12 Movies That Will Probably Be Considered Classics By The Time You Have Kids

7. Up



Pixar has completely changed animation, and I for one am totally on board.  Just because times and technology are constantly changing doesn’t mean kids and grown-ups alike can’t get pure, heartfelt enjoyment from Disney movies.  Disney will always have that “magic”, you know?  And a buttload of money.

8. The Social Network



Great movie.  Not one I’m likely to sit through a bunch of times (or, well, ever again) but it’s earned its place on this list simply because it helps define an entire generation of people.

9. The Notebook



 See #3.  Except throw in “Hepburn and Tracy” or something.  Or “Ringwald and C. Hall.”

10. Love Actually



If it hasn’t already, I predict that this movie will become a holiday classic.  Kind of like White Christmas, but with Brits, babes, and Billy Bob Thornton. (Does anyone else feel an unnatural yet fierce attraction to Hugh Grant in this movie? No? Just me, then?)

11. The Harry Potter franchise



 If a…franchise…will ever be considered “classic” (shudder), then it better be this one.  I felt like I grew up right along with Harry, and I know I’m not alone there.  These movies also actually did the book justice!  Imagine that.

12. Mean Girls



Okay, I admit it.  My motives for predicting this movie will become a “classic” are purely selfish.  If nothing else, it’s definitely a cult classic.  Which is precisely the kind of non-snoozy “classic” I can always get behind.

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    • Camilla

      I’m really missing lord of the rings on this list

      • Cassandra Hough

        Ah! Good one.

    • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

      Surely Star Wars and Star Trek are already classic franchises, well before we add Harry Potter to the list!

    • Trista

      I think both E.T. and Elf will be considered classics long before The Sixth Sense and Juno.

      • Trista

        Actually, I also need to add Home Alone and A Christmas Story. Maybe I just have a thing for Christmas movies, but I think they’re in it for the long haul.

    • Manuel

      Hi Cassandra Hough,
      I think it is a great list of movies but I think you should consider “A beautiful Mind” (2002 Best Picture Academy Award) and “Life is beautiful” (3 Academy Awards) in your list. Both are great movies.