Kendall Jenner Goes On Chelsea Lately, Plays The ‘Harry Styles Who?’ Game

Kylie and Kendall Jenner on Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler January 2014For as much as the Kardashian Family is pushing this whole Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner fakelationship thing, they sure do love to play coy about it whenever anybody asks them.

Last night, Kendall and her younger sister Kylie went on Chelsea Lately. And they were hand in hand, of course, because one of Kris‘ favorite party tricks is getting one daughter famous and then throwing in another as a bonus, for a matched set. “So you liked Kim‘s baby photos of North West, huh? Well can I also interest you in a pair of Rob‘s patterned socks? No? What if I throw in a story about how I won’t love him until he goes on Weight Watchers? Perfect.”

So the two of them are sitting down with Chelsea Handler, and after she gets through her rotation of mean-girl comments about how they’re the smartest and prettiest of their family and that they should run home and tell their mother and sisters that, she finally gets to the boyfriend talk. Which is what we all really wanted in the first place, obvi.

But you guys! Kendall and Kylie clammed right up! They wouldn’t even confirm that they knew Harry and Jaden Smith. They just kept tossing their hair and laughing nervously like wealthy little ponies sidestepping around the only thing keeping them famous right now other than A. their extremely high profile family and B. their extremely beautiful faces.

Because I mean think about it — the moment that Kendall publicly confirms she’s dating Harry instead of just lurking backstage at Slurking backstage at Saturday Night Live and trusting the press to notice, the moment that she’s lost her power. As soon as she starts trying to talk about him and how precious and magical and D-Listy their relationship is, it’ll become obvious that they’re not really together.

The bottom line: the first rule of fakelationships is that there is no fakelationship. Got it?

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    • ltl

      You’re obsessed. Still hilarious love. Keep trying, I’m sure one day you’ll write something worth a damn.

      • Olivia Wilson

        I’d say this is worth at least a handful of damns!

      • Alison

        Wise advice from someone who’s probably yet to graduate high school.

    • Alison

      In my head, I’ve crafted an elaborate ruse that Kris has somehow hacked into 1D’s management’s email and knows Harry’s schedule, so is now making Kendall just show up wherever Harry is to create buzz.

    • Carring3452

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