Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend Is 27, Making Him 2 Whole Years Older Than Her Daughter

Demi Moore Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Inaugural Gala 2013In an alleged effort to do research for a Never Been Kissed prequel, Demi Moore snagged herself a boyfriend who grew up in the ’90s. His name’s Sean Friday, he’s 27-years-old and he hates when people make jokes like “hey Sean Saturday” or “what’s up Sean Tuesday!” While it’s currently unconfirmed how Demi met Sean Friday, rumors are swirling that she took a trip back to Cougar Town. Although it had been several years since she last visited, she apparently knew the route from heart. In fact, sources tell me she looked upon the town’s Apple Store fondly and noted that’s where she first spotted Ashton Kutcher. “He was younger then,” she’s rumored to have said under breath, “fresher, hotter than ever due to all that Cheaper by the Dozen buzz. Oh how I miss those days…”

Demi and Sean Friday debuted their relationship (and 24-year age gap) on vacation in Mexico last week. While there were a gaggle of people there with them, it’s important to note the presence of Demi’s oldest daughter, Rumer Willis. Why? Oh just because she’s 25. Two measly years younger than her mother’s new boyfriend. On her behalf, I’ll ask, “wasn’t it enough that Demi cursed her with a hot stepfather during her teen years, must she now mock Rumer by dating someone who’s her age?” On Demi’s behalf, I’ll answer, “Rumer, I always thought of us more like sisters. Or friends, or the kind of co-workers who gossip in the restroom. So no, I didn’t consider you when I started dating someone who’s your age.”

E! Online reports that Demi Moore made it clear that she’s with Sean Friday now. From being in charge of his towels to being in charge of cutting his meat at dinner, she was a hands on chaperone/lover.

“Demi was very comfortable and happy spending every moment she could with Sean,” the source continues. “The first day she went and got them towels and they laid down together on a beach bed and cuddled all day long. When they were sitting up, they put their arms around each other or she sat in his lap and whispered in his ear. She was sipping a can of Red Bull and smiling at Sean as she sat with her arms around him and couldn’t stop laughing.”

While our insider can’t confirm it yet, Demi Moore was apparently laughing as Sean tried to the math and figure out their age gap. “Oh Sean Friday,” she said, “don’t exhaust yourself counting that high. Leave the numbers to Mommy, I mean girlfriendy.”

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    • Tania

      I really hope this is satire.

    • Jade

      Right, like there aren’t men who date women 24 years younger than them…

    • Meredith Hirt

      All I can say is – actually, I can’t even go that far – all I can type is: …!?!

    • justsaying

      Mmmm.I dont normally waste your valuable time commenting,but sexist much?How come nobody bats an eyelid when grandads date girls the age of their grandaughters,but behave like holy cows when it comes to women?

      • Jenni

        Oh many eyes get batted on Crushable when we hear about grandad-grandaughter age gaps. May I direct you to our most recent coverage?

      • abbeysbooks

        Joyce Carol Oates has a novel (2010) titled A Fair Maiden about that age gap that is a horror story. Short novel, so give it a chance. I really liked it but then I like everything she writes. I think she is the American Balzac.

      • Tania

        Wow, no, that story is shocking not because of the age difference but because she was UNDERAGE. The guy dating Demi Moore here is 27. He hasn’t been a child for almost a decade. This isn’t news. This is an adult dating another adult.