Meryl Streep Throws Major Shade At Benedict Cumberbatch (And That’s The First Time That Sentence Ever Got Typed)

Meryl Streep Jimmy Kimmel Live Interview January 15 2014

Last night Meryl Streep went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote August: Osage County. While the movie didn’t make my top 100 movies of 2013 list, Meryl Streep did make my Celebrities I Most Want To Be When I’m an Adult list. For the 3rd year running. So I gladly watched her interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Even thought it was on way past my bedtime. After all, If you wanna (literally) be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention. Or so Sister Mary Clarence used to always tell me during choir practice.

While the interview started out a little on the run-of-the-mill side, it got exciting once Meryl Streep decided to start throwing some shade at Benedict Cumberbatch. And it was a decision. You see it in her eyes when she decides that she’d like the interview to go in that direction. You see, when they filmed August: Osage County, the cast really did move to Oklahoma to give the movie an authentic vibe. Mama Meryl had the brilliant idea that they all rough it in the same condo community together. And everyone agreed. Except, you guessed it, Benedict Cumberbatch. He had to stay in a fancy schmancy hotel.

Meryl: “Actually Benedict Cumberbatch was in a special hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, which is in the center of Bartlesville.”

Jimmy: “Well when your name’s Benedict Cumberbatch, you can’t stay in a condominium.”

(Prepare for the zing)

Meryl: “You can’t cumberbatch down to where we are…no.”

Between this interview and the recent speech where she totally took Disney down, Meryl Streep’s getting quite the shade throwing reputation. And it only makes me love her even more. So, as always, I’m open to her turning me into her horcrux if/and when she needs one.

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    • JenCCollective

      Oh, please, she was obviously just teasing.

      • Jenni

        In a shady way?

      • Debbie

        Shut up, Meryl Streep is just teasing, or is probably jealous of his superior acting abilities.. It’s the same old american prejudice against the well behaved Brits. The Yankees expect everyone to be the loud mouth, I’ll mannered louts like they are themselves. If you are well spoken, then you are immediately labelled as someone with a stick up your arse

      • Jenni

        Louts, Yankees, Arse…I’m now reading everything in the Internet in a British accent.

      • Debbie

        Look Jenny,you are obviously a prejudiced bigot, who has chosen a very biased way of journalism. Also, I am German, not Brit.
        Additionally, shame on you Meryl Streep for slandering a fellow actor for making his choices and not following your ‘orders’ to stay in the condo. Who are you to decide where one should stay and all that campy jinxes. maybe it’s you who needs to ‘”Streep” down to your limits as an actor and not call the shots that are not in your contract of things to do on set.
        It is fairly obvious that poor Benedict is simply being preyed upon for being too polite, articulate and individualistic and having a name worth a million pounds and yes for being British.
        It’s such a shame that Meryl should be so blithely disrespectful of an incredibly talented actor who has said nothing but highest praises for Her.
        Goes on to show who is the arrogant one here.

      • Mel

        Wow. Just wow. You have gone way too far around the bend on this one. All of the sudden she’s a prejudiced bigot? Those are significant words, and you should be ashamed for throwing them around so casually. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself, Debbie. Try calming the hell down, it’s good for your health!

      • Caleb

        IT WAS A JOKE. She was clearly making a joke. She didn’t order anyone to stay anywhere, she didn’t insult him. You’re acting like she went on there and called an evil prick who can’t act. And seriously, what does him being British have to do with anything? Meryl Streep has a lot of friends who are British, I don’t think she would insult anyone for being British

      • Kanes

        superior acting abilities?? xDD I think they have the same acting abilities. I wish she did’t the joke, because every joke can be understood in very different ways, as it happened now U.U
        But I think they are in the same level, which talks very well about our Benny. He could perfectly win an Oscar, but you know it will be a miracle if he does because he’s english, and the oscars hate english actors and actresses

    • Maria

      So he’s so important he can’t stay in the same accommodation as actresses of the calibre of Meryl Streep. I’ve heard he does the same when they film Sherlock: he refuses to stay in the same hotel as the rest of the cast.

      So the fame hasn’t gone to his head then.

      • pinakulo

        He once mentioned this in an interview:

        What is the most annoying part about your job?
        The anti-social hours and odd eating habits.

        That was back in 2010. With piano lessons and an accent not his own and limited filming time, that’s the logical reason– prepping. And if fame has gotten to his head, he’ll abandon those little radio projects he keeps on doing for the BBC.

