Kim Kardashian Tries To Make Her Big Engagement Ring Look Bigger By Having Her Baby Hold It

Kim Kardashian engagement ring North West hand

You have to give Kim Kardashian credit. She spends every day actively trying to forget what it means to be a good mom, and she just keeps getting better and better at it. From demanding attention for her new bikini body to allegedly waxing her baby’s eyebrows, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Kim Kardashian doing motherhood wrong. Her latest amazing accomplishment? Sharing a photo of her baby that is actually mostly about showing off how huge her engagement ring is.

Kim chose to ring in the new year by posting an Instagram picture of North West’s hand clutching her ridiculously huge Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring. You know, the one Kanye West gave her that reportedly cost $8 million. Since we can’t see the body or face attached to that hand, it could presumably belong to a baby other than North West. I wouldn’t put it past Kim Kardashian to hire a hand double for her baby. And I suppose it could also be Kim’s hand, and the ring is just so big that it gives her baby fingers. But as far as I know Peter Jackson didn’t direct this Instagram photo, so I’m going to say this is North’s hand.

Kim would have us think she was just reminiscing over everything that happened to her in 2013 by captioning the photo, “It was an amazing year!!!” The three exclamation points really add something, don’t they? Unfortunately I’m not buying it. This was just an excuse to show off her disgustingly large rock while exploiting her baby daughter’s tiny innocent fingers in order to trick the eye and make the diamond look even more disgustingly large.

Poor North was probably just trying to do some baby-related thing like take a nap or… take a nap… or take a nap. And instead she had to hold her mother’s obnoxious jewelry so the world could be reminded that Kanye West loves her this much. Or maybe Kim was just trying to distract from the hideous hand-painted handbag he got her for Christmas by showing off something slightly more tasteful — but still extremely gaudy. Let’s just hope Kim got that ring back before North could use it as a pacifier.

(Photo: Instagram)

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    • Guest

      I don’t know that i’m ready for another year of the Kim and Kanye show…

    • Humphrey Bugoy

      Put it next to Kims booty to make it looks smaller

    • Fuzzy ‘n Broken Mirror

      Put it next to Kanye’s ego to make it look like a sand grain

      • Jill O’Rourke


      • abbeysbooks

        And here I thought she was going to chop off digits on her fingers to make her hand look smaller.

    • TheUrbanBunny

      Bad mother? Well that was a jump. I find her vapid, fame crazed, with a hefty dose of bronzer. But constantly reporting on the woman’s life while mocking every step she makes is bloody pathetic. Would you, I, or the rest of Western Hemisphere do it? Mayhap’s not. But this isn’t satire or social commentary. It’s a plea for clicks and now I feel rather ashamed for falling into the cesspool. In short you don’t have to like her but to demean a woman’s parenting on the basis of a contrived show and Instagram is a repulsive move.

      • Mel

        I would venture to say that it’s Kim who’s “constantly reporting” on her life and “is a plea for clicks.” I’m not saying it’s making her a bad mom, I’m just pointing out that you’re attacking a blogger for doing her job. That’s “a repulsive move” to me.

      • dealwithit

        Your mom is repulsive.

      • Mel

        I’m not sure how that’s relevant, but I’ll be sure to let her know, thanks.

    • Kay_Sue

      Isn’t that a choking hazard or something? I mean, with my kids, I’d be sifting through diapers the next day and praying that they didn’t get a clog, as using Liquid Plumbr on one’s children is, sadly, frowned upon and doctors can be expensive.

    • FF4life

      Showing off her body and wearing an ugly purse(a Christmas present from Kanye btw) is a far cry from being a bad parent. And she outright says that she didn’t wax that baby’s eye brows and I think it’s racist to assume that just because that baby is of mixed race it’s going to be born with a unibrow.

      She’s showing off her baby and her engagement… We’re all guilty of social media bragging but when a celebrity does it all of a sudden it makes them a bad parent. Get a grip jelly monster.

      • FF4life

        And I can’t help but notice that this blog loves to hate on everything about this couple. They literally can’t take a shit without crushable needing to say something bad about it.

        “Kanye strained too hard there goes his ego again.”
        “Kim used too much toilet paper, must be trying to impress Instagram with her clean ass.”


      • Jenni

        Hey! Who let you into our editorial calendar!? Well cat’s out of the bag now…those are our big upcoming features for January.

    • Rachel Sea

      Holy choking hazard, Batman.

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