get into trouble with Justin Bieber.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      They really would be a beautiful couple…

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Sigh, oh Larry…

      • whatever.

        I’ll fix your mistake… They really ARE beautiful couple.

    • J_Doe5686

      Look how they share that knowing look. A look that says “I love you.” “I know.” To each other.

    • A D I A

      dear whoever wrote this artcle, i love you because you ship Larry

    • Louis Stylinson


    • Larry Stylinson

      I honestly believe Louis and Harry are together. And some people believe Louis and Eleanor are together, which is totally fine since y’know personal opinion. But, to be honest, when Harry and Lpuis look at each other or basically how they act around each other, you know there is something happening between them. Whether it is a big thing or not, SOMETHING is happening. If you are a Larry shipper or Elounor shipper, it doesn’t matter, but people c’mon, anyone who looks at Elounor closely enough and strong enough knows that there is something suspicious about them, something fake. I do not know if Louis and Harry will always physically be a couple forever, but I feel that they’ll always love each other in their hearts, deep down, they will, always and forever.

    • lololee24

      I cant wait until the day these boys put their foot down and get rid of the their tween, teen, shipper, homo-erotic fan base. This whole shipper conspiracy theory stories are getting really old. The obsession with wither these two boys are dating is maddening. But I blame Harry because he spurs on the drama with half truths he has got to be one of the most reluctant young man I have ever seen who refuses to use pronouns, to put his foot down, and adamantly say (I am not gay or BI) and whom acts as if he will be struck down by lightening. Now Nail hasn’t been in a stable relationship since the group begin, and yet he isn’t hassled about it like Harry is. Louis Tomlinson Is obnoxious and plays games too much, so he adds flames to the fire when hes groping Harry in public, but guess what folks he gropes the rest of the boys in the group too, and the rest of the band gropes each other equally. I don’t get it really. And they all with the exception of Nial share similar tattoos. All four! So the theory’s can be refuted that being said, Harry makes it easy for the shippers to believe, there is more going on with Louis when he acts as if hes incapable of defending himself. I think he is gay but hes playing along with managements game so. I would have believed Harry when he denied being gay or BI but then he was Shown pictures, and asked questions and was so cut off guard that he couldn’t articulate himself and Liam had to play the PR and jump in to save his ass. Plus he admits hes dating the boy anytime hes asked and No ones around to caught him off. He has got to be the worst kept closeted secrete. He really should just jump out the closet and stop embarrassing himself.

    • larry shipper

      larry af. That’s all I have to say.