Justin Bieber’s House Has Cookie Jars Filled With Weed, No Punch Line Needed

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Justin Bieber’s egg-troversy continues this week as new reports emerge about his drug use. When the cops first raided Bieber’s mansion looking for eggs-ibits connected to the incident, they found Xanax and molly in plain sight and arrested his friend Lil Za for drug possession. You might have assumed those were the only drugs the cops found, but according to a new report from TMZ, that’s not entirely the case.

According to a source, cops apparently found lots and lots of drug paraphernalia around Bieber’s house. That includes empty codeine bottles, three bongs, and scattered styrofoam cups that are believed to have been used for Sizzurp, which Bieber is already rumored to be fond of. Hmm, that’s weird. I would have thought he’d drink it from his favorite bedazzled sippy cup. Oh, and that’s not even mentioning the “swisher sweets” cigars, which are apparently used for smoking weed in his SMOKING ROOM. That’s right, Bieber apparently has a whole room in his house devoted to smoking weed, complete with hookah pipes.

Speaking of weed, there were also two large cookie jars filled with the stuff in plain view. Let’s just stop right there and talk this out for a minute. Of course Justin Bieber keeps his weed in cookie jars. He probably has a cold glass of milk with every bong hit and sings “Who stole the cannabis from the cannabis jar?” when he suspects some of it is missing.

TMZ explains that the cops couldn’t bust Bieber for any of it because they weren’t there for drugs, but rather surveillance footage. They likely weren’t even allowed to even open the jars. Lt. David Thompson told the New York Daily News last week that Lil Za’s drugs were found in his bedroom and he admitted to them being his, which is why they could arrest him.

TMZ also reports that Bieber’s friends flushed some of the drugs down the toilet when the cops arrived. This all adds fuel to the rumors that Bieber has a serious drug problem and is resisting his team’s suggestions to go to rehab. I like to imagine Bieber slammed the door to his room and blasted Amy Winehouse all day to drive his point home.

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      This is what happens when a young kid gets famous, surrounds himself with “yes” men and has more money than God.

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