May These 8 Amazing Sochi Olympics Memes Be The Funniest Thing You See Today


In case anyone out there is somehow unaware that many aspects of the Sochi Olympics have kind of turned into a huge joke, please allow me to get you caught up with these delightful internet memes.  On a more positive note, residents of Sochi can rest easy knowing that they’ve really “made it” now, because  the internet has recognized your city enough to make fun of it.

Media outlets and journalists around the world have kind of been having a field day with the whole “#SochiProblems” thing, and last night’s opening ceremony (while very beautiful and impressive) wasn’t without its malfunctions and shortcomings either.  So please enjoy these funny photos we’ve rounded up to brighten your day:





Remember how cool that thing was where the starbursts opened up into the Olympic rings, and you were all “yeah! I get it!” and then the last one failed to open?  What could be a better way to honor that moment than an old Olympic meme inside a meme?



While I’ve seen plenty of the “Shirtless Putin” memes during the last few months, this one of him riding bareback on the cartoonish/Miley-ish opening ceremony bear is priceless.




Buuurrrrrn.  It’s nice to know that the 2014 Sochi Olympics have kind of brought to mind the 2004 Chuck Norris jokes I used to love.




Um, ouch?




Yes, another ring meme.  I don’t care, I just can’t get enough.  The possibilities for GIFs and memes here is endless.



I feel kind of guilty laughing at this one, but… yeah.  Apparently the toilet situation over there isn’t just desperate, it’s comically desperate.  Which is way better.



When I first watched this, I thought it was incredibly beautiful.  And now, after seeing this meme, I can’t see anything but incredibly weird penises.




Baha.  Bahahahaha.  Because everyone knows Internet Explorer sucks!  Everyone knows.

(Lead GIF: Tumblr)

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