Alec Baldwin And His Wife Use Instagram To Remind You That You’re Not Living Your Life Obnoxiously Enough

If I think long and hard, I believe I can actually remember a time when I used to like Alec Baldwin.  He’s good-looking, funny, liberal, and talented.  He’s also a complete ass, homophobic, short-tempered, and married to a woman who not only loves how obnoxious he can be but also tries to compete with him for The Most Annoying Famous Couple award on a regular basis.  For two people who fly off the handle in their battle for privacy, they sure do enjoy not being private on Instagram!

Alec’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, has made it her mission to post as many photos of her tiny little yoga body doing adorable little yoga poses all over Manhattan, Spain, and even 30,000 feet in the air.  Sometimes they’re in the form of a selfie, but most of the time we assume Alec is stage-mothering her behind his iPhone camera.  There are a few photos, like yesterday’s Valentine’s Day “#yogapostureoftheday”, that had to be snapped by someone else.  Someone who actually volunteered to do so. Or, at the very least, was threatened and berated by Alec to do so.

Along with the pic, she said: ”I used to hate Valentine’s Day. Then I thought: a day to celebrate love…what a wonderful idea! Enjoy any kind of love u have in your life.”  The subtext of that message (in case you aren’t as good at reading between the lines of celebrity humblebrags as I am): “I used to hate Valentine’s Day, because I wasn’t famous or as wealthy as I am now. But I married rich, got a gig on Xtra, and spend my day doing stuff like this now, so…yeah. Happy V-Day.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel like at least one of the four heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes I ingested yesterday may be coming back up.

(Photo: Instagram)

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    • Kathy

      LOL! Once upon a time I liked Alex Baldwin too for about 5 minutes. It was when Beetlejuice came out in 1990 (something like that) and he was sorta cute and funny then. Long time ago – and too much has happened since then.

    • Mary jane

      I love love love your commentary!! Kudos to you for calling it like it is. I once tweeted hb to suggest she practice some humility. Isn’t that the premise of yoga! And you guessed it… She blocked me!!! Surprise surprise!!

    • MCR

      I liked this, snide though it was. I always suspect couples who make a big show of how close and affectionate they are. Strong mutual devotion doesn’t seek out an audience.

    • wearenotstupid

      They are THE most annoying couple on the planet! This has been one expensive mid life crisis for Alec!!

    • Helen

      When I pointed out that she’s vapid, she blocked me, too, Imagine the jealous, insecure little the dumb twit’s reaction if she’d known that her gravy train knows me and used to be in the habit of showing more interest in me than I had in him. What these two did to Genevieve Sabourin has permanently branded them as trash — as if their other antics haven’t also.