Jennifer Lawrence Is Taking A Year Off From Movies And It’s All Our Fault

Jennifer Lawrence at the Screen Actors Guild Awards January 2014I hope you guys are proud of yourselves, because we’re about to have to go an entire year without a single peep out of Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t want to point fingers, but this is completely your fault. Completely.

I tried to warn everybody like seven months ago that we were flying too close to the sun with J-Law, but nobody seemed to care. I said that if we didn’t stop putting her in every single movie ever, regardless of whether she was suited for it, someone was gonna get burned out. I thought it would probably be the audience, because sooner or later everybody comes up against backlash, but as it turns out, it was Jennifer herself who decided she needed a break. Apparently after being a part of two massive franchises at the same time, filming two movies simultaneously, and getting nominated for an Oscar three times by age twenty-three, you find yourself craving a nap.

At least according to Harvey Weinstein, who produced Silver Linings Playbook. He says Jennifer is so sleepy-time tired from being everybody’s favorite person 24/7 these past couple years:

“She’s going to have a long break for a year where she won’t do anything. It’s been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest. Jennifer is too nice and will do people favors and agrees to do a movie like American Hustle when she could have had a rest.”

Yeahhhh see I almost wish she hadn’t done me that favor, in retrospect. I wish someone a little more age-appropriate had done me that favor and left a more appropriate role for J-Law. But that’s just my personal opinion.

“She signed on to do Hunger Games when she was young and wouldn’t have realized how much it would dominate her life. But she’s a professional and always will be.”

Are you proud of yourselves, guys? This is what happens when we obsess about someone too hard and are dazzled by everything they do — they need a break from us as much as we need a break from them. We already lost Ryan Gosling this way, and now it’s Jennifer Lawrence too. We have to get it together before Tina Fey and Amy Poehler decide to take a year off from us as well.

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    • Clever Girl Reviews

      I think this already happened to Tina Fey a little bit :(

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • Alex Is Probably On Fire

      As sorry as I am that JLaw is taking a break, you can hardly say this is the fault of the fans. Yes, sometimes they can be pushy and a bit obsessive but, at the end of the day, it’s the actor’s choice how much work they take on at a time and they are completely entitled to decide how much time they need off from that. Film making is exhausting, if a break is what she needs then by all means do that but it isn’t fair of articles like this to make fans feel bad about it.

    • madison

      If she wants to take a break that’s her choice but you can’t possibly put the blame on us. That is rediculous.