Lena Dunham Tells Vogue She’s A Private Person, Also That She Defines Privacy Differently Than Everyone Else

Lena Dunham Vogue Cover January 2014 Polka Dot Shirt

Shhh. Everyone be very quiet. We mustn’t wake Lena Dunham from the dream world she’s currently living in. At least, that’s where I assume she’s currently living. Because it’s the only way to explain her quote about privacy in this month’s issue of VogueYou see, it turns out that the girl who writes, directs, produces and stars in a critically acclaimed TV show that’s loosely based on her own life is actually very private. I mean, not in the way that you would define private. But c’mon now, you’re a normal. Everyone knows that the rich and famous use a different dictionary than us. All the words sound the same, but they all have very different meanings. Really, look no further than this quote to see that that’s true.

“I have a really great private existence, almost more like a memoirist or a columnist would, and less like an actor would…No one would describe me as a private person, but I actually really am,” she explains. “It’s important for me to have a lot of time alone, and to have a lot of time in my house by myself. My entire life sort of takes place between me and my dog, my books, and my boyfriend, and my private world. To me, privacy isn’t necessarily equated with secret-keeping. What’s private is my relationship with myself.”

You see, I would say that someone with an active Twitter, an active Instagram, a semi-autobiographical TV show and a memoir at 27 wouldn’t be described as private. But as Lena explains so eloquently here, you just think she’s sharing her life with you. She desires privacy so much that she created a whole public persona to distract you from how private she’s being. Which I think makes her the most private person ever.

“Hey, what’s Lena Dunham whispering in her dog’s ear over there in the corner….hold on, is that Lena Dunham on the cover of Vogue? Why, I think it is! And lookee here, there’s a 7 page article inside that’s all about her, Lena, did you see this? Lena?….Oh dratches, she and that close-lipped dog are gone. Well, she’s done it again! Distracted us from her private life by her public life!”

It’s incredibly sneaky and incredibly smart. By putting herself out there, she’s actually putting us off her trail. Just think about how much we could learn if we could get a few minutes alone with her dog, Lamby. You know Lamby, right? I mean I do because I’ve seen him time and time again on Instagram, but I wasn’t sure if you did.

(Photo: Vogue)

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    • Katie

      Im sorry but why does everyone thing she’s the greatest thing in the world? Or is it just people with a public platform that think shes the greatest thing in the world and thats why shes shoved down our throats?
      I dont understand.

      • Jenni

        I feel like at this point it’s only powerful media people who like her…so they shove her down our throats. I personally don’t know anyone who still thinks she’s super awesome.

    • Kate

      I think a lot of celebrities need to learn the difference between “private” and “introvert”

      • Jenni

        Haha I know. Wanting to stay in and post selfies of you and your dog makes you an introvert, not private.

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