The Gosselin Twins Bring Their Publicity Tour Of Awkwardness To The View

Kate Gosselin twins The View January 2014

Last week Kate Gosselin took her 13-year-old twin daughters Cara and Mady to the Today Show to set the record straight about what an awesome non-exploitative parent she is. The very fact that she took her children on national television to prove that kind of automatically makes the argument invalid, but whatever. The important part of that interview was that the twins totally declared war on her on national television by refusing to answer Savannah Guthrie’s questions with anything but smirks and secret twin glances. You could see the anger welling up inside Kate as she told us their feelings for them.

Kate decided the best way to counteract that extremely awkward interview was to take them on a show hosted by five obnoxious women notorious for talking over each other, so this morning they stopped by The View. They were wearing the same clothes they wore on Today, so either it was prerecorded last week or Kate decided she wanted a complete do-over and forced them to look exactly the same. I’m betting on the second one. This new video is also awkward, except this time they actually decided to speak.

What came out of their mouths — particularly Mady’s — probably didn’t soothe Kate’s anger very much, though. When asked what chores they do around the house, Mady snaps, “I don’t help” and then looks at Cara to answer. The hosts laugh, the audience laughs, Kate rolls her eyes and plots to turn the girls into literal puppets to make things easier. Mady then earns my abiding respect by saying she doesn’t like Justin Bieber, but when she answers a question about her parents’ divorce, I’m back to being terrified of her. Seriously, watching Mady Gosselin makes me feel like a dorky middle schooler again.

Mady says that her parents’ divorce “wasn’t hard for us,” then looks at her mom and goes, “I think it was harder for you, definitely.” Ouch. I’m sure that hurt Kate right in the roots of her hair. But that’s not all. Mady also scolds her mom for interrupting her “dramatic pause” before answering a question about their siblings. But the icing on the cake? When asked if they see their dad Jon Gosselin a lot, Mady goes, “Um…” and leaves it at that, despite her mom’s prodding. It’s only a matter of time before she takes over the household Captain Phillips style: “I’m the captain now!”

(Screenshot: Gawker)

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    • Alison

      I knew, back from the “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ days, that Mady would one day rule all Gosselins.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Oh yeah, it’s been brewing for a looong time.

    • Mel

      What was with Fantasia fawning over Kate and praising her for being a mom? Fantasia as much as anyone should understand that being a mom is her job and that if even half of the stories and photos are accurate, Kate has been more interested in being a celebrity than much of anything else. I would be more likely to shower with praise the mom who did not parade her children about on tv for her own gain. I absolutely realize I’m judging a woman I don’t personally know, but the fact that we’re even having this conversation is proof that Kate has spent as much time as possible shoving herself and her kids in the spotlight. My main hope for these girls is that they are getting to live their own lives and not have all of their time spent between media tours and having to help raise their 6 siblings.

      • Abbe

        She’s so desperate for fame, and she couldn’t hack it on her own, so she’s back to using her kids. I’m betting these girls would rather not discuss their parent’s divorce and home life on national television, that cannot possibly be good for them. Kate has been morphing into kris jenner for some time now.

    • HortenciaReynolds

      I think that they are want to make a more Publicity towards a Media.

    • 502 Bad Gateway

      Terrible that their mom still uses her children to extend her 15 mins to 18 mins…

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