Cold Weather Expectations Vs. Reality, In Frozen GIFs

Frozen Elsa strut


In case you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty cold outside today. Of course, you might not have noticed if you’re somewhere warm and comfortable. But if you’re like lots of people in the Eastern United States, you spent this weekend looking at pictures of sunny beaches from inside a Snuggie to keep yourself from going insane during what’s now being called a “polar vortex.”

That cold weather didn’t stop people from going to the movies this weekend, though. Disney’s Frozen made it to number one at the box office, earning $20.7 million and leading countless websites to say it “iced out the competition.” Haha, so punny. One can only assume people went to the theater looking for something a little more relatable to their current situation — namely feeling like a human icicle.

So in honor of Frozen‘s success and the bitter cold outside many of our doors, let’s examine exactly what goes through our heads when the temperature drops like this, and how that compares to what actually happens when we step outside. And let’s express those expectations vs. realities the best way I can possibly think to — through adorable GIFs from the movie.


Expectation: The cold will be so refreshing, I won’t even want Spring to come.

Frozen Elsa the cold never bothered me anyway(via)

Reality: That groundhog had better not see his shadow.

Frozen Stop the winter(via)


Expectation: I don’t need to bundle up that much. I still wanna look cute.

Frozen Elsa cloak


Reality: Why didn’t I wear more layers?!

Frozen Anna cold



Expectation: We’ll build the most magnificent snowman that’ll get us on the Today show.

Frozen Anna do you wanna build a snowman


Reality: At least he has a nice personality.

Frozen Olaf baby unicorn



Expectation: I’ll look beautifully flushed and everyone will “ooh” and “ahh.”

Disney Frozen Anna nervous


Reality: Can someone help me scrape the ice off my hair?

Frozen Kristoff entrance



 Expectation: Aww, it’s like a swirly winter wonderland outside.

Frozen Elsa Let it Go snowflakes


Reality: I can’t see two feet in front of me, and my eyes are watering.

Frozen Anna wind



Expectation: I’ll just stay nice and toasty and totally comfortable.

Frozen Olaf warm hugs


Reality: Actually this is a little too hot. My face is melting off.

Frozen Olaf melting not right this second



Expectation: I’ve got good shoes on and perfect balance. I won’t slip.

Frozen Elsa stairs


Reality: Oops, I slipped immediately and injured myself.

Frozen Sven ice slipping


As you probably noticed, you usually expect to act just like Elsa but you end up acting like literally anyone else in the movie. Elsa’s just awesome. It’s time the rest of us normal people accepted it.

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    • Mel

      I’m missing two days of work waiting for the temp to get back into double digits. I was supposed to go back today after recovering from knee surgery, but now I’m apparently 100 years old and I’m afraid of falling down on ice or the cold torturing my joint. I’m ashamed. I’m now the oldest 32 year old on the planet.

      • Jill O’Rourke

        Aw, I’m sorry about that. Stay safe and feel better soon.

      • Mel

        I’m fine thanks! My knee is healing great, I just chickened out on leaving the house. I’ve become fused to my sofa :)

      • LadyClodia

        I can relate. A few months ago I broke my left ankle then sprained my right ankle, and while they’re mostly healed now I’m still terrified of falling on the ice, especially since they get stiff because of the cold.

      • Mel

        Wow, that’s really rough. Not to injury-jack you, but it reminds me when my young cousin broke his leg, then fell and broke his arm while learning to use his crutches. It was a wheelchair from then on out. I’ve seen how rough the two back-to-back injuries can be, and a round of applause for you for healing so well! Definitely stay off the ice, and we can be a hundred years old together :)

      • Rachel Sea

        I will never move anywhere where ice is a likelihood for exactly this reason. I do not want to spend any more years of my life on crutches.

    • Amanda

      I don’t mean to be “that person,” but I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and this was my life. I now live in Phoenix, AZ (apparently I don’t believe in happy mediums) and I’m actually quite jealous of the rest of the country and the cold, it reminds me so much of home! All of these things you described is right on (I can remember going to high school in flip flops and -30 temps. I was an idiot). But to make you feel better, while Fairbanks gets very, very cold (and school is NEVER cancelled), it’s a dry cold. The east is so humid, that when it gets cold, man, it bites you to the bone. I’m sure this Alaskan girl would be FREEZING and uncomfortable in NYC in this weather. Good luck, everyone and stay warm!

      • Ddaisy

        Agreed. I grew up on the Canadian prairies, and although I hate the cold, -30C was not much worse than 0C, except that my car took longer to start. But they were both just a general sort of misery.
        Then I moved to the Maritimes for a couple of years, and even when the temperature was a seemingly mild -5, I thought I was gonna DIE because the humidity bites right through you.
        Last year, I was in Boston in February. One day, it was sunny and the temperature was just right around freezing, so we thought it would be a good day to do the Freedom Trail. Yeah, us prairie people didn’t think about the humidity or the wind coming in off the ocean, and we ended up re-naming the Freedom Trail the “12-Hour Death March” because we were so miserably cold.

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