Jerry Seinfeld Embarrasses The LEGO Movie For Shamelessly Stealing His Jokes

Jerry Seinfeld New York City Screening of Enough Said September 17 2013

You know that thing where you’re in your office writing jokes for a multi-million dollar kids’ movie and it’s getting late and you’re reaching the bottom of your barrel of funnies? Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that you’re working on a movie about LEGOs. And also, but on a totally unrelated note, that you happen to be a fan of comedian and dad-jean-wearing extraordinaire, Jerry Seinfeld. “Hey,” you think to yourself, “why not just borrow some of his material so I can get out of here faster? It worked for Modern Family that one time. Plus, I doubt he’ll even see this movie and there are noises coming from the kitchen that are giving me the creeps.” So you do that and then many moons later, he does see it and then embarrasses you on Twitter. Does that ever happen to you?

Because it happened to whoever is responsible for allegedly stealing Jer Bear’s Superman jokes and putting them in The Lego Movie without his permission. If you’re good at making predictions, you would’ve seen that coming already. But if you’re the guy or gal who put in Jerry’s Superman-doesn’t-like-Green-Lantern bit from his early-2000′s webseries, Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman, I’m going to guess that you aren’t very good at that.

Also, I hope that whoever is behind this gripping scandal happens to be skilled in the ancient art of receiving shade because Jerry went on to throw some toxic levels of it their way.

The other end of this sort of thing is always that it could have been coincidental or accidental and that there aren’t any intentionally sticky fingers to be found. But, of course, when you’re the one sitting in a movie theater and eating possibly (probably) stale popcorn and you hear your own material repeated back to you, that argument is a lot less compelling.

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    • Kay_Sue

      Man, I hate that there’s shade to be thrown here. I loved the LEGO Movie. ;)

      • Olivia Wilson

        Hey now, no shame in loving it. But if they start stealing your jokes, that could change everything.

    • Tyler AitchKay

      “A story would have been a nice added touch, though..”
      Coming from the writer of Bee Movie.

      • Olivia Wilson

        Well played.

    • JMac

      The reference to Green Lantern in the Seinfeld ad is absolutely different from Lego. A very strange claim to make.

    • John

      This isn’t stealing jokes. The setup might have been similar, but none of the dialogue was the same. I could write a story about Superman being followed by Green Lantern, doesn’t mean it’s funny