      • Maria

        The whole cast had to learn their lines and master a particular accent. (There are other British actors in the cast, and the other Americans are not all from the State where the film is set so would have had dialogue coaching, so that cannot be the reason why he refuses to associate on a day to day basis with the rest of the cast.

      • Christine Hudson

        Who said anything about ‘refused to associate’????
        Did the whole cast have to learn to play the piano as well?

      • Debbie

        Probably Meryl shouldn’t try to dominate the scene off the camera on who should stay where and eat what. And be so offended as to slander a fellow actor for making his choices on his own accommodation and not follow an 18 times nominated, veteran actors ‘demand’ that they all stay in the condo.
        Who cares what she like so long as he gives us excellent acting masterpieces. I for one sure don’t give a damn about what jimmy Kimmel and Meryl Streep think of Benedict Cumberbatch off the shoot.

      • abbeysbooks

        What is the matter with people taking what she said as a slight. It was just a little aside joke playing off the sound of his name. Kimmel started it and Meryl played along with him. See “journalists” especially celebrity ones have to beef up any antagonism they can ferret out to play the x or y game to get hits.

      • Maria

        “Probably Meryl shouldn’t try to dominate the scene off the camera on who should stay where and eat what….. and ‘demand’ that they all stay in the condo”
        That’s all hearsay

      • abbeysbooks

        Maybe he prefers to stay “in character” while filming. That would be pretty hard because he would have to get to know who they really are on an everyday basis. Sounds confusing to me. For the Americans not so difficult. And Cumberbatch has a different personality that probably wouldn’t fit in everyday all the time but would in selected social times.

      • Maria

        He doesn’t have the ‘right’ type of personality to enable him to fit in with the rest of the cast everyday ?! You’ve actually managed to make him sound worse than Meryl did in the interview!

      • abbeysbooks

        I guess to you. Meant it as a compliment to him. If you are going deeply into anything – role; concept; writing; contemplation etc – you need to be alone. Streep is a very seasoned actress, Cumberbatch is very young and probably needs that isolation. Besides I’m not Streep saying anything about him nor am I saying it over the airwaves where someone will tell him about it. No one knows who I am. I am not important.

      • Christine Hudson


    • Madison

      I knew there was something about him I didn’t like! Who would turn down an opp to live in a condo community with THAT cast?!

      • abbeysbooks

        You wouldn’t maybe because you are star struck.

      • HelloYou

        Maybe because he needs peace when filming? Because he had a girl with him in the hotel? Because he loves Frank Lloyd Wright? Because he had better things to do? Listen, Meryl was clearly joking, she loves Benedict, she is a huge Sherlock fan, she just fools around with Kimmel. Everyone should calm their bits.

      • abbeysbooks

        Are you suggesting reasoned calm behavior here?

    • pinakulo

      Well, after hearing the story of him accidentally locking Sue and Mark (producers of Sherlock) out of the inn when they were filming Hounds of Baskerville, I can see why

      But FYI, from what I’ve heard in other interview they weren’t sharing a house, they each had there own condo / townhouse thing in a little development. As to why he didn’t stay where the others did? Who knows -privacy? Work preparation? He wasn’t in as many scenes so he wasn’t there as long? His people misunderstood the accommodation options? (Like when he was on the STiD set and realized after the fact that everyone else had a nutritionist). It seemed like he was happy to socialize – look at all the reports we had of him and Chris cooper and Juliette and misty upham, along with various crew members. -HannahLee

      To the author, you should check out the photo of Juliette Lewis and the crew of A:OC from a night out. They got Tinkerbell tattoos!

      • Jenni

        That seems like such a Juliette Lewis tattoo to get.

      • Debbie

        Also, you should check out the rest of the interview on youtube, Meryl by no means has remained that down to earth women, her every words drips of condescension and superiority complex. She maybe an 18 times oscar nominated actress but that doesn’t make her the queen of acting. There are many Black actresses who are much more talented than Meryl but have never gotten their chance in the white washed glasses of the white supremacist academy jury members who have only chosen black actors to further their demographics and nothing else.

    • Lily

      “Fancy schmancy hotel” is pretty inaccurate. It would have been the Price Tower, a small 3-star hotel (that’s along the lines of a decent Radisson or Holiday Inn). It’s pretty but not super expensive. The individual cast condos were actually more upscale, ironically.
      I do think she was teasing though. She had him over while they were filming. I could be wrong, but I always thought he was private? A lot of that cast already knew each other, he was the odd man out.

