Rihanna, Shakira, And Their Respective Butts Are Very Lazy Bedmates In This New Video

Rihanna and Shakira in Can't Remember To Forget You music video GIF(via)

In case you’ve been wondering where Rihanna and Shakira have been lately, apparently they’ve been hunkered down in a mansion by the ocean somewhere, booty-popping down the walls and smoking cigars in bed. At least according to the video for their new collaboration, a song called ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’.

The song itself isn’t super interesting, but imagining their life together via this weird video romp through an average day definitely is. They spend part of the time looking soulful, singing directly into the camera as they make passionate butt-love to the wallpaper, but the rest is spent gently caressing each other in their chaste marital bed while they roll around in matching castoff costumes from the set of Beyonce‘s ‘Single Ladies’ video.

It’s all very sensual and languorous, like a lazy Sunday at a beach house. I spent the whole video expecting someone to bring them breakfast in bed so they could eat Eggs Benedict off each others’ thighs.

They never do quite get around to that, though, or to anything, really. In regards to the name of the song, I’m not surprised that they couldn’t remember to forget me, because according to this video, THEY FORGET A LOT. Here are just some of the things that slipped through the cracks:

  • They didn’t remember to change out of their ice-skating clothes once they left the rink.
  • They never sold their stripey circus futon and invested in a grown-up bed after they left college.
  • They forgot to take off their shoes before they got in said stripey circus futon.
  • They forgot that they could actually probably afford two beds instead of writhing around in one. It seems like a big house.
  • It slipped their minds that leotards actually are not pajamas — unless you really really love sleeping with a wedgie.
  • They didn’t remember to drain out the instrument room after it flooded. YOU ARE PLAYING DRUMS IN SIX INCHES OF WATER, SHAKIRA.
  • Oh and they def forgot to pick up Shakira’s baby from wherever he is.

But on the plus side, this house of butts and walls is no place for an infant.

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    • Jenni

      Do you think Rihanna is best at writhing around listlessly? Or is there another celeb who can top her.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I think you might be onto something.

    • jhonkeve

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    • happy1ga

      They both look fabulous, but I’m not really into the “lesbianing,” thing that is so stylish these days. The best way to describe how odd it really is, imagine Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake on that bed. Yeah, let’s all sit here patiently and wait on that, won’t we?

    • Lackadaisical

      Referring to the object of the song as boy at the end seems a bit jarring considering their strangely passionless scantily clad writhing. If they are going to make it clear that the unforgotten one is a he and not each other they could have tried to paw each other a little less. I tend to find fake lesbian romps that are all about the pleasure of a male viewer and seem to lack any actual enjoyment of the other woman rather irritating. Maybe that’s the point, I am not a man watching and wanting it to be just a show that is really about me.

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    • Hotep Yan Kenyatta

      Yawn, females as sex objects. Even the super stars seem to comply with this mandate. What do we teach my young daughter, who I want to use her brain to gain success and not her gonads? Have we allowed the racism, sexism, and all the other tools (no pun intended) of the system, to enslave us all? Do you care?

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