11 Celeb Kids With Instagrams So Ridic They Should Be On #RichKids of Beverly Hills

7. Gigi Hadid

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Yolanda Foster

Here she is about to eat at a cute little restaurant in St. Barths with her boyfriend, Cody Simpson. She’s also a model, which means that every photo takes place on a new island because she has to travel around and do model stuff, duh!

8. North West

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Now, I don’t exactly know how they’d pull this one off, but it baffles me that North has been on this earth for so long without having made her reality TV debut. So, why not start it with a show about kids who are so rich that their entire baby wardrobe was made up of high-fashion designer clothes sent directly from said designers? Oh, wait, that might just be specific to North.

9. Peter Brant

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Stephanie Seymour

My favorite part of Peter’s Instagram has to be his captions. Like “#TBT the time we tried to find a couture gown 3 hours before a gala.” Because who actually goes to galas? Who honestly wears couture gowns? This is a world that I 100% am not a part of, but would love to watch on TV.

10. Sofia Richie

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Lionel Richie

When your dad and sister are Lionel and Nicole Richie and you are best friends with all of young Hollywood, your Instagram is bound to be insane. And Sofia’s doesn’t disappoint, let me tell you.

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    • Kathy

      Poor Peter Brant only has 18 likes. He should buy more friends.

    • martad

      Ireland Baldwin has a famous mom, too, Kim Basinger…

      • Olivia Wilson

        You’re right! And she looks a lot like her, too.

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    • brebay

      I don’t know if a b-lister dad (Emma) means you come form a “ridiculously rich family.” She had grossed more than her dad by the time she was 13. Sure, Julia’s probably okay and gives some sweet birthday gifts, but I doubt her niece ever had access to her bank accounts or a credit card on her account.

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