Britney Spears Is So Over Her Vegas Show That She’s Forgetting To Even Lip Sync

Britney Spears accepting People's Choice Award January 2014Oh Britney Spears, you poor dear angel. When will we finally agree that you’ve made enough money for your handlers and that you can shut down the paper factory and come home for a nice long nap and a soothing Frappuccino bath? Answer: not until she finishes her Vegas residency like a good little girl. Even though she’s so clearly over it at this point that she can’t even muster up the energy to lip sync.

She only been in Vegas since December — fresh off an album flop, of course — but already the residency has been far more notable for its issues than for its performances. She’s so out-of-it onstage that she barely noticed when she danced out of her costume a few months ago. (Although I can’t imagine how that’s even possible, given how passively Britney is marking through the choreography.) She’s obviously not mentally or physically ready to be back onstage, but her team seems to think if they just prop her up there and paint abs on her belly, they can convince us she is.

But even offstage there have been issues, with fans complaining that she seems listless and depressed at meet-and-greets after the show. I mean honestly, these are the kind of buzz words you should be listening for when talking about an orca whale who’s suffering in captivity, not an adult human who’s supposedly in charge of her own career choices. We all saw Blackfish, right?

An things are only getting worse. Of course there have always been the accusations of lip syncing, but we haven’t had real proof up that it was definitely going on besides our gut feeling after watching the videos of her performances. Until now. There’s really no arguing with the following video, which was shot on February 18th as she began the song ‘Alien’. She gets so distracted just walking along the stage that she forgets to even bring the microphone to her mouth when the pre-recorded track starts playing. Honestly it couldn’t have been more obvious.

Eep. Eep eep eep. Just give the girl a break, I feel like she’s burned out on every level, and it becomes more obvious with every video I see and every interview she gives. So sad.

(Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images Entertainment)

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    • elle

      I understand why her team is running her ragged-she’s a cash cow. But it’s very wrong, she just seems pretty done with the whole thing. Isn’t she still under her father’s conservatership (is that the right word)? Is money really that important to her dad?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, he still controls her finances and pretty much her entire life. And while Jason Trawick was engaged to her, he was a co-conservator! Which is completely insane.

      • elle

        That’s crazy! Yeah I wish she had somebody in her life advocating for just her. Ok obviously I’m not in the middle of the situation and I keep seeing her fans insisting she loves performing ans wants to do it. It just seems most everything she’s been doing/showing contradicts that.

      • Alexis Rhiannon


      • Elizabeth Aspen

        I feel sad for her because she’s been famous since she was a child basically and doesn’t know anything other than that. It’s probably the only real attention she’s ever gotten and because she’s not a serious musician – can’t write songs or play an instrument – she’s pretty much stuck with the stripper routine. It’s very sad to have to make a living off your looks or body because eventually all that fades and you’re left with just you.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Are we technically still in a recession if people have money to throw away on garbage “entertainment” like this? Everyone and their mother knows this woman can’t sing and I even heard AutoTune on the video. Why anyone would be a fan of hers is beyond me.

    • Alison

      Britney needs to take her boys and move to Louisiana for the foreseeable future. This is just getting sad and yeah, reaching trained animal levels.

    • LetBritneyGo

      It’s clear to me she isn’t into performing anymore and that she is being pushed. I wish her luck and would hope that her father would learn to understand her and let her stop.

    • John Hollywood

      She does seem like a person who is without a directional sail. I wonder if this is common among celebs, where they have problems with getting proper guidance on career moves?

    • J_Doe5686

      I feel sad for her. I get the feeling that she is tired of all this mess and want to live a normal life with her kids. I read a blind before that might be about her. Supposedly, after the Vegas residency she’s going to retire. Hopefully!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I would love that, for her own sake.

    • Ria

      Blind Gossip did an item a couple of months ago about a performer who was going to finish up their final obligation and then move away. A lot of people guessed Britney and I’m thinking now that it probably is.

      • Jenni

        I hope for her sake that it is. She has enough money now to live a quiet and peaceful life.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Fingers crossed!

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