      • Kanes

        yes, I think it was just that. Benedict is private with everyone, unless is someone so funny like the Star Trek cast. Nobody can be private if is with the Star Trek cast, they are the dream cast, Simon Pegg alone xDDD
        Or unless if it’s Martin Freeman n.n

    • Katie

      I just don’t understand…was no one able to pick up the author of this article was using sarcasm?

      • Jenni

        SarcasWHATTT!?! This was my attempt at writing an expose. First stop Crushable, next stop front page of the New York Times. Question for other hard-hitting journalist out there: does the NY Times prefer GIFS or stills for their front page?

      • Katie

        My bad, my bad. I obviously read too much into it. I think they are actually looking mostly for Vines these days, so they can get sound involved too, for a “fuller news experience”.

      • Jenni

        Wait until I pitch them my Vine #Fails piece. I’m nervous for how many Pulitzers I’ll get.

      • Christine Hudson

        If this was a serious attempt at journalism I would suggest you forget it as a career prospect – hard hitting – I think not, journalism – I think not!
        Have a word with you school career adviser as you appear to be still attending – perhaps Sister Mary Clarence could give you some advice – a convent perhaps – out of everyone’s way!

      • Jenni

        Thing about Sister Mary Clarence is that you can’t take her advice seriously. Especially because there’s a rumor going around school that she used to be a Vegas Showgirl. Can you believe that? I mean, I know you don’t know her, but wow!

      • Christine Hudson

        Yet more childish rubbish. Help me someone – am I on a kids site here?

      • Kaili

        You are reading entertainment news/op eds on a website called crushable. What exactly are you looking for? If you’re not actually a troll then I should explain that on this sisterhood of websites we don’t take things too seriously, are pro-vagina and like to type phrases like “p-in-the-v”. We are also haters of sanctimony. Perhaps you took a wrong turn down the internet highway.

    • rena

      Besides he arrived for a week in the middle of shooting, there probably wasn’t any room left for him…

      Benedict OWNS his role in this film, IMO it’s the most interesting charachter in the film
      there is definitely an Oscar in his future- it’s just a question of WHEN

    • NinaTX

      There was NO shade in what she said. None. This author clearly doesn’t know what snide looks like. That’s not it.

    • R.

      The author don’t even know the meaning of shade. Sarcasm or not. Look up the word, YouTube some videos, look at pictures of the First Lady and Beyonce and learn what true shade really is.

      What Meryl said was not shade. Shade is not playful teasing. Shade is full-on “this bitch” and “I’m gonna have to slap someone aren’t I?” Shade is side-eyeing the hell out of simple people.

    • Dee

      OR maybe he just needed and/or wanted to be by himself after a day of filming, etc. Oh, the travesty.

      He’s done it before. One of the times Sherlock was filming in Cardiff, he stayed at a different hotel than the rest of the cast/crew. Maybe he just likes having “alone time?” Like, he needs to have it to “recharge.” That doesn’t make him anti-social or snobby.

      Also: Meryl was clearly joking. WTF.

    • Christine Hudson

      Benedict has already said in interviews just how much in awe he is of the other ‘senior’ cast members – imagine having to live with them as well?? Give the guy a break, when he’s working fine, where he eats and sleeps is his business and probably just wanted somewhere ‘normal’. Where all this ‘shade’ business comes from I have no idea and to say she is leading the charge of a benedict backlash??????? What’s the matter??, wouldn’t he give you an interview? Perhaps when you do become an adult!

      • Cristina H

        I’ve read that he stays apart from cast in Wales while filming “Sherlock” as well.

      • Christine Hudson

        I don’t know where you read that but a lot of the time they either stay at the same hotel or in motorhomes. Martin Freeman actually injured himself slipping on ice on the steps of his motorhome when they were filming last year. When they are filming in London they usually go home each evening.

    • Marie

      I don’t really see the problem??? I don’t think Meryl meant anything seriously deep by it. And if she was trying to make a sly snipe, it’s ridiculous and would only make her look badly. I totally understand Benedict not wanting to “rough it” in a condo community with people he probably barely knows. How many of us want to “rough it” in a shared community with our co-workers? I know I wouldn’t jump for joy over the idea.

      The point being that there’s no reason to call someone out over something like this.

