Jessica Biel Pregnancy Rumors Make Me Think This Whole ‘Marriage’ To Justin Timberlake Might Be Real

Jessica Biel attending Museum Of Modern Art film benefit for Tilda Swinton November 2013

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Well I’ll be a monkey’s estranged uncle! Looks like all those rumors about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel breaking up aren’t true. At least according to a new item on that alludes to Jessica Biel being pregnant. Sure, sure, it’s a blind item so there’s nothing confirmed. But as we discussed just a few weeks ago on this here site, they’re surprisingly accurate. Especially when it comes to predicting pregnancies before everyone else. So let’s run through it together and break it down, hint by hint.

He is a very talented multi-hyphenate. She is an actress. Together, they are one very good-looking (and very rich) couple. However, they haven’t been seen together much lately. Is their marriage in trouble? No. In fact, they will be announcing in the next couple of weeks… that she is pregnant with their first child! She is already showing, which explains why she has been avoiding the cameras lately. Congratulations to the happy couple!

1. Justin Timberlake’s a very talented mutli-hypenate. Think of a profession and you can probably hyphen it on to his name. Off the top of my head, he’s a child-star-boy-bander-runner-runner-SNL-host-noodle-head-survivor-performer-suit-and-tie-wearer.

2. Jessica Biel is an actress. Not the most famous one, but one nonetheless. I mean, she has an IMDB page. What more do you want from her? A hit movie? Stop being so horribly demanding. She’s doing her best!

3. They are both good-looking human beings. Better than average I would say.

4. They haven’t been seen together for months. Hence all the break-up rumors and all the statements coming from Reverend Camden’s church on fidelity and trust.

5. There’s no need for a five. I know you’re already convinced and I know you’re already debating what to get baby Timberbiel. May I suggest this fine puppet collection?

NSYNC puppets it's gonna be me music video



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    • Guest

      They’ve been together for almost 7yrs. Your delusional self should of reached this point a long time ago

      • Jenni

        I’m working so hard on this reality thing. But it’s hhaarddd.

      • You silly kid

        Humor and sarcasm always fly over your head, don’t they?

      • ElleJai

        Should have*. “Should of” is used by people who can’t utilise English assuming that “should’ve” is two separate words instead of a contraction.

        Same applies to “would have” and “could have”.

        It’s a pet peeve of mine.

    • Kate


      • Jenni

        A Camden who can dance…welll, I never!

      • Kate

        Okay but imagine if baby Timberbiel is a boy and he grows up to marry Winnie Fallon and then Jimberlake can live on for eternity through their shared descendants IT’S A BEAUTIFUL PROSPECT

      • Jenni

        A beautiful prospect, but also a horrifying thought for any newborns who ever hoped to dominate late night TV one day.

    • Depp Fanatic

      Come on now, all the one who thinks that Justin/Jessica’s marriage is fake or hard to believe, those are Britney/Justin hard shippers, they just don’t like the idea of this marriage, because some of them thinks if JT left Jess he might go back to Brit, which i think it is impossible since JT is that kind of guy who made his life’s motto “Never forget..never forgive”.

      And Just because they haven’t been seen together much lately, that prove nothing about “breaking up”.
      I’ve read some tweet by people on twitter said: “Just a normal day at work when Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel show up. Just a normal day. Thanks for making our lives you two.

    • I Need a Fuzzy Screen Name

      Who’s the dad?

      • Jenni

        Joey Fatone.

    • Meredith Hirt

      Thanks to #4 all I can think about now is 7th Heaven. And when I think of 7th Heaven all I can think of is the episode where Matt tries to teach Mary how to kiss and…eeeeeps

    • Kay_Sue

      She’s pregnant? My husband will be heartbroken.

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