What It’s Like To Live In New York City, According To TV



In extremely exciting news for people who like funny TV shows, Broad City premieres tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30 PM. It stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as two twenty-somethings trying to figure out their lives in New York City. I know what you’re thinking and before you even finish thinking it, you should know that it’s not a Girls rip-off. It’s adapted from a web series of the same name and being produced by Amy Poehler. Do me a favor and point out something ungreat that Amy Poehler’s endorsed. Oh right, you can’t.  So now do yourself a favor and watch it when it premieres tonight.

With all that raving said and done, it is another show about friends set in New York City. And I couldn’t help but notice that it did touch on a few things that we’ve seen in other shows such as Friends, Sex and the City and yes, Girls. Which made me do a little thinking about what New York must look like to someone who’s never lived here. It also made me start to wonder if maybe I’m doing New York City wrong. Perhaps I’m missing the point of being here. After all, my life is nothing like what you’re about to read below.

1. Everyone in NYC dresses incredibly uniquely

satc sjp dressing uniquely


Despite having several interests in common, no two friends dress alike. Everyone has their own style. And I do mean style. No one here wakes up, throws on a pair of jeans and calls it a day. It doesn’t matter how much those jeans cost or where you bought them, just what they said about you as a person. Also what they say about your goals and your dreams and the last person you slept with.

2. Apartments are large, but rundown-ish

girls hannah on bed


Job or no job, your apartment will be spacious. There’s nothing from Ikea that won’t fit. And there’s no amount of people that will make it feel cramped. However, you should know that your apartment will be rundown-ish. But in a totally cute way! Never before has shabby-chic felt more accurate.

3. Friends will be popping in and out of your apartment all the time

friends joey chandler coming through door


Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Your friends just spontaneously dropping by after a not-long day at work, hoping to shoot the shit with you before getting on two subways and commuting home to another borough.

Oh come on in! I had no plans anyways. And please, help yourself to my food. I did not buy just enough for me to survive the week. There’s plenty!

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    • Katie

      I feel like I could do this exact same thing with Dallas except with cowboy hats, and large ranches, and mexican food, and staunch republicanism. Thats what people thing of Dallas.

      • Jenni

        Do people not walk around with cowboy hats and guns all the time there?

    • DebMoore

      Or how everyone who lives in Orange County are rich, live by the beach and surf. I wish!

      • aky1ify

        What’s crazy though is that many people in Orange County would be considered rich in other parts of the country like Kentucky, which is where I live. It drives me crazy to watch people pay half a million dollars for a tiny little house in California on HGTV

      • Jenni

        I love watching HGTV for that reason…there are some places where people get NOTHING for their money

      • aky1ify

        Same here! I really think I would be tempted to move though.