Teen Creates Time-Lapse Lip Sync Video With 3 Years Of Selfies, Makes Us All Feel Very Lazy

Time lapse lip sync video

You know that #AmericansVsBritish hashtag that was trending last week on Twitter? Well, this new video from UK teen Matt Perren is a real threat to the Americans’ chance at success. Matt created a time-lapse lip sync video to Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now” using 1,101 days of selfies spanning three years, from January 2011 to January 2014. In fact, he just finished the project yesterday. Feel lazy yet? Wait until you see it. But first you should read his explanation for how he did it.

According to HyperVocal, Matt detailed the very smart way he made the video in a YouTube comment:

“I made a very simple lip sync animation for the song, and adjusted the frame rate to determine how long I’d have to take pictures for. Then everyday I’ve taken two pictures [one for the start and one for the end of the video] and they gradually make their way towards the middle of the video.”

Currently reevaluating how impressive your life is? Yeah, me too. It’s an innovative and cool idea, and it must have taken an incredible amount of patience and meticulousness to get it just right. Luckily the finished product is really impressive. When you stop and think about the fact that not only are you watching a bunch of photographs flashing before your eyes but also that they span three years, your mind will be blown.

What makes the video even more special, besides just being the great result of determination and creativity, is that it documents Matt’s aging process from 15 to 18. Not only can Matt say he spent those formative years of his life making something super cool, but the thing he made is a documentation of him making it. Once you get over the whiplash that sentence just gave you, you have to admit that’s pretty meta. You go, Matt Perren!

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    • Jenni

      I don’t get how these kids stick with these projects for so long. I have no attention span and I’m an adult.

      • CaniRapeYou Anal-ly

        It’s either this or masturbate and I’m pretty sure this guy did both.

    • Yumyum

      Did he wear the same t-shirt for 3 years?

      • Caio Cabral

        Probably intentional.

      • awesome

        he probably wore the same shirt every time he took the selfie

    • Idris Ariffin

      this project took longer than most movies from hollywood

    • Isaac


      • Kevin Huemann

        I think what he ended up doing is taking two pictures everyday for 3 years. One with his mouth open and one with his mouth closed. Then after three years he just used the correct image at the right time to sync with the music!

    • dash

      bla pretty good i mean kinda but never mind