Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Promo Is Here, But Jay Leno Seems To Have Hijacked It

Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show promo Jay Leno 2014

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a promo for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, right? So it should probably be about Jimmy Fallon, correct? In that case, someone please explain to me why current host Jay Leno seems to have hijacked it. The promo features shots of all the Tonight Show hosts, so it makes sense for him to be featured, but it just seems a little too Leno-heavy for my taste. Are we forgetting that he already got his emotional sendoff in 2009?

Speaking of 2009, the man Leno handed the hosting reins to back then was Conan O’Brien, and as Vulture points out, the decision to include him in this video — and to what extent — was likely very difficult for NBC, considering they’ve treated him like the red-headed stepchild (get it?) for four years. He does feature in the video, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it manner. It’s like, “Hey, what was that flash of pale skin and gangly limbs? Was that a Tonight Show host?”

But of course this should really all be about new host Jimmy Fallon, who’s introduced in this video by… you guessed it, Jay Leno! Look, I know that there isn’t any footage from Jimmy’s version of the show to feature, and I’m totally fine with paying tribute to the hosts who have come before him, but this promo kind of looks like it was put together with Jay Leno looking over the editor’s shoulder. And yes, my annoyance has a lot to do with Leno’s “I’m done, no I’m not really totally done, no I’m not done at all” treatment of the hosting. To act like it’s the end of an era when the era actually should have ended five years ago is eyeroll-worthy.

Once I reached the light at the end of the Jay Leno tunnel, I just focused on the fact that Jimmy Fallon — glorious, hilarious, adorable Jimmy Fallon — is taking over on February 17. Fingers crossed he keeps the gig.

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    • Alexis Rhiannon


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    • benravensfan02

      It’s because NBC is worried that they are making the same mistake again (which they are) and this time they won’t have Jay on contract working at 10 PM to fall back on this time.

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    • Nell

      NBC has lost its collective mind. So what in the world prompts them to replace the man who continues to be the most popular late-night host ever with an ex SNL comic who, if he lives up to his current high-classed efforts, will attempt to entertain us with low-class bodily function jokes and totally tasteless humor. Sorry, Jimmy, you just don’t have the charisma nor the superior intellect to replace Jay. Jay is only 62-just entering his prime by today’s standards.

      Again, NBC, a really dumb move.

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