Jezebel Offers $10,000 For Unretouched Lena Dunham Photos To Prove A Point That’s Already Been Proven

Lena Dunham Vogue Cover January 2014 Polka Dot Shirt

Look, I dislike Lena Dunham as much as the next person who hate-watches Girls. But Jezebel offering $10,000 to the person who can give them the pre-photoshopped photos from Lena Dunham’s Vogue shoot isn’t okay. It’s not even close to okay. In fact, it’s so far from okay, that this offer and okay are in completely different time zones. They’re currently claiming that they’re doing this to prove a point about Vogue and not because they want to shame Lena Dunham for wanting to look pretty.

This is about Vogue, and what Vogue decides to do with a specific woman who has very publicly stated that she’s fine just the way she is, and the world needs to get on board with that. Just how resistant is Vogue to that idea? Unaltered images will tell.

But come the fuck on. We need to know how resistant Vogue is to natural bodies? Um pick up a Vogue, any Vogue will do, and it quickly becomes clear how resistant they are to natural bodies. Considering that it’s 2014 and considering that Jezebel’s consistently on top of magazine photoshopping, it seems inane that they’re approaching this like they don’t know the answer. But in case there’s anyone over there who’s still curious, let me fill you in. Vogue’s VERY resistant to seeing natural bodies. It’s antithetical to their entire mission.

I’ll also fill Jezebel in on something else — there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better than your best when you’re doing a Vogue photo shoot. In the same way there’s nothing wrong with Lena Dunham getting decked out at award shows. Just because she believes in showcasing a normal body doesn’t mean she can’t ever do anything to make her own body look better. Believing that women don’t have to wear make-up doesn’t mean that you can’t ever pick up a tube of mascara and put it on. She’s allowed to want to look pretty — even if that means adhering to conventional standards of beauty.

I hail from the school of feminism that believes that you should do you — as long as that you doesn’t bring someone else down. While there’s plenty to dislike about Lena, there’s no way you can deny that she’s changed the way we look and think about the naked bodies that we see on TV and in real life. So shame on Jezebel for using their platform for this ridiculous nonsense. They’re better than that — or at least they used to be.

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    • CMJ

      Fuck off, Jezebel.

      • Anna

        The content there has become laughable.

        Here is good. Here is bad. FALL IN LINE!

      • Jenni

        I used to love the site and I can’t decide if I know the Internet (and its feminist community) better now and judge them more or if they’ve really changed that much.

      • Anna

        I was thinking the same thing. Is it me or Jezebel?

        I use to comment regularly but left for a while because they started doing the zero content only copy pasting or linking to shallow content. I started commenting again and it definitely has changed. At least the tone has changed of the comments area. It is a complete joke to try and have a discussion without someone throwing out a personal insult.

        All I can say is thank goodness for The Gloss, Crushable, Mommyish and all the sites here.

      • CMJ

        They erased one of my comments on a Stuebenville article.

      • Anna

        I feel for you. I was called a “chowderhead” yesterday and then the person used my handle to insult me.

      • CMJ

        It looks like they are getting flamed pretty heavily in the comments so that’s partway good.

      • Tinyfaeri

        I say that first thing every morning. OK, not really, but at least once a day.

      • CMJ

        I rage read all Gawker Media so hard.

      • Anna

        Deadspin has better content right now.

      • Jenni

        I’ve actually read a few things on Deadspin recently that I really liked! So maybe that is my favorite Gawker Media site?

      • CMJ

        Totally! I love Drew Magary.

      • Anna

        Their articles have actual content and writing from the editors.

        Not something that reminds me of a personal blog entry of a grad student who also works full time.

      • Anna

        Me thinks you have the ire of a hardcore Jezzie with that downvote. lol

    • Callie

      Here, here.

    • Alison

      It’s tacky as hell and reeks of thinly-veiled fat shaming.

    • Samantha Escobar

      God, even TAMPA would think this isn’t okay.

      • Carring3452

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    • Kelly

      I’m a little confused. Isn’t this issue with vogues photoshopping? Why pick on Lena? She doesn’t have a say in the photoshopping. I don’t think they’re fat shaming Lena, doesn’t jezebel feature curvier women?

      • Jenni

        Is there anyone out there who is unaware that Vogue uses Photoshop?

      • CMJ

        The worst is they list all these other people and then are like – GET US PICTURES OF LENA!!!!

      • Jenni

        I wish they’d just been like, “hey guys, here’s some clickbait for you all to get angry about and discuss and pass around in anger and send us more clicks”

      • Kelly

        Of course everyone knows that. To me it seems that they are actively trying to call out vogue this time after doing it to so many women.

      • abbeysbooks

        It’s going to cut out a lot of biz for the plastic surgeons.

    • Anna

      I think a ton of people need to recreate the photo and submit it to Jezebel but also make a tumblr with every submission.

      I would love that tumblr so much I would marry it.

    • mdz

      If the point they want to prove is about Vogue and not Lena Dunham, they should have asked HER for some unphotoshopped photos and explained that it was because they appreciate her statements about being happy with the way she looks naturally.

      Because starting a paparazzi frenzy is not hurting Vogue at all, but it could hurt Lena Dunham very badly. Disgusting.

      • MCR

        Good point.
        Also, I think they could make their point about Vogue even more clearly by showing extensive photoshopping on women who are already in line with accepted standards of beauty. Because I’m sure there’s a tremendous amount of photoshopping done of those women, too.

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    • Alexandra

      She looks like Carrie Fisher on this cover….not like herself at all….

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