The Gosselin Twins Get Revenge On Kate During Live Interview, Mutiny Seems Imminent

Gosselin Twins Today Show interview January 2014

For some reason that’s beyond my comprehension, Jon and Kate Gosselin are making headlines again. While I resisted clicking on anything pertaining to them at first, I finally gave in recently. After all, I owed it to myself. So many years spent watching that show. And so many hours spent explaining to my friends why it’s like, totally, a good reality show about a normal family. Obviously, we now know my dysfunctional-family-dar’s way off. But that’s in the past. Now I assume every family I see on a reality show’s heading for a divorce and it makes it all so much easier to handle when it does, inevitably, happen.

Yesterday we got to read a delightful interview from Jon Gosselin where he once again made his eight young (and literate!) children out to be sociopaths. And today we got the opportunity to see two of those little monsters in person. Except, surprise, the only monster sitting on that Today Show couch was Kate Gosselin herself. Savannah Guthrie asked Cara and Maddy Gosselin a question about their lives now and they went mute.

Not because Jon’s allegations about them being feral creatures are true, but because they’re purposefully going out of their way to make their mother look like an idiot on national TV. She wants to parade them around as proof she’s a good parent, then they’ll wait until the cameras are on before “proving” her wrong. And I put proving in quotations because as a former obnoxious teenager myself, I think they know exactly what they’re doing. Their days as their parents’ mascots are coming to an end. If you think I’m sitting calming at my desk and not custom ordering 50,00 Team Mady & Cara t-shirts, you’re thinking wrong. this is the beginning of the end of their exploitation.

Oh and if you think Kate handles this situation well on live TV, you’d also be thinking wrong. Even though she attempts to play it cool for the camera, you can tell she’s absolutely seething with rage. Which will just give the twins more material for their eventual memoir.

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    • Alison

      The barely-contained rage beneath Kate’s carefully-constructed facade is a bit chilling. We’ve seen this woman berate her children on TV, so I can’t even imagine the earful Cara and Mady got once the cameras stopped rolling.

      • Jenni

        I know! I’m slightly scared for them, but I think she now knows that they’re aware of how the the media can work for her and against them. Which means Kate needs to be careful. All they have to do is make one call to one magazine and Kate’s screwed.

    • CMJ

      Maybe Jon and Kate need to focus a little more on their children and a little less on talking about their children to anyone who will listen.

      • Nerdy Lucy


    • elle

      Man watching that little where did they come from then looking at Kate now… much work done, just so much work. And yeah she was raging under her calm facade. I also agree with @disqus_2gu5NE3U3i:disqus-stop thrusting your children into the spotlight and try to actually do a little behind the scenes work with a mediator or family therapist.

      • Andrea

        And yet, the ONE question they did answer was that they would like to be on TV again. Sigh……

      • whiteroses

        Of course they would. I suspect they feel the same way about camera crews that most of us feel about Snack Packs or mac and cheese- we grew up with it, so it’s comforting.

        SO screwed up.

    • Kay_Sue

      Kate and Jon are in for it, methinks. I too sense a mutiny afoot.

    • keelhaulrose

      So, five and a half minutes or so and I don’t think those girls said one thing that could really be believed.
      And Kate didn’t give them much time to talk, did she?

    • Alison

      Kate just released a statement explaining the interview felt awkward because Cara and Mady had “a case of stage fright.” Hahaha sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, lady.

      • Jenni

        I doubt she sleeps. I picture her spending the whole night starring at the ceiling, plotting ways to murder Jon and spin the murder into a TV show.

      • Kay_Sue

        Yeah, all those years on TV and now they have stage fright? That seems totally believable.

      • Véronique Houde

        My thoughts exactly. Either they weren’t prepared for the questions that they were asked, or Kate heavy-handed them into going on TV to prove that Jon was wrong – which I think had the total opposite effect. But I felt like the girls definitely didn’t want to answer those questions…

        I find it especially sad that they still don’t realize the negative effects of doing the show. For now, they still only know that it was “fun” and “gave them amazing opportunities”. Give them a few years and once they see the way their parents acted, and the things that they allowed the cameras to film, they’ll probably feel very differently.

    • whiteroses

      To me this smacks of “methinks thou dost protest too much”. So Jon’s an ass? Let him be an ass. Let him say whatever in the public eye. It doesn’t matter, because clearly he’s insane. And if the kids are fine, then why does the rest of the world need to know about it?

      The smartest thing Kate Gosselin could possibly do at this point is turn off the cameras (of all kinds) and let her kids grow up. The way she markets her children reminds me a lot of the Dionne Quintuplets. I just hope the Gosselin kids turn out better than the quints did. And its kind of scary how forward thinking the Dionnes were. Kate Gosselin should have listened.,9171,987457,00.html

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