Anyone Else Sick And Tired Of People Defending Justin Bieber Because He’s ‘Only’ 19?

Justin Bieber shirtless shrugging in concert

The more outrageous Justin Bieber’s behavior has become in the past year, the more his loyal beliebers jump to his defense. Time and time again, I see comments telling everyone to calm down and quit complaining about him. After all, he’s just a stupid 19-year-old figuring his life out. “Besides, what were you doing at 19?” they follow their initial defense up with, as if to make us feel silly for judging Justin Bieber more harshly than we judged ourselves. As if money and fame don’t make any difference when it comes to teenage mistakes.

And on one level it doesn’t. At the end of the day a stupid teenager is a stupid teenager is a stupid teenager. So when everyone jumped down Miley Cyrus’ throat for smoking “salvia” back in 2010, I too went with the age defense. Because I too knew 18-year-olds who smoked “salvia.” In fact, like many of you, I knew people much younger than 18 that dabbled in smoking “salvia” recreationally. That’s a universal thing that many teenagers do — regardless of the size of their bank accounts.

But here’s what many teenagers do not do:

- Egg their neighbor’s house to the point of police intervention

- Get arrested for a DUI and drag racing. In the same night

- Spend $75,000 at a strip club

- Sleep with prostitutes

- Pee in a restaurant mop bucket and show pride in that decision

- Get carried up the Great Wall of China

Yes, I know. Being a millionaire a million times over as a teenager increases the opportunities available to make stupid decisions. But at some point we can’t keep blaming Justin Bieber’s bad behavior on teenager. Because while being rich and famous opened the door to a lot of bad things, it also opened the door to a lot of good things too. Somewhere between touring the world, putting out number one hit singles and releasing two movies, he stopped being just another 19-year-old. With the money and the fame should come some sense of responsibility. Some desire to be better than the average 19-year-old. Instead, he’s somehow worse.

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    • Josie

      Oh please.

      - Egg their neighbor’s house to the point of police intervention

      Like egging is new and no one has ever had police intervention for it.

      - Get arrested for a DUI and drag racing. In the same night

      Yeah, lots of young men get arrested for DUI and probably drag racing/speeding too.

      - Spend $75,000 at a strip club

      Most young men don’t, but probably because they don’t have $75,000 laying around. I’m sure MANY would if they had the opportunity.

      - Sleep with prostitutes

      This was stupid, but I’m sure he’s not close to being the only young man to do this when the financial means and opportunity are available to him

      - Pee in a restaurant mop bucket and show pride in that decision

      Young guys do stupid stuff like this all the time.

      - Get carried up the Great Wall of China

      Again, assuming they were in China and had people to carry them up the wall, I’m sure a lot of kids would.

      The only difference between Justin and all of the other 14-25 year old men in the world is that he has the money and access to do things that typical people don’t. His stupidity is relative.

    • Sam

      I am 17 years old. I graduated high school last year and I am currently a sophomore at a 4 year university because I attended community college while in high school. I am an assistant teacher at a preschool 30 hours a week, I also volunteer at a local elementary school. I don’t do these things because I have strict parents, they could not care less. I choose to wake up on time everyday and do what I need to do because I’m not a toddler. Stories like this agrivate me so much because they make it seem impossible for teenagers to be responsible. I consider myself an adult, even though the law does not. Being “only 19″ is far from a reasonable excuse.

      • Jenni

        As a teenager who got into minimal amounts of trouble (and 0 amounts of legal trouble), I’ve always hated this excuse. It’s called self-control

      • Josie

        You’re exceptional, Sam and fortunately there are many young people just like you. Many fall on the other end of the spectrum as well. Justin is far from unique in his behavior.

    • Kathy

      When I was 19 I lived in my parents’ house and followed THEIR rules. I imagine most teenagers do that, mainly because they have no choice. Something went wrong somewhere in the Bieber family, and I guess it’s not my place to judge. But that kid is headed for trouble – big time!

    • LadyClodia

      When I was 19 I was married, we lived on our own, and I attended university. I have no sympathy for Justin Bieber.

    • Kelly

      I think it’s more sad than anything else. Years ago Justin seemed like a really sweet, down to earth kid and his own father is allowing him to drink the next day following his arrest. He doesn’t seem to have guidance and of course there’s going to be certain people too scared to say anything. I think it’s just sad.

    • Well

      I just turned 18 a few weeks ago and I’m finishing up my first year of college (technically second because i came in with a year of advanced credit). Yes, teenagers do crazy things, I’m not going to deny the fact that I like to party and have friends, but I hate when people use age as an excuse for maturity and sense of responsibility. Me and all the people I know are almost completely self sufficient, we’re mature, we support ourselves, we stay on top of our work and responsibilities, and we absolutely consider ourselves adults, not because of our age, but because of how we live our lives. I think Justin’s behavior has more to do with how he was raised and the people he surrounds himself with more than his age. He’s not a douche bag because he
      s 19, he’s a douche bag because as soon as he started raking in the millions everyone around him started letting him do whatever he wanted. all of the 19 year olds I know (which is a lot considering most of the people I hang out with are 19-22) are 100 times more mature than him, and a lot of them also have a lot on their plates. So bless this article because his age most definitely should not be an excuse for why he’s such a little asshole

    • Muggle

      I was not doing this bullshit at 19. Hell, at 19 I didn’t drink at all, let alone drive drunk!

      Everyone does stupid shit when they’re young, but there’s a difference between “did something stupid one time” and “consistently showing yourself to be a douchebag.” Guess which category JB falls into?

    • fjeiowwe

      yep totally sick of IT…thanks for the gif btw it makes my eyes bleed…that i don’t even need to read what u just write after the gif….blah blah just cause they love that dude so they’re defending him and covering things up…now it feels like the whole world those fans it just supporting him and get the wrong idea of trying out ‘drug’ like their idol did. It’s just sick and wish those bieber song will just be wipe out of the street stores. ‘BEcause i’m so sick of love song so tired of tears….blah blah’

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    • cricketlover

      I just don’t get this article. Because he has more money his brain should develop quicker than other teenager’s brain’s or sense of responsibility? I don’t like him at all but there’s enough reason to dislike him without having to get silly about it.

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