Ariana Grande Says Horribly Sad Things About Justin Bieber, Reminds Us He’s A Real Person

In case you’ve been living under a rock that sits under another rock for the last few days, you know that Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami earlier this week. Since then, the media has been quick to poke fun at Bieber and his school-picture-worthy mugshot, and even we at Crushable couldn’t help but be happy to hear that Bieber’s increasingly bad decisions finally got him busted. But today Ariana Grande made us all feel like horrible humans by reminding us Bieber is a person, not a tabloid headline, and he needs help, not ridicule.

During a pre-Grammys interview with Mix 104.1, Ariana called out everyone who’s been quick to make jokes about Bieber’s arrest, stating, “I think it’s really serious. I’ve seen tweets of people making fun of the mug shot and all this stuff, and it’s so ignorant.” She went on to say believes Biebers antics have crossed the line from simply “screwing around” to “dangerous.”

But Ariana didn’t stop there. She went on to call Justin “the most visible and yet isolated human being I’ve ever met,” in a comment that actually made me feel sorry for Justin Bieber.

Personally, I could not agree more with Ariana’s comments. While much of the discussion around Justin’s arrest has been a battle between Beliebers and non-Beliebers debating whether his young age and insane amount of fame does or does not justify his actions, right now, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Justin Bieber is an actual person, not just a tabloid headline, whose life is spinning out of control. And in those situations, the right thing to do is back off and hope the person gets help.

According to TMZ, Bieber is currently in Panama along with manager Scooter Braun, his friend Ryan Butler, and his mentor Usher. Hopefully these guys can give Justin the support he needs to get his life together and career back on track.

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    • Eva Jolopi

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s assumed this kid is an asshole when in fact he has a problem and needs help. Pretty disgusted with the pile-on.

      This is one person taking it all, one 19-year-old who is probably fucking terrified and so confused over his own behavior.

      Kicking someone when they’re down and at their lowest, isn’t just human nature at its ugliest, it’s inhumane.

    • taylor

      I’m definitely in support of being compassionate towards him, because clearly there are some serious problems going on behind the scenes. That being said, he put other people at risk and put their lives in danger through his DUI, and that’s not something I’m willing to forgive or overlook, regardless of his personal troubles. I think it’s really sad that he’s going through whatever it is that he’s going through, and I don’t think he’s evil or anything, but if your mistakes endanger other people, they shouldn’t be ignored or swept under the rug.

      • Eva Jolopi

        I agree. But lets remember the road was closed off (albeit illegally), so that no-one could cross it.

    • Kelly

      I do think the comment section of many websites illustrates the sad state of affairs that our humanity is in. People makes jokes about it but I really think it’s dangerous. And you can’t reason with people or try to show another point of view, people just won’t hear it.

    • Alice

      I wish more people would understand this. Sure, he can act like a jerk sometimes, and there is no excusing the DUI (or whatever really went down cause it seems MiamiPD may have been exaggerating based on new reports).

      But I wonder if people take the time to consider that a) the world this kid is living in is one most people wouldn’t be able to handle – would you want a million cameras on you as you grew up doing dumb teenage stuff? b) there may be a way more serious underlying problem that has exacerbated his behavior.

      I truly do feel bad for him, cause he’s living in a fishbowl, surrounded by a million people (that want something from him) and probably very very few that truly care about him as a person instead of his money. And seeing our culture build a kid up, just so they can tear him down, says way more about the people that are first to make fun/condemn/want him sent back to Canada then it does about him. Let him grow up, and hopefully learn from this/not have anything seriously terrible happen, and I think good things can happen for him.

    • carrie thompson

      Look, my gut reaction is that Bieber is a Lindsay Lohan: an entitled a-hole, and that’s the underlying reason for his actions. However…I’m old enough to remember back when Britney Spears started spinning out of control, and everyone (myself included) treated it like entertainment and made funny comments online, etc. Then it came out that she was struggling with a serious, untreated mental illness and what she really needed was the exact opposite of what she was getting. The same thing happened with Amanda Bynes. It wasn’t funny or mockable, what happened to those two women. It was sad, and worrisome, and I wish nothing but the best for them both.
      I’m willing to consider that Bieber might be dealing with something similar- maybe not mental illness, but something hard and sad and as such he should maybe be given some space. He’s not helping when he posts pictures comparing himself to Michael Jackson, however.

    • Beadis80

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    • Janelle

      Thank God for Ariana Grande. Also, Alice’s comment on this article nails it: “…seeing our culture build a kid up, just so they can tear him down, says way more about the people that are first to make fun/condemn/want him sent back to Canada then it does about him. “

    • Rachel

      *sigh* i’ve said it a million times before and i’ll probably say it a million times more… doesn’t justify his selfish actions, but rarely does anything good come from kids growing up in the spotlight.

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    • Queencinaty

      Yes, Ariana, we totally get your point. People shouldn’t ridicule him. But people shouldn’t DEFEND him either. That’s actually why he was being ridiculed in the first place, because of his crazy, ENABLING fans. They’re more horrendous than he is, because by excusing his actions, they’re validating that what he’s doing is normal.

      By the way, it isn’t normal. So please stop defending him. If you (fans) want to support him, then urge him to get the help that he needs.