Liam Payne Tweets Support For Duck Dynasty, Throws An Extra-Long Rant In For Good Measure

Liam Payne One Direction This is Us premiere August 2013

Well, file this under disappointing. Less than a week after Liam Payne was spotted drunkenly standing on the ledge of a building after a party, he tweeted his support for Duck Dynasty at one of the show’s stars, Willie Robertson. As you probably know, Willie’s father Phil Robertson said some pretty homophobic things late last year that caused him to be suspended from A&E. Here’s what Liam had to say about the show.

Liam Payne Duck Dynasty tweet

None of that explicitly says “I hate gay people,” but it obviously caused some controversy online. Sending love and respect to a family whose patriarch said some pretty disgusting and ignorant things about gay people is kind of suspect, especially when the phrase “family values” is thrown around. I didn’t even know Brits used that phrase. I thought it was invented by Fox News to scare conservatives.

Liam didn’t back down after multiple news outlets picked up the story. He went on a supersized Twitter rant defending himself, saying just because he likes a TV show doesn’t mean he agrees with everything the stars say, and then just yelling at the media in general for following his every move. I’ve screencapped the saga in sections, just in case he decides to pull a tweet-and-delete. If you want to go in chronological order, read from the bottom up.

Liam Payne Twitter rant Duck Dynasty

Liam Payne Twitter rant Duck Dynasty 2

Liam Payne Twitter rant Duck Dynasty 3

Wow, that’s a lot. Not only does he not really address his intentions behind the tweet, but there are quite a few cliched celebrity complaints in there. He uses the classic “I’m just [insert age] excuse,” tells the media to report on more important things, and of course laments the fact that his words are being judged despite his choice to post them on a Twitter account with over 15 million followers.

This is all very confusing and frankly pretty shocking to me. I’ve been heavy on the One Direction love for a while now because they seem to really have it together, unlike the other pop stars their age (cough, Bieber, cough). And the fact that Liam’s bandmate Harry Styles has shown support for LGBT rights led me to believe they were all as accepting. Liam might claim that his tweet had nothing to do with the Robertsons’ thoughts about homosexuality, but it’s pretty fishy that after months of reports about the scandal, he wouldn’t realize that these public words could be construed that way. On top of all that, his many tweets come off as overly defensive. Add last week’s building fiasco to this, and things are looking pretty strange in Liam Payne City.

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    • elle

      Isn’t “family values” just code for homophobic? That’s what it’s always seemed to.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Yeah the two usually seem to go hand in hand.

      • PretenderNx01

        Definitely here in the USA it is. Now it’s possible he doesn’t know how that phrase is taken here, or he’s covering his bum.

        I’m more curious what he even sees in Duck Dynasty as a show. I wouldn’t think it would appeal to someone from the UK. I wonder if he also likes Honey Boo Boo?

        Either way, he is still a kid. How many his age don’t get defensive when they might be wrong about someone?

    • Caleb

      I think you’re being a bit unfair. From looking on his sisters twitter, he didn’t know about the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty. Apparently he meant that he liked how the family sticks together. Also Liam has shown support for gay people in the past and has been an advocate against bullying so can you blame him for being defensive

    • nonny

      you do realize that the whole Duck Dynasty controversy wasn’t been a big news story in the UK as it was the US, so there he probably didn’t know what happened.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        If that’s the case, I just think it’s strange that he didn’t mention that in the multiple tweets he sent. He was very defensive but never claimed he didn’t know about the scandal.

    • lazy2010

      Its not about “it not being a big deal in the UK” when he started to get feedback on the first tweet he could have googled it and said oops I didn’t mean to offend anyone and delete it. This group has tried and succeeded in “breaking into America” so he needs to know why he was pissing off some of his fans from the US. Its about being self aware and attempting to be humble, not defensive and ignorant.

      • Caleb

        I agree with what you’re saying but put yourself in his shoes for a second. When you have millions of people calling you something that you’re not along with journalists and bloggers twisting your words, your first instinct would most likely to defend yourself.

      • Sorry but….

        Please, you guys treat him like he’s gold. There’s always some excuse for whatever douchbaggery One Direction do just like the blinkered Beliebers who also defend him over decent people he’s victimised.
        Liam hasn’t victimised anyone, his views are his own and he has a right to express them. He. however, knows the sensitivity of subjects he discusses openly on Twitter and chooses to spend a lot of time on there. Ergo, people have every right to hit back if they disagree. If he didn’t want opinion he shouldn’t be on Twitter, he should get a private blog and close comments.
        I don’t think he’s homophobic (pretty hard to be in that group!). He’s alright but he can also be a douche. That’s my right to think he can be douche and to be fair you never know if it’s them or some staffer tweeting from their accounts.
        This is the second douchbaggy thing this group have done in the last few weeks in support of homophobic and racist/violent bigots. Coupled with a very high-profile push of Harry and his latest beard it probably means fans are expected to put their hands in their wallets yet again.

    • Rachel

      Sometimes I feel bad for Liam because I feel like he can’t handle things as well as the rest of them do but then again I don’t follow them that closely so Im probably wrong. Anyways I really don’t think he meant any harm. I doubt the UK reported much about the duck dynasty controversy so…move on people. p.s. I think its possible to like a show without agreeing with every opinion it puts out, the same way its possible to like a person who’s opinions might be contrary to yours.