7 Golden Globe Winners Who Better Leave The Oscars Empty-Handed

Jennifer Lawrence fist bumping at Hunger Games premiere 2012 gold dress(via)

I had a lot to do the other night while watching the Golden Globes. In between laughing at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and staring open-mouthed in disbelief at all the mistakes that were made, I also had to work in some time to be indignant at the people who were winning.

Because really guys? REALLY? We better get our act together before the Oscars, because if things go down like this again, I’m gonna turn my television right off, in solidarity with the people who got screwed over. Or…you know what? I probably won’t do that. But I’ll express my objections right here, just so everyone knows that I’m a conscientious objector to some of the people who took away Golden Globes. I’M WATCHING YOU.

1. American Hustle

American Hustle Dance


If American Hustle gets Best Picture, I’m gonna need to get my brain checked, because I think I must be the only person in the world who didn’t like that movie. What was so great about it? I honestly don’t understand what all the fuss was about, especially in a field so crowded by other worthy choices like Fruitvale and Philomena that I suspect might not even make the list.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Shrug


Sorry Leo, you’re definitely losing the Best Actor race to Matthew McConaughey for his work on Dallas Buyers ClubI’m betting that the Academy will be tempted to throw you a bone, since you’ve missed out on the award in years that you’ve been perfectly worthy — but I’ll be really bummed if they cough it up.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Smiling


I love you J-Law, but if you think you deserve the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress over Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years A Slave, then you’ve got another think coming. If it happens, and you really and truly get an Oscar two years in a row, I’m taking the ‘B’ and the ‘F’ out of Best Friends Forever, and we’ll be down to just friends.

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    • elle

      No I totally agree about American hustle…. I left the theater thinking that was it? That’s what every one was so enthusiastically praising? And then I was even more confused about the effusive praise JLaw was getting. IDK before the GG there was some chatter on various entertainment sites that the HFPA wasn’t a big fan of 12 Years so it probably wouldn’t take him any awards. I was shocked when it won best drama. But I’m really hoping that the GGs won’t be an indication of who will win the Oscars, if it is I’m in for a really disappointing year. MM deserves every award from DBC that he gets nominated for and I need Fruitville to be nominated for several awards too.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I loved Fruitvale so much more than I loved American Hustle. Not even close.

      • elle

        Seriously, no joke, miles ahead.

      • elle

        Stupid autocorrect, Fruitvale.

    • ZoZo

      Alexis, I really wish Crushable had a film companion blog as a place for you to talk with others about film, actors, actresses, etc., because you really seem to have a love for it and a deep respect for the the art of filmmaking. I’m not being facetious by the way, I’m always interested in your opinions on/about films and actors, actresses.

      Now, having said that, I must respectfully disagree regarding American Hustle and the possibility of Jennifer Lawrence winning for her role in the film. Lawrence is fantastic in American Hustle ( afilm I did really love, loved 12 YAS, too!)…was praised for being “best in show” back in October (quote from a fellow film critic to Kris Tapley over at InContention). While I agree that Lupita Nyong’o was wonderful in 12 Years A Slave….brace yourself…I wasn’t blown away. Nyong’o had two very strong scenes, really, but overall, I thought that Alfre Woodard and Sarah Paulson were better. Yet, they have not gotten ANY attention at all. II honestly believe that Nyong’o will win on Oscar night and that would be fantastic (because Lawrence just won last year) and is already getting buzz for Serena (!)…according to IndieWire.com and Fox Searchlight is circling that film for distribution. But, if Jennifer Lawrence wins, I definetly won’t be angry either. I would love to know your thoughts , sorry this was ooo long!…I just love talking about movies. (LOL!).

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    • Kelly

      I agree, some of the winners confused me. I really wonder how they pick them.

    • Shay

      I’m sorry, but it’s Leo’s time to leave with an Oscar. He’s waited long enough.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        But for this movie? I’m not into that trend, of giving people an Oscar for their careers and not for the movies they’re nominated for.

    • Rachel

      No you’re definitely not alone in the American Hustle. Like, I loved American Hustle, just not as a award winning film??? It was entertaining and well acted, but really lacking in story. And while JLaw was the standout actress in that film, it still wasn’t Oscar (or Globe) worthy.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        It was fun! Just not…mind-blowing or award-winning.

    • zaza

      ohmygod yes. if JLaw wins i will riot. Lupita Nyong’o is the best there is

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        So talented.