Shia LaBeouf Continues His Unprovoked Assault On Apologies By Stealing One From Kanye

Shia LaBeouf Movie Premiere April 2013 neck beard

For reasons that remain completely unclear, Shia LaBeouf’s spent the past few weeks plagiarizing other people’s work and then apologizing for it. Or I should say “apologizing” for it. The child-actor-turned-adult-douche plagiarizes other people’s apologies to apologize for plagiarism. Confused? Yeah, so is everyone else. While we’d love for this turn out to be some kind of performance art a la Joaquin Phoenix in 2009, people are starting to suspect that it might be something more depressing, such as the beginnings of a full on breakdown. After all, people who are stable don’t usually pull their own teeth out.

Either way, he most definitely crossed the apology line this week when he ripped off Kanye West. If there’s one celebrity you don’t want to anger due to fear he’ll murder you and then proceed to wear you at fashion week, it’s Kanye West. Dude’s got a temper.

The whole thing started off when Shia decided to make fun of Taylor Swift. And while lord knows it’s easy to make fun of the girl, his choice to mock a speech she gave to children in 2012 seems random as well as completely unnecessary.

But it gave him the opportunity to then apologize via Kanye West’s non-apology to Taylor Swift from 2009. You know, the apology from the incident that shall not be named.

Which he then followed that up with ANOTHER Kanye apology to Taylor Swift from 2010. Because, sure, why not. Keep on making your vague point about artistic integrity via Twitter.

After that he decided to lay off Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Not because he felt bad, but probably because he felt like he had a lot of other celebrities to mock before Kanye showed up at his house and killed him. #ALLDISRESPECTTOSHIA

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    • Jessalyn Champignon

      Remember that super annoying game of repeating every single thing someone says you did a kid? The entire world should do it to Shia LaBeouf.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        But he’s already doing it to us!

      • Jessalyn Champignon

        Exactly. He’s one person. Every single person he encounter IRL or on the internet should do it back to him. Imagine how awesome that would be.

        Like, he walks into Starbucks: Barrista repeats order back at him.
        Tweets nonsense: Everyone COPY the tweet and tweet it (not RT, but just copy and paste, like it’s your own). Calls some customer service line with a problem, and they just repeat whatever he says back to him.

        I think it would be of epic perfection.

    • Jessalyn Champignon

      Alexis – Did you know that HE HAS A SONG?! (not, like, he has a song as in he’s a singer in a song, but that someone made a song about him like a year ago?)

      If you didn’t, you need too. If you did, you should have an article about it’s fabulousness. It’s such over-the-top ridiculousness is perfect for your snarky writing style that I love so much :)

      (Rob Cantor: “Shia LaBeouf” is the song; originally uploaded on SoundCloud sometime last year. It’s about Shia LaBeouf living in the woods because he’s a cannibal, and you get stuck out there with him. It’s magically fantastic. Of course, because this is the internet, someone else put made a short to go with the song (actually, there are a few good ones out there) on YouTube. Here’s my personal favorite. This may become my new ringtone. Love it. So, so, so much, so naturally I figured you would too. You and I have a very similar snark overtones. :) )

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