Just A Few Obvious Reasons Why Harry Styles Is The Next Justin Timberlake

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Quick! Name the current boybander who seems most likely to break off and embark on his own incredibly successful solo career? If your answer is anyone other than Harry Styles, you’re wrong. The answer is Harry Styles. And who was the last boybander to break off and embark on his own incredibly successful solo career? I’ll give you a hint. His name rhymes with Bustin Limberwake and it’s his birthday today. If you guessed Nick Lachey, please just stop guessing things. It’s Justin Timberlake! How appropriate that Justin turns 33 just one day before Harry puts his teenage days behind him and finally hits the big 2-0.

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Everything about Harry Styles points towards him being the next JT. I’m pretty sure the band is named One Direction to refer to the one direction his career is going — whichever direction makes him a solo superstar whom everyone adores. Let’s start with the most basic reasoning. There’s simply no band in the universe right now as big as One Direction. Literally. It was just announced yesterday that they were named the most popular recording artist of 2013. Now that The Wanted and the Jonas Brothers have come apart at the seams, 1D is really our only choice.

And out of all five boys — bless their adorable hearts — who’s most likely to have a successful solo career? It’s gotta be Harry Styles. His life is reported on much more than the other boys, and if you go up to someone on the street and tell them to name a member of One Direction, most of them will probably name Harry. There have been rumors practically since the group’s inception about him going solo, and while nothing definitive has happened yet, rumors often give birth to reality.

But there are a few more subtle reasons I have for thinking Harry’s career will go the way of the Timberlake, and I’d like outline them right here, right now.

  1. They both got their start on TV showsThe Mickey Mouse Club and X Factor.
  2. They’re both the assumed — but not official — lead singers of their respective bands.
  3. Their hairstyles are iconic. (Luckily Harry’s doesn’t look like noodles.)
  4. They both dated virginal pop stars — Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.
  5. Those break-ups inspired revenge songs — Justin’s “Cry Me a River” and Taylor’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” (which might not have been about Harry, but I’m sure another one’s coming anyway).
  6. They’ve both been in relationships that prompted people to ask, “Are you really together?” Justin’s got Jessica Biel and Harry’s got … well, everyone.
  7. They’re both painfully charming — although Justin’s a little more hammy and Harry’s more soft-spoken.
  8. They’re both good at sketch comedy. Justin’s a natural at SNL, and Harry was hilarious in the “Best Song Ever” video.
  9. They’re both talented. I think Harry’s solo career will look different from Justin’s from a musical standpoint, since he seems to have a different style. But he’s still got the pipes and the charisma.

I’m sure there are plenty more parallels, and feel free to point them out. In addition to all this, Justin’s getting older now. 33 is close to ice floe time, so we’ll be needing a replacement. And it’s about time. Justin’s started to wear out his welcome a bit. Although I’d hate to see Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn get a five second cameo at Harry’s VMAs performance. Let us pray for them.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I’m still busy guessing the answer from your first paragraph — is it Crustin Whimpercake?

    • angelialee

      Noone will ever be able to replace jt. Esp an in the closet no talented faggot like harry. I know exactly what u are doing and i swear if jt ends up dead i will out everyone in the industry and all illuminati fuckers. its not up to u assholes who lives or dies its up to god. Timberlake is a person w feelings not your marionette on a string. And ppl love jt. He has more talent in his pinky than harry would ever have. Like i said anything happens to jt there will be hell to pay. I know all bout this industry and illuminati u satan worshipping fuckers. Back off while youre ahead. And stop killing celebs. This industry makes me sick

      • Caleb

        Are you on drugs?

      • Katie


    • Joy

      Justin Timberlake was Taylor’s celebrity crush. Taylor was Harry’s celebrity crush, and Justin has a secret crush on Taylor. What a merry-go-round.

    • Stephanie Stevens

      How dare you speak this blasphemy! My question is can he dance, act, sing and speak jive? :-) I don’t think so….

    • Christine Bard

      Listen, Harry is still a boy. This is going all to his HEAD! He thinks he is a GOD and can do anything now! Let him dream I guess. But, I cant see this happening at all. Im sure he will try, but I cant see it lasting. LOL! What a joke. **I even warned my daughers that this Boy Band will NOT last.

      • Kara

        You’re making so many assumptions. If you listen to a few of their interviews, you can tell that none of these boys think they are gods in any way. They’re just enjoying the ride as pop stars, and they have already been around for a good 4 years. Now Justin Bieber, on the other hand, seems to have let things get to his head.

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