Justin Bieber’s Mom Asks Us To Pray For Him, Has Apparently Given Up On Parenting

Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette attending opening of Believe December 2013It’s a dark time when even Justin Bieber‘s mom has given up on him, but apparently that day is today — Wednesday, January 22nd.

Remember this moment, because it’s the day that Pattie Mallette turned to the people of the world and admitted that she let her son slip through her fingers. Up until this point, I was hopeful that someone in the world was parenting Bieber, whether it be his mom or his Scooter Braun, but I’m dismayed to find that apparently we’re just leaving it up to ‘ol Jesus:

“I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they go in with the right morals and they get influenced somehow. I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds. I pray for him every day.”

Okay that’s great and all, but maybe you could try speaking to him every day? I don’t think ‘let go and let God’ is intended to be a parenting motto.

And even if I’m wrong and it is, I feel like there are more fail-safe methods, right? Prayer obviously works for some people, like for example Katy Perry, when she asked for bigger boobs, but sometimes I feel like things get lost in translation. I mean God has a LOT of things to do, so even if you send him the message, “Please keep my son Justin safe from harm,” by the time it gets to the Big Man Upstairs, it might sound like, “Please keep my son Justin un-chafed by charms.” And then Justin will spend the rest of his days with a mysterious wrist-invisibility to jangly bracelets…but still spend him time egging houses and flirting with jail. You gotta think these things through.

“If Justin’s struggling, don’t kick him when he’s down or condemn him — pray for him.”

I mean I will take your advice, Pattie, because I’m at the end of my rope the same as you are. I just feel like you could’ve maybe avoided this situation by grounding him a couple times instead of waiting for a higher power to do it.

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    • Josie

      Her parenting window is long since closed. Any attempts to rescue him from his lifestyle should have been undertaken years ago.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Absolutely. Kind of dropped the ball on that one, Pattie.

      • Ria

        Totally agree Josie. You have to reign them in before they’re taller than you (although I’m pretty sure she could still take him). At least we can look forward to the “Where Are They Now” special he’ll be in in 2024.

    • Jessieface

      ugh. This pisses me off on so many levels. Way to enable your son to not take responsibility for ANY of his actions, he was INFLUENCED by sorcery – it is not his fault! He went in with CHRISTIAN ROOTS- this automatically makes him a good person, everyone knows as long as you have Christian Roots, you are a good person. Lastly, Mama Beiber’s spirit animal is Kris Kardashian – that last part, “keep ME and Justin in your thoughts”….she is all “ME TOO GUYS, I AM FAMOUS TOO.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah seriously, like he’s been influenced that hard by the people around him, and there was nothing you could do to stop it.

    • Rachel

      “IF Justin’s struggling”? I’m sorry but she’s still at the if stage? Praying for your kid is one thing but you still gotta get proactive about being a PARENT. Jeez, heaven help her and her wayward offspring -_-

    • AlbinoWino

      I love how in the beginning she was all anti-abortion and look at me, I had this child and nobody should have an abortion because they could turn out to be like MY son and make you super rich. And then he predictably became a major douche later on. Surprise surprise.

      • Muggle

        Checkmate, pro-choicers! Oh wait…

      • Pappy

        Tim Tebow kind of fits in that category too. I’d rather be childfree than the mother of a prick, any day.

    • Sara610

      I’m not the praying-for-other-people type, but even if I were, I’m pretty sure Justin Bieber isn’t the kind of person I’d be praying for. He’s not being persecuted, he’s not down on his luck for some mysterious reason, he’s been acting like a complete douche and he needs to knock it off. Simple as that.

      Entitled kid + no boundaries + a crapton of money – any kind of accountability for his actions = pretty predictable outcome. Prayers aren’t needed, but some basic parenting would have been really helpful, you know, AT ANY POINT BEFORE HE STARTED EGGING HIS NEIGHBORS’ HOUSES.

      • Pappy

        Praying is what people do what when they want to feel like they’re doing something to help with a situation while not actually doing anything. Methinks Mommy Mallette spent too much time talking to herself and not enough time actually parenting her son.

    • Sara610

      Also, note to Mom: Holding your little a-hole of a son accountable for his actions (something that you should have been doing as his parent) is not “kicking him while he’s down” or “condemning him”. If you had known the difference and taught it to him as a kid, maybe he wouldn’t be making such poor choices now.

    • Muggle

      I almost feel bad for her… almost. Justin’s an adult now, and got a lot of money (and probably really bad influences) at a fairly early age… there isn’t really anything she CAN do now, legally, since he’s old enough to fly around the world and blow thousands of dollars on strippers, hookers, and drugs.

      But really? He needs accountability from SOMEONE. It’s obvious she didn’t hold him accountable for his choices. Selena doesn’t appear to (consistently, anyway) and none of his Lil Whatever friends do, that’s for sure. Everyone around him is enabling his behavior.

    • Pappy

      I assume you meant wrist invincibility? Wrist invisibility would mean his wrists couldn’t be seen.
      Seriously, crushable, fire your damn editing staff.

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    • TwentiSomething Mom

      He is technically an adult and she can’t control his actions. She can call him everyday, ask him to allow someone else control his finances and plead with him to do the right thing but it doesn’t mean he has to listen. Not all 19 year old act the way their parents want them to; he became rich at a very young age, did not grow up the way most kids do and has lived an adult life because he is an entertainer. He’s rebelling and making mistakes but since he has the money and the fame his mistakes can appear even larger than an average 19 year old.

      Let’s hope he doesn’t do anything even more stupid and get into even more trouble and will learn from this last incident.

      • Jackie Nichols

        Yes, at 19 it is too late to control him, but she had many years to rein him in before he reached adulthood. She allowed him to become very rich at a young age. She allowed him to grow up differently from most kids. She allowed him to live an adult life much too soon because he is an entertainer.

    • Mguzman

      Mama loves the money…….

    • Carabella1

      Her girly boy needs to be Baker-acted.

    • Daddy-o

      Maybe she should have parented him the past few years when he fell into marijuana. I could never just let my child go at age 16-17 like that. Dumb woman. Now he’s in jail.

    • shittyjournalismatwork

      What a stupid, misleading headline. She said pray for both of them, not just for him, as if he’s a completely lost cause. Learn how to write without selling your integrity for esoteric brownie points and hits.

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    • Thatone

      This article is absolute crap. So wrong and misinformed on so many levels, good on Bieber’s mom for having some humility and asking for help, whatever form it may be. Just because someone asks for prayer doesn’t mean they are failing in life. Prayer gives hope, regardless of what you believe in. Having Christian roots doesn’t automatically make someone a good person or wave their accountability and deem them sinless, no. Don’t condemn someone for believing in God and their faith in Him as he can intervene, so be it in his will, just because you don’t believe the same thing. No one’s had the right to say what kind of parent Biebers mom has been. Maybe she could have done a few things different. Maybe she did everything she could do in her own power. She had never raised a mega superstar before, as neither have you. So until you have, don’t be so quick to call her out on calling to God.

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    • j

      judgmental much