It’s Time For Us To Ask Where Kevin And Danielle Jonas’ Baby Is

Kevin and Danielle Jonas attending NYC event September 2013

Update: they found a baby somewhere! And don’t worry, she’s already making them money.

I’m sure you don’t pay as close attention to this whole Kevin and Danielle Jonas thing as I do (because no one does, including Keven and Danielle Jonas), so you’ll have to trust me when I say that today is the day that their baby was supposed to be born.

…but it wasn’t, clearly. Which would be a perfectly understandable thing for any other set of parents, because due dates are fluid and flexible and every pregnancy is different. But it’s not an understandable thing for this couple because all signs point to Danielle Jonas not actually being pregnant.

There have been erratic increases and decreases in belly size, multiple blind items suggesting they’re faking their pregnancy and shopping around for an infant to adopt, a due date delayed from ‘early in the new year’ to February 6th, awkward photo shoots, pregnancy videos without Danielle’s face in them, absolutely no weight gain on her body anywhere but her belly, and the general fact that I can’t actually imagine these two touching each other in any way other than a dry peck on the lips.

These are all things I’ve gone through in depth because I’m a crazy person, and the final conclusion that I came to is that based on when they announced the pregnancy and when they released the gender and the first sonogram, this baby was due between January 2nd and January 30th. And that’s today, so happy fake birthday Jonas baby who allegedly doesn’t exist!

Now, I’m not an idiot. I know that babies come when they want to and not when they don’t want to, but I also know this couple. They love the spotlight, so if the baby was even so much as an hour late, don’t you think they’d be tweeting about it nonstop? And probably they will be, at least once they get a bead on an adoption agency and have an actual arrival date. But as of right now there’s no mention of it at all (they’re pretty excited about renting out their mansion on Airbnb though), and with every passing day, I become more convinced that my conspiracy theory is true…

What do you think?

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    • Chasity

      This is absolute bullshit and VERY disrespectful to Kevin, Danielle, and their families. Considering they lost a close family member just prior to this post, the author should be ASHAMED! Its extremely disappointing to see adults writing such inappropriate and hateful articles. Its even more sad to see adults READING into these accusations and enjoying it. My fingers are crossed that Kevin and Dani never read this or the other articles claiming their blessing is ‘fake’.

    • Nicoline

      Exuse me please…. One of these pregnancy videos DO HAVE DANIELLES FACE IN IT! And the babys do is Febuary 6th so SHUT the fuck up please

    • Lisa

      erm, she’s in labor right now….

    • BeveyLovesYou

      Being born, right now this very moment

    • Lulu

      Okay your just fucking stupid. She just had her baby she’s been in labor for hours. Your so dumb. She’s huge and all women grow differently during pregnancy if you didn’t notice she was except using a lot during her pregnancy to stay healthy. She was huge and about ready to pop and her due date was feb 7. Your such an idiot

    • Serendipity

      Blind Gossip posted a story how they were searching for a white baby girl up and down the coast of California. I guess they found one because as of today she has arrived. These people are living such a lie it’s pathetic.

    • Hahaha

      She’s born today; don’t believe me? Check Dreft on twitter. Don’t believe they were at the hospital? Check the Deleasa/Jonas instagram. So you were wrong once again.

    • Blammo23

      AAND THIER BABY WAS BORN ON SUPERBOWL SUNDAY…WHEN EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. nice one. This just makes me think it was all FAKE FAKE FAKE. If your’re going to use a surrogate JUST BE HONEST ABOUT IT GUYS!!!

    • Tiffany Jones

      Stupid idiots I guess you feel like the biggest retards now! #teamjonas #alenarosejonas

      • lisa

        You’re just about as homely as Danielle.. Tiffany!

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    • Dani

      Well first of all … this is completely bull shit. I dont think you understand that with a womans FIRST pregnancy that the baby can come days or a week late. My cousin had a baby last year and was 6 days late with the baby . AND IT WAS THEIR CHILD. So that argument is completely invalid. Second, EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT. Every womans’ belly size while pregnant is different. I’ve seen women at 6 months pregnant look 8 months pregnant and I’ve also seen women 8 months pregnant look 5 months pregnant. Honestly, YOU just want the attention and the drama on you .

    • Amanda

      you can find out the sex at 15 weeks (i found out at 176 weeks, only cos i couldnt get in at 15 weeks)
      also some people announce a pregnancy before 12 weeks- i announced mine the day after i found out (6 weeks) cos i couldn’t keep it in.
      and not all women put on massive amounts of weight straight away. i actually lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy. and i have known lots of women who were all belly, their arms, face, legs all stayed skinny, and didnt put on barely any weight until the end. i only put on 10kgs, and was pretty small even when i gave birth

      • amanda

        oops i meant to write 16 weeks not 176

    • Christine Lucus

      LOL obviously you know NOTHING about pregnancy. I found out my son was a boy at 14 weeks. And yes, babies DO have a facial profile as early as 12 weeks. At 12 weeks they also suck their thumbs. Her belly could look different because babies move and that does change the shape of your belly.