      • Alice Teeple

        I totally agree. She was just needling. I need alone time to regenerate, myself. If someone asked me to come live with a bunch of extroverted strangers in a condo complex, including someone I looked up to professionally my whole life, it would be really intimidating and would distract from my concentration. Some people are introverted and need peace and quiet. I would probably have done the same thing as him: stay pleasantly distanced and just focus on doing a good job.

    • Jocelyn

      It was an ensemble piece for the rest of the cast, and Meryl’s idea for them was a good one, that they “rough it” and discuss the script and get some chemistry going. Benedict did NOT have to be a part of that, since he really wasn’t part of the ensemble. I can tell you, I was an actress myself, and I wouldn’t have gone for Meryl’s suggestion anyway. And it’s obvious she was just kidding. Why does the media make a big thing out of nothing? You have nothing better to report?

    • Alyssa

      The hotel that Benedict stayed in is actually a really important landmark in Bartlesville. The residents are pretty proud of it. It really isn’t that fancy either. So Benedict wasn’t too off character when he stayed there. My dad is from Bartlesville and he thought it was pretty awesome that Benedict stayed at the Price Tower. He was pretty excited that this whole movie was filmed in Oklahoma too.

    • Debbie

      Once Benedict in an interview had said that he is so sick with media’s posh bashing (all because of his school education and the kind of roles he has played) that he considered shifting to the US. Now imagine being picked upon and bullied across the pond as well. Why, because he has the best accent and mannerisms ever! By the way, he has a very modest upbringing with extremely loving parents who spared no cost in giving him the best education in the best institute they could afford. He lives in a 2 bedroom flat in London, Hampstead and his parents’ house where he grew up is also a small 3bedroom house. Which is perhaps smaller than Meryl’s swimming pool. So this posh bashing is sure super bitchy of Meryl. Being a co-actor, she should have known this, unless she is a upturned nose bigot herself

    • Debbie

      Further to my rant on Meryl Streep being overrated, Although she is gifted as a performer, she is/was not necessarily that well suited for every role she has played. Much of Streep’s approach to acting is stylized and lacks real dimension. I think being American has also helped Streep’s career as the American-movie-going-public tends to xenophobically gravitate to their own. Her oscar for “Julie and Julia” was the most undeserving ever. It was a mimicry more than acting.

    • Alison

      You know, everyone is theorizing re Meryl’s intentions with what I’m sure is a light joke, as well as Benedict’s nature. How about we all reference the great sage Garrison Keillor and look up the term “shy person”. Just because someone like Benedict loves to ham it up and make people laugh and feel emotions with his voice and acting, doesn’t mean that in real life he doesn’t want to disappear into a hole when people just approach him randomly. Keillor, one of the greatest variety show hosts in US radio history is a great big odd-looking dragon-voiced mountain of a man with vocal cords that would drop a million ovaries at once, and he is very painfully shy and very sincerely sweet. His and Benedict’s entire egos lie on the quality of their performances through their work, not in the connections that they make. They are performers, not networkers. And it’s better that way.

      As for Ben, he’s an excessively sensitive and shy person. Not high maintenance. He just feels everything happening around him at volume 11 without an ego buffer. That’s not the formula for success in Hollywood I’m afraid, and he’s rubbish at it THANK GOD, but secretly I want to see him staying forever with the BBC the way Garrison is true blue NPR. I don’t care if Ben doesn’t get Oscars. He can have all the BAFTAS he wants, and be loved and cared for by those who gave him that illustrious start at world fame. American outlets aren’t the world’s ticket anymore, and there’s 49 million rabid Sherlock fans just in China which prove that.

      Either way, no matter what anyone has to say about him, I think he’s wonderful. And most definitely not a silly toff, humble as anything, just a genuinely lovely man.

    • tar

      Haha she Fancies the pants off him. Join the club, Merl. But what the heck is ‘Freedos?

    • Kanes

      it sounded like a joke, but I wish she didn’t make it U.U
      But… you know… I think the reason, the only reason that will always be with Benedict getting away from people is that he’s shy. He’s always been shy, and insecure, and not very sociable. I mean, the reason why he make friends with Martin is that he’s not very sociable either, and that’s fine. We can’t be all sociable, and in the premiere of The Hobbit, I noticed how Benedict stayed a bit apart, always looking for Martin’s attention, basically because he was the only one from the cast he really knew. Benedict worked in his parts away from everybody and naturally he didn’t make connections with the others.
      So, I think it’s that, that’s why he stayed in the hotel U.U. Or may be it’s just another english thing. Let’s remember Tom Hiddleston bringing his own tea cup to the Avengers press conference XDD