These GIFs Of 15-Year Old Russian Skater Yulia Lipnitskaya Will Blow Your Mind

Yulia Lipnitskaya performing during team skate at the Olympics 2014 in Sochi 3 (via)

Have you been watching the Olympics? Wait, never mind, don’t answer that. I need to cling to the hope that everyone else is living their life on the couch like I am for the next two weeks, eating peanut butter right out of the jar while world-class athletes dance in front of my glazed-over eyes.

Yulia Lipnitskaya performing during team skate at the Olympics 2014 in Sochi 2


So assuming that our muscles are atrophying at an identical rate, I bet you were sprawled out in front of your television this past weekend when fifteeen-year old Russian ice skater Yulia Lipnitskaya decided to be the next person to make me feel like a human slug. I know I sure was.

Yulia Lipnitskaya performing short program at Sochi Olympics 2014 GIF


Her performance last night was for the team portion of the ice-skating, and since she was the last person from Team Russia to take the ice, her country had already secured the gold medal before the music even started. So she could have totally phoned it in if she’d wanted (because that’s totally a thing that people do at the Olympics, right?) but instead she chose to HIT IT OUT OF THE EFFING PARK with a routine that left me looking for my socks high and low after having them very aggressively knocked off.

Yulia Lipnitskaya executing Biellmann spin at Olympics 2014 in Sochi


Just look at her, you guys. Look at her spins, her spirals. Look at her jumps. Look at how straight her leg is going. This chick is so flexible and talented that the judges actually added on points to her Biellmann spin, pictured above, because they felt she’d nailed it so hard that she deserved a bonus. This little lassie banged it out so professional-like that she only got one deduction, for the little wobble she takes after landing her double toe triple lutz, in the following GIF.

Yulia Lipnitskaya performing triple lutz into double toe loop wobble during team skate at the Olympics 2014 in Sochi 3


But even with that, she ended up with a score of 141.5, which is not only a personal best, but also around twelve points higher than Gracie Gold, the American skater who came in second.

Yulia Lipnitskaya performing during team skate at the Olympics 2014 in Sochi


Deet duh deee, deet duh deeeee, just spinning around. Let me know when I’ve won the individual gold medal on February 19th and I’ll come out of this spin.

Yulia Lipnitskaya at Sochi Olympics 2014 GIF


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    • elle

      It so amazing! She is ridiculously fantastic and so flexible. She has an amazing career ahead of her. Putin even had a (very small) smile on his face after she finished that’s how fantastic it was. How do you pick up so much speed halfway thru a spin like she does? It’s so hard to believe she’s only 15 with her talent.

    • Olivia Wilson

      Her talent is UNREAL. I’m blown away every time she performs.

    • Jenni

      She makes it look so natural to just pick one leg up.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        “I’m ready to hold this now.”

    • Kathy

      Olympic skaters all start their training at about 5 or 6 years old. By the time they’re 15 or 16 they can do the most amazing things. This is especially true in Russia where there are many great teachers and coaches. I think she’s amazing but there have been so many great Russian skaters over the years.

    • whiteroses

      She’s utterly ridiculous, in the best possible way.
      It doesn’t surprise me that she’s HUGE in Russia. As much as I’m rooting for Team USA, that girl deserves a gold.

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    • Boom

      But she “tanked” in the individuals. Not really, she was still awesome, but only 5th place awesome….