You Have To Watch This Insane Video Of A Girl Getting Slapped On Vanderpump Rules

Stassi on Vanderpump Rules BravoYou guys, I don’t even watch Vanderpump Rules normally, but I just came across this clip from the episode last night, and it is completely out of control. You have to watch it.

I don’t know what these people get up to while I’m not watching, but apparently they all work at a restaurant owned by Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alumni Lisa Vanderpump together for like 15% of the time, and the other 85% they dedicate to stirring up drama, talking behind each others’ backs, and systematically sleeping with each others’ boyfriends. You know, important stuff like that. To be honest, I’m not even sure why they have jobs in the first place, because they all have really nice hair and seem rich. I guess if there was a restaurant that automatically put you on the television, I’d probably work there too.

BUT ANYWAY. There’s one girl named Kristen and one girl named Stassi, and Stassi used to date a gentleman named Jax. (Yup, these names all check out so far.) And what had happened was, Jax admitted to Stassi that he slept with Kristen (twice), which is SO NOT OKAY OMG because Stassi and Kristen are supposed to be best friends! And also because Kristen apparently had a boyfriend at the time, Tom, who was asleep in the next room when this supposedly happened. But that’s not important in the face of the lady-on-lady betrayal that took place. 

But luckily these are calm, collected, rational ladies, and they always deal with conflict maturely and with great respect for one another. JK THEY EFFING SLAP EACH OTHER. Seriously you guys, watch this video, it gets completely nuts.

Did you see that?? Totally inappropriate. I clearly have no idea what the truth is, because this is the first clip I’ve seen of the show ever, but look how quickly they took Kristen down, Jesus! Stassi slapped her full in the face and then threw a drink on her, and only then did she strike back at all other than just holding Stassi’s wrist. But as soon as she starts to get out of her seat, someone IMMEDIATELY takes her to the ground. Intense, man.

Not enough to get me to start watching this show, but intense.

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    • Katie

      WHY didn’t you mention that was a 2 minute clip? My goodness, I feel like half of my brain oozed out of my skull during that video. Alexis, now I will never be able to study anything new tonight, and I place the blame on you.

    • JeaniceHanline

      I am so shocked when the woman is slapped in the Insane Video .

    • Kate

      Two things:
      1) I feel like the Red Robin commercial at the beginning of this video is similarly inappropriate, if only because it made me hungry right before that video made me lose my appetite possibly forever and;
      2) Stassi is a reality show vet – she was on Amazing Race with her family and (this is embarrassing that I know this) a show on The N called Queen Bees which followed around teenage girls who were sent to a diva intervention by their parents because they were such awful little brats. So I have trouble believing anything she does.

    • Ruby L

      There aren’t words for how much I love this show. If you need a quick catch up on who has slept together, who hates each other, and who falls under both, I can make a a little Powerpoint presentation.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It’s worth watching?? I was so unimpressed by Lisa on RHOBH that I just assumed it was boring…

      • Ruby L

        It’s one of those things that is so awful that you have to keep watching. It’s not quite hate-watching, but it’s just accepting that it’s the most ridiculous set of people put on TV and that you’d never want anything to do with them in real life. It may actually just be a summary of everything wrong in our society, but somehow I’m hooked.