Justin Bieber Fans Swear That Teat-Suckling Picture Is Photoshopped, I Wish I Beliebed Them (NSFW)

Justin Bieber turning his head and saying porn? GIF(via)

You know how I know life isn’t fair? Because I accidentally saw that photo of Justin Bieber gumming a teat with his pal Khalil Sharief this weekend, and now I can’t get it out of my brain. And then just to add insult to injury, I had to STUDY IT LIKE IT WAS A TEXTBOOK once his fans started crying Photoshop. It’s not been the best few days for my eyeballs, let’s just leave it at that.

Just so you’re not nervously scrolling down expecting to encounter said photo suddenly, please don’t worry. I’m not gonna inflict it on you until a blurred out picture on the very very bottom, although the original is readily available here in case you’re a masochist. Basically it’s just your average photo of a topless stripper lifting up her breasts in order that they might be more accessible to a boy and his friend…both of whom have nips in their mouths. That’s all you need to know about it, and still it’s too much. (I won’t add that while Khalil looked like he was trying to get romantic with said nip, Justin was literally pulling at and suckling on it like it was a mother’s teat. I won’t tell you that part.)

But anyway. Somehow Justin still has a fan base, after everything, and they are coming out strongly in support for them the only way they can…by claiming that the photo is fake. Although who would care enough to Photoshop a nip into a mouth is beyond me.


There have also been people saying his neck looks too long, he’s missing a birthmark, and “OMFGOMG Justin would never do that go kill yourself.” Great points all around.

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    • Kelly17

      That picture is equal parts gross, funny, weird and uncomfortable.

      Oh and her boobs are totally fake!

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Oh for SURE.

    • Josie

      The missing ear tattoo is compelling evidence, don’t you think?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m not convinced it would be visible from that angle…I don’t know though.

      • elle

        Hmm..a college roomie of mine had a very similarly placed tattoo so I’m very familiar with them, and I’m not convinced it would be visible from that angle. But if it is a real pic I’m not bothered and if it’s fake somebody had a lot of time on their hands to Photoshop a neither shocking nor offensive picture.

    • Rachel

      Well, the stripper apparently looked the same age as his mother so….

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • MEL

      He got the music note tattoo (which is the one I’m assuming we’re talking about) on Jan 14. The text on TMZ just said it was a “recent” photo, so it could’ve been taken before he got the tat.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Excellent detective work!

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      His teenybopper fans are just like women who fall in love with murderers in prison, or Elizabeth Hasselbeck with Republican liars – they’ll defend them to the death.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Annnnnd beyond.

    • seymour butz

      i thought it was an ad for the Dairy Farmers of America

      • Alexis Rhiannon


    • dan13722

      TMZ’s big lie.. Justin Bieber’s sucking stripper NIP pic is fake! http://www.justinbieberzone.com/2014/02/justin-biebers-pic-sucking-nipple-fake-you-be-the-judge/
      & where is the shadow on the strippers breast from his snapback bill?

    • cat

      Its obviously fake! I cant see the tattoo, or his birthmark, or his moles, or his scar. And his neck is too long, and that shirt was photoshoped from a pic of lil Za. And TMZ is obviously. Interested in photoshoping it. The 80% of the news they make are negative things about Justin, they hate him. Duh

    • Kati

      Hi it is katimmanuel

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